Sunday, August 30, 2009


sean is trying to fix the toilet that is making an annoying noise that i pretended i couldn't hear even though i am closer to it and was the last one to go to the bathroom.

here i am offering moral support and pretending like i had no idea that the toilet was making a weird noise.

he just informed me that it is broken.
i repeat. the one toilet that we have in our apartment is broken.
what are we going to do?
what do people do in these types of situations? 
boys have it easy. they can just whip it out anywhere. 
i however am in trouble.
i have a bladder the size of a peanut.
why did i just drink that 32 oz of liquid?
bad chloe. very bad chloe.
if i get desperate my only option is the bathtub.
desperate times call for desperate measures people.

oh come on.
don't act like you have never been stuck on the freeway for 5 hours in a snowstorm before on your way to pick up your sister from the airport after just drinking a big gulp.
and don't tell me that you wouldn't have tried to pee in that 32 oz. cup because i promise i never thought i would be one of those people. i also thought i would be able to do this successfully. i was wrong on that part.

what is worse than trying to pee in a cup on the freeway in your car in the middle of a snowstorm? unsuccessfully fulfilling this task. then having to sit in it while you pick up you sister. only to have her say,

"i have been waiting for you for 6 hours! you have no idea the type of day i have had!"

me: "oh really? well i have been sitting in my own urine. for 4 hours. and my leg is burning because of it. but you are totally right. i am so sorry."

maddie: "EWWW! that is disgusting! you are so gross!"

me: "yeah. i purposely did it just to piss you off (no pun intended)because i actually have no problem with sitting in my wet clothes for 4 hours while stuck in a huge snowstorm."

what could make this situation worse?

finding out that the snowstorm shut down the freeway and you are stuck in draper for the rest of the night. 
yeah. you imagine the rest of the story.
oh, and it was valentines day.
even better.

anyway. this is the perfect ending to a perfect week.
oh well. at least sean looks cute fixing the toilet.
people can look cute fixing toilets, right?


Kinz said...

"i repeat. the one toilet that we have in our apartment is broken."


I'm sorry, but that is so funny!
Hope it gets fixed soon.

The Boob Nazi said...

Your pee story almost made me pee my pants. thank you.

Maddie said...

HAHA you share too much information, sis

Michele said...

Been there, done that! It sucks! I hope this week is better for you, good luck with the toilet. I think the tub is a better option than the big gulp, thristy????

Lee S. said...

lol...oh man...

Rachel Leigh said...

That is a hilariousl story! That sounds like something I would have tried, I also have a small bladder!

Dallys said...

What's up with your family and the possessed toilets?:P