Thursday, November 10, 2011

camera vs. laptop


i don't know why i just realized this but i just remembered one of the reasons i haven't been blogging that much. what's that you ask? well. my macbook is on the fritz. and it still works and all but it has a few quirks that i have to work through.  i am trying to pretend they are endearing. it gives my macbook personality. does your computer scare the crap out of you every time you open it up? let me explain. so i am 99.9% sure that the disk drive no long works. i am not sure if there is a disk stuck in there because i just can't even tell. i don't even know what disk it would be to be honest. and i'm pretty sure it's disc now huh? when did we switch from disk to disc? sigh. i don't even know which one is correct. it's hard to keep up with these things.

anyway. the only reason that i noticed something was up was because every time i open up the computer for about 10 seconds the computer sounds like it is trying to eject a disc. obviously it's not working. close the lap top fine. open it? noise. as of yesterday it started making a noise that is terrifying. it is like ten times louder and honestly sounds like the computer is breaking in half. something is definitely not right in there. but it still works because i am typing on it. and it only lasts for like ten seconds. i just can't open it up in the middle of the night or else sean will pee his pants because really? it's a terrible awful noise. one i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. however, i just pretend it's my laptops way of saying hi to me or something.

anyway. wow. once again this was way off topic. it's not the reason i haven't blogged as much. the main reason was that when all this started it stopped reading my camera when i would try to plug it in the USB. i am talking about my small digital camera. i have had it for a while. about as long as this laptop.. almost 6 years? okay i have probably had the camera for like 4. it's a canon and it's a GREAT digital camera. its like 7 mega pixels and really i know cameras have gotten better since then but it has been an awesome camera. it still works great, but for some reason it is not compatible with the laptop anymore. the laptop will not register that camera, but it will register the bigger, nicer nikon that my sister gave me because it is reading it as in external hard drive. not a camera. so i can still get pictures off of that one. it's a great camera. but it's really big and kind of older. and not exactly convenient to just throw in my purse and whip it out when i see a really cool hot dog car or a person worthy to be on people of walmart or something like that. ya know?

so anyway. my life is obviously so hard and i just didn't know what to do. i have all these pictures from camping and this summer on my digital but it just wouldn't upload and i was too lazy to try and put them on sean's laptop. i am kinda of hooked on my macbook and i am too stubborn to change. also he is always using his for school anyway. so i resorted to awesome cell phone pictures which i am sure you have noticed. well my sister.. she LOVES cameras. being a photographer and all. well she bought this really cool small digital sony camera a few months ago. and the thing is... is that is really nice. and you can change the lenses. it's like my digital canon camera and the nikon made a baby and it turned into this really compact, light, awesome camera with 2 lenses and really awesome features and 14.2 mega pixels and is way better than both combined. but the problem? it was maddies. not mine.

well, last week maddie decided that she wanted a different one. she loves this one but she found one she liked even more that looks like it's old school but it's not. and is more expensive. it is super awesome though. and so she bought that one. she was going to put the sony one for sale on KSL but asked if i wanted to buy it from her.... of course i wanted to! however i was worried that my laptop would try to read it as a camera and obviously that wasn't working on my computer and i really wanted it to read it as an external hard drive. so i took it home last night to test it out.....and it worked! i am so happy! so i was able to put my old memory card in the new camera and can now get all those pictures on here, and also have some way better pictures in the future!

so anyway. that was a really long story about a silly camera. i am sure which you could have those ten minutes of your life back. but i am excited about it! especially with all the holidays coming up i now have a really great camera that will fit snugly in my purse and it will be great! also i am claiming it as my christmas present so i can take pictures of other peoples christmas presents with it since it will be all i am letting myself get. (sean you better not get me anything else! he keeps claiming that it will count as HIS gift. seriously, he is too good to me.) haha. so anyway. that is all. also, the above picture was taken with the new sony. but i need to figure out how to use it. i was trying to focus on his paw, not him. so that is why he is not in focus. also today, maddie taught me some better settings to use. you can shoot manual and stuff just like the nikon. it's like the best of both worlds. you can adjust the settings like the ISO, aperture and  shutter speed, all while looking at the screen. it will make the changes right before your eyes. so you can see if the picture is getting enough light before you even take it. i had to play around so much with the nikon because i could never tell if it would turn out after i took the picture. now i will already know before i take it!

so anyway. the whole point of this post that was so pointless was that i am going to make myself blog more now because of the new camera. i have no excuses anymore. so stay tuned for some posts from the summer that i should have posted a long time ago. also. i probably should just be getting a new laptop... because i honestly think the problem is not with the cameras. it's the computer. but oh well. maybe i am a little in denial about it. if i pretend there is nothing wrong with it... then maybe it will fix itself? that's how things work right? no?


Maddie said...

I'm glad you like it! I hope to see many more pictures (especially of Mo) from now on! ;)

emily+brett said...

aw mosey. he is just so slumber-some. is he calming down as a dog or are you just take lots of pics when he's tuckered? jealous of you new camera!! ps can we please actually get together. for lunch or something? call me. 801-921-9400!

mama boss said...

That picture of Moses is great, I really like it. :)

David and Shalynna said...

You are so hilarious. I love your little sarcastic remarks here and there. And my favorite posts of yours are when you share stories about you and Sean (i.e. the blanket story). I think it's hilarious when you add details like him calling his toes toesies. Haha! You both are adorable!

Cailie said...

I don't know if your sis already got one but tell her to check out the canon G12.. I loove it for my little camera! I tend to use it more then my 5d! I hate computer issues. Good luck with that!