Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the blankets that saved our marriage. and voting.

i am always hot. like in our house? i think the heater is up way too high and i always have the fan going in our bedroom. even in the winter. i have to have it on. what will i ever do when i get pregnant?  sean is the opposite. his little "toesies" as he calls them are always "icicles".  i tell him that there are these new things called socks and lounge pants that he can wear to get warm but he just doesn't seem to comprehend that. he will put on his "shorty" socks and i am like.. that does nothing!!

we have even gotten our own blankets that we sleep with that i like to call "the perfect temperature blankets" because really? they seem like they adjust to whatever temperature you need them to be. and no, don't worry. this is not some crazy new invention. unless you call the 1980's new. but no. these blankets used to be on my sister and i's beds when we were 4. we love them. and sean and i both have one because we stole the other one back from my little brother. we claimed that these blankets have saved our marriage because when we only had one of them we would constantly fight over it. it was like a race to bed to get the blanket. it was awesome. apparently we just can't be under our regular bed covers because he is too cold and i am too hot and apparently i am a sprawler and don't listen to his needs or something. i can't remember though i wasn't really listening.

anyway, i am going way off track. point is about the blankets? they are magical. and we have 2 now. and they are awesome. they are warm when you want them to be warm and cold when you want them to be cold. and they are cream with roses on them. does it get cooler than that? i don't care if you think i am insane. if you have used these blankets.. you would just know. ask my brother and his wife! apparently we have put their marriage on the fritz because we stole the blanket back. haha i am totally kidding they are just fine and dandy and the cutest couple in the world but they miss the blanket. wow. i am really rambling. anyway we have 2 blankets now. and it has been bliss. yesterday i was burning up and i made him put his cold feet on my back to prove to him that the house is hotter than hades. he said:

"chloe!! how come you are so hot?!?" don't worry. he wasn't trying to tell me i am good looking..

i said the only thing i could think of, "i don't know sean! i can't explain science. it is just the way it is!"

he busted up laughing and said that didn't even make sense but whatever he doesn't make sense. why is he cold and i am hot?? this doesn't make sense! and why are those blankets so awesome? also you probably thought this was going to turn into a really cool story but boy were you wrong...

also? i have never seen someone as excited to vote as sean is...it just came out of nowhere! like he made me renew my voter registration thing to match our new address and has been talking about it for weeks. today before he left the house.. i thought he was trying to be romantic and he was like:

"hey chlo-bo... what are you doing tonight?"

i was like "ooooo... well you know.... what do you doin' tonight?"  (i threw in a wink or two but then he asked if my contact was falling out or something so apparently that didn't work...)

and he was like "ummm.. have you forgotten something?"

and i was like "........."

and he was like "umm... it's november 8th?"

me:  "..........."

him: "voting day silly! let's go vote tonight!"

me: "yes!!!! that is exactly what i wanted to do tonight! i love voting! wahoo!"

so needless to say..sean is super excited about voting and apparently i am too and that is what we are doing tonight! so wahoo! go voting!!! we are so crazy and adventurous. be jealous y'all!

also, he is wanting to vote because tonight in springville they are voting on a new rec center right by our house. i guess sean won a free month family pass to this place if it gets passed. he is so excited about it. but remember when i bought him a gym pass for christmas 2 years ago and the gym ruined the surprise by sending him a welcome to the gym letter before christmas? and i cancelled christmas and then sean never used the gym pass ever..probably because the surprise was ruined.. thank's a lot gym! i want my money back! and then we just put it in my name because i was trying to appear active and healthy and that only lasted for a few months so now it's getting no use?  ..besides giving me the appearance of being all gymsy because i have a keychain i get to carry around? (don't worry.. when my dr. asked me last week if i excercised i was like "pshhh...yeah.. like a few days a week" she didn't ask when or anything so technically i wasn't lying.) anyway... go vote so that sean and i can get another keychain!!!

p.s. in case you are worried that i am having a seizure or that something is wrong with my brain, i AM aware that my grammar, puncuation, and spelling all suck but i just don't have time to be perfect or really care. it's too exhausting. also i just like to write exactly how i am thinking in my head. also... i know gymsy is probaby not a word. but it is now. boom!


Lee S. said...

Ha ha...Get 'er vote on! And gymsy? GREAT new word.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

my favorite part was the sean thinking your contact was falling out. i laughed out loud at that. lol. way cool. totes.

okay. now that that's over..is the blanket like an electric blanket? or is it really just magic? and okay. michael and i are EXACTLY like this only opposite. i am always always freezing when he is on fire. the other night we were driving home from his mom's and i kept sneaking up the heater because i was literally shivering and michael kept making me feel his forehead to see that he was sweating. we used to have dual control in the car, but then that car decided to suck 3738483 dollars a month out of us in gas so we got a car instead of an suv. anyway. now we don't have duel control and it is a problem. i almost resorted to stealing dane's blanket the other nigth because i was so cold. i told michael that there has to be some explanation! how is it possible that our body temperatures can be that different?! i keep telling michael that i am cold blooded and he is hot blooded because my cold blood makes me cold and his hot blood makes him hot. he says that doesn't even make sense.

okay. pretty sure this comment is long enough to be a blog post by itself. and now? i'm thinking maybe it will be. and we can have a link up party where we all blog about body temperature. ha. k not really. but serious. i might post about this because i am realizing it is a serious problem! maybe not though. i don't know. ask sean if it's on the ballot and then let me know.

tiffany said...

i'm just going to say that i love your rambling blog posts. please post more. they entertain me...and i'm sure all of your other followers.

Maddie said...

Bahaha "Gymsy"? Love it! Pretty sure voting will sound dirty forever now, after our conversation yesterday. Oh well. Way to vote!

Cailie said...

I totally forgot to vote and felt a little guilty but in Oregon however I vote the majority vote the opposite so mine never really matters at least that's what I told myself to feel better. You by far are my favorite blog to read! Someday I need to get back into it. I've never heard of a couple where the girl is the hot one! We are totally the opposite at night.. except Race's feet are icicles too so he sleeps in like boxers and socks..very attractive! haha I've been sleeping in these red flannel eddie bauer pjs my grandma gave me because they didn't fit her last year. I feel so old lady but they are so comfortable!