Monday, April 21, 2008

just some favorite posts and memories...

just be aware, that i had a blogging disaster of 2010 happen and i lost a lot of my pictures.  read about that here and here.

some of these are pictureless, but i think the words explain the stories better anyway...

here are a few of our favorite memories, stories, and embarassing moments...

emergency 911

go big or go home

i have herpes

lady and the tramp

baby names

foot in mouth

i need to tell you something

broken- the time i peed all over myself in the car

what a day


the time i threw sean under the bus

dear chlo-bo

best surprise ever

i will slowly be adding more.. here are just a few :)

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Jamie Walker said...

Chloe... I'm doing a "Time To Laugh" where people can submit funny stories and I'll share them. You can read about it here
Anyway, I got the idea while I was reading about when you peed your pants in the car and I almost peed my pants laughing! I would love to share it, but if you're not interested that's totally fine to! Just let me know! You can e-mail me at