Tuesday, October 20, 2009

lady and the...

lastnight was a very incredible night. things happened, that never before have happened in the history of my life.

i got the chance to leave work a little early. and instead of going home and taking a nap, i stopped at the grocery store. i bought the stuff to make philly cheese steaks. i went home, started those, started a load of laundry and cleaned the rest of the house. i made that apple dip that i love, and did another load of laundry. by the time sean got home, i had folded and put away 2 loads of laundry, had dinner on the table, and the house cleaned. i also lit a candle. vanilla scented.

it was pretty much like the above picture. except replace lady and the tramp with sean and i. and we were using paper plates. it felt really good. i know my mom would like for me to say, "i think i will keep this up! it is so awesome feeling clean!" but let's be realistic here. it was nice. but not as nice as sitting on the couch or sleeping.

hey, my motto? aim low. that way when you do something awesome, people are happy. if you do awesome things all the time? people expect you to always be awesome. and if you screw up once, well that is it. so maybe everyonce in a while i will exceed everyone's expecations. but hey, don't expect it. that defeats the purpose of this. i learned this from my dad. in case anyone wanted to know. he is the smartest man in the world.

so as i was folding our laundry lastnight, it went like this:

sean's clothes: shake out. neatly line up and fold. place in an organized pile according to color and type of clothing. or hang up. (i have to do this because if i don't neatly put his pants on the hanger, he will re-do it)

my clothes: roll up in ball. throw back in the hamper. then throw im my drawer. ususally i like to leave things in the dryer. it is such a space saver and time saver and i would have this time, but i had to dry more clothes. ugh.

sean likes his things neat. that is great. i could care less because being the girl that i am, i will probably try on 24 outfits and undo all the folding and hanging up that i did before i decide on what to wear. case in point? this happened this morning. i know myself too well.

when sean and i registered for all of our wedding gifts that i have yet to send thank you cards out for, he wanted an iron. i told him that i have used an iron like 5 times in my whole life. and that doesn't count the time when ironing my hair with a real iron became cool. yeah it was cool until i singed off all of my hair but that's a whole other story.

anyway, i didn't feel that we needed an iron. maybe he wants
one, but it's not a need. heck, i want James Marsden as a butler and i want to never have to shower again. but i suppose i don't need it. sometimes we can't always get what we want.

anyway, so we got a lovely iron. then sean wanted an ironing board. ugh. so demanding! i wanted to buy an industrial size pack of gummy bears with our gift cards but he felt like an ironing board was more "condusive to our lifestyle". um hello sean? have you met me? and guess what? i don't even think condusive is a word. you can't just go make up words. who do you think you are?

anyway, we got the ironing board. and sean uses it all the time. i have used it once. and by once i mean that sean ironed my skirt for church because he was embarassed that i would leave the house with a wrinkly skirt on.

some may think i am lazy and irresponsible? well look who had to iron the skirt and look who got to watch the last ten minutes of Aladdin? i dunno. i think it's smart. you tell me?


Sydney Swift said...

i've never had an idol before, buut i'd like you to be it :)

Rachel Leigh said...

I love it! Our husbands sound the same, except I didn't let my husband have the ironing board. (I told him we didn't have anywhere to store it, ha). I really have only ironed 4 times that I remember! Good job for doing laundry AND dinner. You are amazing!
Did you see on the other post about Regina Spektor?

grant + brittany said...

i am so proud of you! good job! so what motivated you to do all that? can you please tell me?

i am completely embarrassed to admit this. it has to be my biggest regret of life. judge me if you want, but i already know that i am a snotty spoiled brat for not doing it.

never sent thank you cards out.

olivia rae said...

haahhahahah i agree with sydney... you are my idol.

one time my friend dylan and i bought a 5 lb gummy bear found here (http://www.vat19.com/dvds/worlds-largest-gummy-bear.cfm)

and it was delicious and very conducive to our lifestyles.

and ps, you make want to get married. i hate that i'm sitting here procrastinating homework... leaving work and cooking and cleaning sounds like so much more fun!!

Staci T said...

ironing is overrated. But candlelight and dinner? I'll bet Sean was happy. I know how much he loves you. I'm so proud!

Michael & Mindy said...

I think I've ironed once since we've been married. And it was my temple dress. And then I learned I could spray it with water and throw it in the dryer and it would look just as good. And that's when I stopped ironing.

I love philly cheese steaks. We made last week. We are SO thinking the same right now.

And I never commented back about you saying we can eat pizza at Costco. I didn't not comment because I thought it was weird. Whatever. Not weird. Totally cool. And who wouldn't want Costco pizza even if it was weird? And one of those ice cream bars.

And we don't have an ironing board.

And condusive is a word. So go Sean.

And I don't believe that your clothes are always wrinkly because whenever I see pictures of you you always look cute and totally put-together and not like you didn't wash your hair and then wore wrinkly clothes. Are you lying to me or what!

And I wish my blog was as funny as yours. Instead it's lame.

And I need to stop saying and every five seconds.

Michael & Mindy said...

Oh. And I'm with Britt. Never sent thank you cards. Totally wrote them. Totally let them sit by my bed for 1 flippin' year. Totally threw them in the trash so I didn't have to deal with them when we moved. Cool.

samnhal said...

Pretty sure we got an ironing board when we got married, and had no iron. Then when we moved someone gave us their iron and we accidentally left our ironing board in our old apartment. I only iron when I am going to a job interview. I totally also leave clothes in the dryer for days, it's closed and you can't see into it so I can pretend it's not there.

Annie said...

you have such a cute blog!!
you and your man seem just adorable....in a lady and the tramp sort of way.
and your motto....words to live by :)

p.s. new follower!

Michele said...

I need to intoduce you to Downey Wrinkle release. I HATE ironing too this stuff you spray on shake out and no more wrinkles! Yep that easy. Troy is an iron freak too and he will even use this magical, wonderful stuff! I am with you on the whole motto thing- aim low and no body gets hurt is what I always say:)

Lee S. said...

i think you may have something there with the always aim low things......hhhhmmmm.

Midtown Girl said...

"but not as nice as sitting on the couch or sleeping" I am soo with you on this!!

What an awesome evening - can I just say that you & Sean are one adorable couple darling!! Great relationships DO exist - you guys are proof positive!!

Michael & Mindy said...

i sometimes think the same thing about you writing from my head.

when you said you liked the word condone i was waiting for you to say it was because it reminded you of condom. because that's what it reminds me of.

Michael & Mindy said...

I don't even care if people think we're gay. They're gay. Obviously THEY'RE not laying at home on their couch on the computer checking their email every 5 seconds and watching Biggest Loser WITH commercials because they dont' have Tivo

Sara said...

lol at folding his stuff and rolling yours into a ball!! Lovely post!
Thank you for your sweet comment!

shirah said...

YES! aim low! this shall be my new life motto from now on too! good for lazy people like us hehe :)

Rachel Leigh said...

oh, and I never sent out thank you cards either... and mine was 3 years ago... too late now.

Machelle said...

haha chloe I love you. the more I read your blog, I realize you and I are so much alike. we should hang out more. with our boys or not. :)