about us



we are the ashbys! sean doesn't write here that often so mostly you will just hear from me, chloe. sean and i met when we were 17 but we were just acquaintances. we had many mutual friends but we always secretly thought each other was cute. sean doesn't remember, but i went to his mission farewell. 2 years later he was working at first colony mortgage when i showed up in staff meeting one day. i had just gotten a job there and we remembered each other and hit it off pretty quickly. we never thought we would be the type to get engaged so fast, but we did. we have never looked back. sean is the love of my life and one of the good guys. i say "good guys" because i always seemed to fall for the wrong guys. the guys that weren't really that into me for the right reasons. sean came along and normally, i would have thought he was just too nice. but something told me to give him a shot. it was the best, most natural thing that i have ever done. he is so easy to love and i know he will always take care of us. he will always be my best friend. 

we were engaged in november of 2008 and we were married on march thirteenth 2009. hence the name of this blog. it was friday the 13th and we believe that it brought us good luck. forget the fact that i puked at my reception.. it was still the best day :)

we welcomed moses into the family in april of 2010. i might have gotten him without telling sean. how could he be mad at that sweet face? moses is a yellow lab and we love him so much. he brings so much happiness (and hair) into our home.

we bought a house in springville, ut in july of 2010. we have lived here ever since.

benjamin blue joined our family on february 7th 2013. he is the light of our lives. he is not the easiest baby, but we sure do love him. when he is happy? he is the happiest baby we have ever seen. he has pretty great hair, and the most beautiful eyes. his smile is infectious. we sure love our little guy.

sean likes to camp, hike, fish, work on the yard, watch and play sports, and eat meat and potatoes. he is the most honest, loyal man that i know. he works so hard to provide for our little family and always has our best interest at heart.

i am mostly a stay at home mom but do work from time to time. i will be going back to work a couple of days a week and watching my nephew on the other days. i like to bake and eat lots and lots of junk food. i love sleeping and being lazy. all of which has gone out the window since having ben. ;)

moses likes to go on walks, ride in the car, drool, eat human food, and play catch. he loves benny blue and is so protective over him.

benny loves animals. he loves moses more than anything. he loves going on walks and playing with his toys. he changes every single day. he hasn't had the easiest 6 months of life.. dealing with food allergies and acid reflux. but despite his little challenges he really is the sweetest little thing. he has quite the personality. we love our little man! 

welcome to our blog!