Monday, August 17, 2009



so we went to the zoo this weekend, and my camera died right towards the end. i will have to post pics later. but i am sad to say they didn't have the baby elephant out, or it's momma. instead we got Dari, the 49 year old senile elephant that paced 2 steps forward and 2 steps back the whole time we were watching her. she did nothing else and wasn't even facing us. the best part was that a pile of her own poop was right behind her and it was fun to see how close she would get to stepping in it. but everytime she missed. that is skill man. elephants rock. even if they are old and senile. and i am not saying that if you are 49 that you are old and senile. it's different for elephants. you should have seen the wrinkles on her. she was adorable though and i just wanted to jump on top of her and ride around the zoo but when i tried to jump the fence the security gaurds got upset? whatever.

The Time Traveler's Wife

we also saw this movie this weekend. or at least i think we did. i am still trying to figure out what the heck was going on. maybe i dreamed we saw it and that's why it didn't make sense? i love rachel mcadams, and i thought she did a good job and i don't want to hate a movie that she is in because i always have to watch the notebook when its on tv, even if its on back to back i still have to watch it again, but i am still confused about this movie. i don't know if anyone else saw it. but if you can tell me where her baby transported to, that would be awesome. is it in someone else's tummy? is it just chillin in the park? and did anyone else think there was a lot of bum in it? i mean we all have bums and we all know what they look like, but it was just kinda weird. i think maybe i couldn't figure out what was going on because the bums were distracting me. i dunno. if anyone could explain the movie to me, that would be greatly appreciated. also i kinda thought it was weird that the little girl and the old man were talking and were going to be in love and married one day. oh well. i need to let it go..

I didn't know I was pregnant

has anyone see the show "I didn't know I was Pregnant" on TLC? funniest most awesome show i have ever seen. my goal is to be on that show someday. if the title didn't give it away, its a show about women who didn't know they were pregnant. yes. you heard me. these stories are acted out and i love it because i am laughing/totally intrigued at the same time. here are some things i have learned from this show:

1. its possible to not know that you are pregnant

2. you don't always have to have the symptoms. you might not have a big belly, and morning sickness, and crave food, and be emotional. doesn't that sound like the best pregnancy ever?

3. the line that comes across your belly when you are prego is perfectly normal and means something but i forgot

4. birth control is not 100% effective. no, really?

5. you can not only be pregnant with one baby but possibly 2- 5lb babies and not know it. explain that one to me please?

6. if you are on the show, they will choose a slightly more attractive, lighter version of you to play you and your husband. who would you want to play you?

7. its okay to drink and smoke while you are pregnant because all the girls on this show do and their babies turned out totally healthy. lady was even taking steroids. her baby was fine. so now i don't believe all the mumbo jumbo about birth defects. just some stupid rumor.

9. a 58 year old man and a 28 year old woman can have a baby even if they never planned to have one. and they might even want to give it up for adoption, but let me tell you, even the hardest hearts can be softened when they hold that little bundle of sunshine.

10. if i ever got pregnant when i was a teenager, i would have just tried to pretend i didn't know until i had it because then my parents wouldn't be mad at me because they were just so happy to see a baby and they didn't know i was pregnant either.. so.. they can't really be mad. and we could totally be on tv.

11. if you have your baby in the tub or toilet it will be fine.

12. you can still bleed or think you are on your period while you are pregnant. TMI but its true.

anyway. just thought i would let the world know that you could be pregnant right now and not even know it. i think we should all go out and buy a pregnancy test right now. but wait, the last show i saw the girl took 3 tests and they all turned out negative. so i guess the last thing i learned from this show is that negative can mean positive? i'm so confused about everything. sigh.


Spencer & Cara said...

hahaha this is sooo hilarious! Seriously... let me start by saying the Zoo was fabulous and we loved it. Secondly, I wanted to see Time Travelers Wife... but now I'm not too sure... Thirdly you love bums. Fourthly (is that even a word) I think that TLC show is hilarious! I always watch it when its on, I just dont get it and it confuses the crap out of me as well. I'm probably 5 months pregnant... we'll just blame my weight gain on that... sounds like a plan. hahahhahaha. Loves.

Maddie said...

number 13: if you have sex with a guy who travels through time, and you get pregnant with his child, your baby might disappear from your womb when you least expect it.

Ronda said...

.k. that is a fun post. way to keep us informed and entertained.

The Hopkins said...

Hahahaha oh my gosh Chloe this is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. ha. I am going to have to check out this show! And I havent' seen "the time traveler's wife" so sorry I'm no help in de-confusing you... but I really like that Maddie added a #13 to your list ha.
Sorry you didn't get to see the baby elephant :(

Tolman Family said...

I have a love/hate relationship with that show. I mean come on how could someone not know?! Every time I see it I think I am pregnant but then wait.. I'm not.. I read the Time Traveler's Wife and loved the book but don't think I'm going to see the movie because I don't want to be disappointed.

shirah said...

Hi! read the book for The Time Traveler's's much easier to get the story that way!
although i read it a couple of years back, i can't recall most of the story. it made me cry buckets though!

derek and kimber said...

HAHAHAHAHA! this is great! thanks for this chloe!!!

I will say though, besides feeling fluttering every now and then.. I had NO symptoms of pregnancy until 6 months... then my belly started to move all deformed and stuff. lol.

Maddie said...

so, i gave this more thought. now, bear with me: maybe there are time-travelling men out there impregnating these women. i mean, might that be the answer to not knowing you're prego?? all of the sudden you start having a baby? i mean, think about it! no symptoms, then BAM! baby. time-travelling. i tell you. way to link this without even knowing it, sis. watch out for men that look like eric bana. or the hulk. except not the edward norton hulk, the eric bana one. although, i guess they kinda look the same. okay, just avoid contact with anybody who is green. for more obvious reasons than that.

Grant + Brittany said...

i really really really hope you aren't talking trash on time travelers wife because i saw it today and literally COULD NOT STOP CRYING. the whole movie theatre was! i really loved it and i thought the acting was phenomenal. unfortunately i don't know what to tell you though, i didn't care where the baby went. for some reason... i didn't really let my mind wonder that (probably cause it is too confusing). but i told myself walking into the theatre that this was the type of movie/story i knew i had to just accept was not real. i dunno? but i really really really liked it. and honestly I NEVER LIKE ANY MOVIES!

Grant + Brittany said...

ok first of all i forgot to say- my friend read the book, and in the book she barries EACH of her miscarriages. SO when they bring up that the babies are like her dad its just an idea since she keeps having miscarriages. make sense?

anyway of course we can still be bloggy friends.... hahahahaahha i guess i am just so sad you didn't have the experience i did, maybe you need to see it with a bunch of girls? hahahahah i dunno. :)

kinz said...

I have to agree with that person right above. I liked the movie!!

About the tv show: Wouldn't that be so cool to only have 3 months left of being pregnant? Talk about an easy pregnancy! Actually, I really do not want to be that person. That's just too weird.

kinz said...

One more thing to say about the movie though:

Chris pointed out during the movie, "They are not setting a good example for little girls! She's talking to a stranger!"
LOL... I thought the same thing.

Rachel Leigh said...

I love that show too! The stories are so crazy. It's almost like they are telling people that it is ok to drink/smoke/do whatever they want because everything will turn out in the end. I love the ones where the person has twins...and they don't even know. Such craziness!