Sunday, November 6, 2011

can it just be april?


gosh. i just don't know if moses could be any cuter. i love him so much. and sean. i sure am one lucky lady. sigh. where has this year gone? i used to blog all the time. nowadays it just seems like everything is a blur. yes, things are crazy busy. but even when they aren't i still have no idea what to blog about. it's not like things weren't crazy busy when i used to blog more often. so i really shouldn't have any excuses. maybe i have just been feeling uninspired. i have mentioned this before but i tend to do all or nothing. i can get really into doing certain things and then it will just die out faster than it started. i need to be more consistent. i feel like i have all these silly, random stories from our first year of marriage. and truth be told, we still have silly, random stories. i just can't seem to get around to posting about them. i am going to try and be better about that! i guess even if i feel like i have nothing to say, i am still going to try and blog more. because this is the only journal i have!

i guess i will just start with what is going on right now. let's see.. well sean started his new job last monday! so far so good. he is overwhelmed but seems up for the challenge. he loves to be challenged and i love that about him. the hard part about him starting a new job is that he is still in school full time. and he has been sick. blah. i can honestly not wait for him to be done with school. seriously, april cannot come fast enough. i feel like i never ever see him. it was rare before but now it is even less. before, when we worked at the same place? we could at least see each other at work. we didn't work in the same building but he still came over to drop stuff off and say hi. we would go to lunch almost every single day. now we don't even have that. then he has school every single night and does homework for several hours after that. even on saturdays and sundays. i guess that is just the way it goes though. the further one gets into their major the busier they are. i cannot believe that we have been doing this the whole time that we have been married. 2 and a half years! i am so ready for it to just be over! i want to know what it's like to be married to a non-full time student! on top of that he works full time. i just don't know how he does it. i work full time and used to be in school full time and had a second job on top of that before we got married. i can't even imagine trying to do that while married. i have a lot of respect for sean and anyone else out there doing this! especially when both spouses are in school and working full time! or when people are getting doctorates and whatnot. you guys are my heros!

one other reason i am excited about sean being done with school? because we are going to take a graduation trip when he is done. it's still in the works and we haven't officially decided yet but it is going to happen. i have to say this on here so i can be held accountable. i told sean i owe him one for being married to me, working full time and going to school full time. i will make this happen! also it will kind of be for our three year anniversary. he said i have to plan it this time since he surprised me the first year, we had our cruise this year.. so now it's my turn. any ideas? i would like to go somewhere that neither of us have been. i was thinking new york maybe. i have a friend that lives there and also family in maryland so we could probably go see all of them and do the washington D.C. thing as well! anyway. nothing is official yet. i guess right now it's more just wishful thinking! hopefully it will all work out that we can do something fun! heck... i'd even be cool just going to disneyland!

unfortunately/fortunately my job was so busy in october and sean had school on monday that we weren't really able to do anything for halloween! it's the first year we haven't really dressed up or gone to a party. it kind of made me sad because halloween is a special day for us. i know i have said this many times but it's the night that sean said he realized he wanted to be with me forever. he didn't tell me that night or anything. but it was seriously one of the best most memorable nights of my life! i am sad we didn't get to really celebrate this year. we got to celebrate by having three dogs run to the door every time the door bell rang! it was a little chaotic and my makeshift fence/baby gate just didn't seem to do the job. oh well!

it's been a pretty low key weekend. friday we went to dinner with amanda and jason and the kids and then met up with devin and katie after and got cupcakes and ice cream. then we headed back over to sean's parents and ate it all while chatting with brandon. brandon is sean's brother who just got back from a 5 week adventure back east. it was good to see him and talk with everyone.

saturday we just took it easy. i wasn't feeling well yesterday morning. to be honest i thought something was really wrong with me. i thought it could be appendicitis or that something was wrong with my ovary or something. i was in a lot of pain (to the point of tears) but decided to wait it out. i have still been pretty sore on my lower right side but it was not nearly as bad as yesterday so i think it wasn't anything big. i had to go to the lady dr. on thursday and i'm thinking maybe she just ... well. not to get TMI and be vague at the same time but maybe let's just say something didn't like what went on and that's why i was in pain. i guess i could blame it on the student and a few too many "oopsies". i was pretty traumatized but either way it's over and that could be the cause of my pain.  i am feeling better today. like i said we took it easy yesterday. we did manage to get the house cleaned up. it was a nightmare after having the three dogs here. we tried to keep up with it but it became pointless. so it was nice to finally get the house cleaned up. i think we could create like 50 dogs with all the dog hair in our trash. after that we went and grabbed some cafe rio for sean and jimmy johns for me. came home and watched some football and then my sister talked me into going and seeing tower heist with her and lee. it was just us girls! i bought some shoes before the movie started and am debating on taking them back or not... anyway. that was our saturday!

today we went to church and subbed in our old nursery class. it was good to see them again and it kind of just made me baby hungry. seeing sean with all those little kids? it's hard not to want to see him be a daddy. he is so cute with them. every adult that walked in saw him and just said "wow. he is so good with those kids. they just adore him." he had them laughing til they almost cried. it was adorable. i think sean missed nursery more than it missed him. it was fun though and i can't wait someday to see him be a dad. yes. i think that is the first time on here that i have admitted i was baby hungry. so there you have it blog world!

tonight we are going to have dinner at our neighbor/friends house! can't wait! it was kind of last minute and i wish i had something to take over! we will probably spend the rest of the night just relaxing and watching sisterwives. and then sean will probably do more homework. yay.... homework. maybe i'll spice things up and.. make brownies or something. haha. ooooo.. we are wild.


{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Glad to see you blogging. Congrats on him for the new job! Haha, well have a baby :) sure you guys would make a cuteeee one!

Anonymous said...

Ooh come to Australia! :) I know you've been here, but Sean hasn't and you could show him around!

mama boss said...

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are hilarious. Silly Moses!

Come June we'll be doing the full time work, full time school thing... It isn't really so bad, is it? :/

...Most people think I'm crazy for this, but I am totally baby hungry, too. It just can't be helped. ;)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

where's the picture of the new shoes??

i think a trip to disneyland would be so awesome! or another cruise..even though you just went on one. i want to go on one waaaay bad so you can go on one for me, k? ha.

i would be so happy if you started blogging your funny stories. i swear i used to pee my pants at every story you wrote.

i'm glad you are baby hungry! that makes me happy :) ha. is that weird?

anyway. happy monday! crappy the weekend is over. but i hope you have a good week!