Wednesday, December 16, 2009

babar and the wedgie.

so the other day i get a text from my sister maddie 
saying that my dad was making a snow object.
let me give you a little background..
growing up, almost every year, my dad would
make some sort of snow thing.
i guess making snowmen got old, so he made other things.
snowheads, snowdragons, and so forth.
he would spray them with food coloring and everything.
well i think it is the cutest thing in the world that he made one this year.
it started out as a teddy bear.
but then he remembered how awesome elephants are,
and how much i love them. so he made this.
and begged me to come over and see it.
man the things parents do to get their kids to come visit!

he even named it babar. after "babar the elephant" that we used to watch as kids.
you know that elephant that lived in france and had an english accent or something?

i am in love with him. and may or may not have wanted to take some
inappropriate pictures with him but sean refused to take them because
he felt "uncomfortable" or something. men.

anyway, my sister's blog has WAY better pictures of this elephant and my dad,
so you should go check out her blog here.

i love our little tree. it's fake and it smells like
 plastic and i'm okay with that.
i just light my pine scented candle that i left
burning that one day and it is like
the real thing.

so sean does this thing, where he will put on his gym shorts and pull his pants
up as high as possible. i'm not quite sure why he enjoys doing it ALL THE TIME.
i dunno, doesn't make sense to me. suffocating the boys and all.
but he loves walking around sticking his bum out with his pants up high.
sometimes he dances and sometimes he just poses and keeps switching sides.
well the other day i gave him an early christmas present.
he is such a pansy and keeps complaining about how our house is
cold or something just because we have ice on the inside of our windows.
i personally think it's the perfect temperature but his "feet get cold"
and he will put on his "shorty" socks and gym shorts. i guess as a girl i would throw on
some heavy sweatpants, knee-high socks, and get under a warm blanket.
sean just sits there and suffers.

oh and by the way... who calls them "shorty" socks?
when we got married and sean said, "hey, can you hand me my shorty socks?"
i was like "WTF are those?"
he says everyone calls them that but i just thought we all called them ankle socks.
i dunno. i think i said, "okay Nelly... here ya go"
and he was like, "no, its Fitty Cent."

anyway, so he was cold so i bought him some nice lounge pants and he was so excited.
he has worn them everyday and keeps looking at his bum in the mirror.
i. love. it.

tonight he was doing the wedgie bum thing and i begged him to let
me take a picture so i could look at it whenever i am feeling down.
he wouldn't let me so i tried to give him a wedgie and take a pic at the
same time. but he was being all shy.

he said to me, "chloe, why would i let you take a picture of me like that. you would
put it on the blog at the expense of my integrity."

i said, "sean, you lost all your integrity when you married me. so get over it."

here are my babies (my cinemark cups) i love having 2 of them.
here is sean in his lounge pants.
he acts like they were just invented or something.
it's like he didn't know that shorts could actually be longer.
to be honest i don't feel that bad for him. i am dumbfounded
that he never even consider pants as an option.
but then i remember that i do really stupid stuff all the time.
so who am i to judge?

anyway, after our conversation and my utter disappointment that may have consisted
of me telling sean that he obviously doesn't love me or he would do his
wedgie dance... i went and moped in the other room.. and lo and behold...
he walks out slowly...
and then does this...

YESSSS!!! i love this man. so glad we are married.

here i am.... satisfied.


Michael & Mindy said...

OH. MY. HECK! I am laughing so hard right now. He is so freaking funny! Seriously. I am dying. Michael laughed too. We need to meet this guy. I love that he is so in awe of the lounge pants. I love that you call them lounge pants. Tell Sean nobody says shorty socks. And I love the elephant snow guy. I saw him on Maddie's blog. What a cool blog.

Seriously. Still laughing about Sean

The Boob Nazi said...

Umm I watched Babar in my Spanish class in high school. The best part ever was when he said, "Mama, mama, DONDE ESTAS???? MAMAAAAAAAA"

(Remind me to do the voice for you when we see each other next.)

It was the episode when his mother died. How sad.

Allison said...

AWW, I love this post! I love Sean and his craziness and the way he loves you ♥ and I especially love your dad's Babar! :D

my name is lauren. said...

first: nobody says shorty shocks. you and mindy are both right.

second: i love that elephant.

third: i love that you said you "could not love a human baby as much as you love this.".

fourth: why do boys insist on suffering in the cold? when we were in leavenworth last weekend craig kept complaining about how cold it was, but that was because he didn't bring any gloves or socks that weren't "shorty socks". dumb.

fifth: those lounge pants are awesome.

sixth: the wedgie picture just about made me pee my pants.

seventh: sean is the best husband for letting you actually take a picture of that and post it on the blog. seriously. that takes balls.

eighth: i tried to get craig to let me take his picture doing something silly the other day and i got shot down for the very same reason: "no way! you'll put it on the blog!"

ninth: you're awesome.

tenth: i don't know why i made this into a list. but i kinda like it :).

eleventh: that's it.

Jes said...

Oh my goodness I am laughing so hard. That is the funniest thing. Shorty socks?! My husband suffers in the cold, too. Men. To let you take a picture of the wedgie dance proves it is true love. Pure awesomeness.

crissy said...

That is hysterical! Boys are so dorky sometimes. I also think it's funny that the man is complaining that it's too cold while the woman thinks it's an ok temp. I thought it was the other way around for everyone..

Also, your tree is pretty. I have a fake, too. But I do it mostly because I don't get any help, since I'm married to a Grinch. :(

And it is really cool that your dad makes such enormous snow things. Very child like, in a good way.

Anywho, this is random, so I'm going to watch the Notebook now. Good night :)

Sorry, one more thing. My word verification is "weejec" which made me think of "wedgie" which made me laugh all over again.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I am cracking up! You are hilarious and he is hilarious and this is how I picture a fun marriage.

And your dad? How cute is he??! I love the elephant!

The Huffakers said...

Haha I LOVE the wedgie! My husband does the same thing except his is WAY more graphic and shows way more skin. Btw, love the new look of your blog!

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

I love love love you guys and EWW that wedgie pic is SOOoo to die for!

Love your tree its awesome.

That is the COOLEST elephant snow man thing... I love love it. thats soo goood.

my name is lauren. said...

ha! i love that story about your little cousin! such sass for a 6 year old! i'm impressed.

missy. said...

DARLING! i love the elephant.

as for sean.. my dear friend has weird quirks like that too.. men..bah.

missy. said...

ps.. you are gorgeous.

pps.. thank you for your DARLING comment. you are fantastic and i am so glad we have become friends.

Kristin said...

I luuuuuuurve the elephant AND the wedgie shot!

Rhianne said...

have you changed your layout? It looks great!! I loooove Babar! I want a snow elephant!

♥ Katinka said...

That is the funniest thing ever! haha

oh yeay and the elephant is SO cute! I want one too!

Randi Lee said...

HAHAHA, LOVE the wedg. AND the snow elephant... parents are so cute!

Jennifer said...


I was having a bummer of a morning, until I read this post. :)

KristenLisa said...

Your dad is amazing - what talent to make that cute little elephant, but so is your hubby for making you laugh!

Elizabeth said...

I loved Babar when I was a kid! Loved him. I read no other animal books...but his I did because he was smart and resourceful. I was such a nerd :)

Shannon Murphy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT IS AMAZING!!!! I can't believe he let it get documented after all that! I love it I love it I love it! OH and that snow elephant... seriously the coolest most adorable thing I have ever seen!!! I looovveee that your dad makes those every year.. so adorable!!! SOOO adorable.. this is my favorite post ever... I love everything about it.

olivia rae said...

that is SO sweet your dad makes that for you! i LOVE it. i bet they neighbors are amazed!! and sean is SO funny. my dad does that with his pants too, and puts his glasses on the tip of his nose and talks in a really nasaly voice. haha.

Caroline said...

Hahahaha.... this post was sweet, oh so funny and just hilarious!! The way your write is great and your personality comes out through your writing. LOVE.. love your blog .. I can't say it enough. xo

samnhal said...

Holy goodness that is THE greatest thing I have ever seen. Boys do the silliest stuff sometimes. Love it. Absolutely love. I had to control my laughter since I am at work. Oh, and shorty socks? Who does he think he is, making up new names and what not? Psha, they will forever be ankle socks.

Michele said...

Love the wedgie and yes they are called ankle socks:)

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, this post just made me smile so much!

They ARE called ankle socks!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

so funny!

i just found your blog, and i love it! i can't wait to read more! :)

Sam said...

i love the elephant! you must have an amazing dad :)

and i hate to say this, but the whole time i was reading about Sean I was thinking about my ex because when we lived together he would do the exact same thing with his shorts, complaining about cold, pulling them up acting weird, and i bought him a pair of sweats for christmas that he then never took off since. i guess men have these traits in common.. and i've never heard of shorty socks. always been ankle socks to me :)

Selma said...

OMG...way too funny I can't seem to find proper words to comment on here Chloe! :D I love Babar! I remember that story! :D Ah...the good ol' times. ;) And your tree is wonderful. Similar to mine...but yours is way better! :D Ok, enough said...I lost all my vocabulary today so excuse me. Have a good Friday! Yay!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

HAHA!!! This cracked me up!
I love your tree!

@manda said...

remind me to show you pictures of when I dressed the boys up and took pictures of them with a stuff animal on the rocking chair! Sean looks pretty cute in satin! ha ha ha don't worry the boys used to do this at home all the time, now it is your turn!!! Sean you are hillarious and Chloe thanks for putting this up, brings back funny memories.