Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas is cancelled.

   {not really, but i feel like being dramatic right now. 
even though i am really not that mad i kinda am but i am over it. sort of
oh and michael says that on the office when carol breaks up with him}

so a couple of weeks ago, i went out of my usual bubble and exceeded even my
own expectations. i went christmas shopping. early. as in not on christmas eve.
i was so excited because i had gotten sean something that i knew he was not expecting.
sean used to have a pass to a certain well known popular gym. rhymes with.... bolds. anyway, it expired shortly before we got married. well sean has been complaining a lot lately about his gut. i think it
is fine, but he is kinda the girl in this relationship, and really wants to get in shape.
so i went in to this gym and was like,
"here is the deal, i want a gym pass for sean. i don't want to pay more than
this much." they were like,
"well are you interested in getting a pass too? we offer great deals for couples."
and i was like,
"hahaha, that is really funny. but um, no. i bought one before and i used it like 6 times.
in 2 years. that is like $100 for every time that i went. and i was only there for like 10 minutes each time. biggest waste of money i ever spent. well i will be honest, i pretty much
 just bought it with my sister so that we
could get the keychain and at least "look" like we work out. i paid big bucks for that.
i think it worked though.. i would flash those babies anytime i wanted to look like a
person who worked out. i am sure after further investigation, it would appear
that i never actually used the pass..but that is besides my point. so yeah. wait. maybe
it is my point. i will never use it."

so they were like "okay, well we can offer you this deal.....blah blah"

and i was like "alright, sounds good. so i want this to be a surprise. do you understand?
it is a christmas surprise."

the lady says,
"oh yes! of course! we will not have any contact with him until after
christmas. usually we have a trainer call to set up an orientation, but i will make sure
that they wait until after the 25th."

"perfect. this is awesome. he is going to be so surprised."


today we came home from work and there was a letter in our mailbox.
and it was from this gym. addressed to Sean.
and it said "Congratulations on your new membership!"

well look at that.

i was so angry, and i got all pouty and sean wasn't even sure what was going
on and i totally threw the letter and threw a fit and went and laid on the bed
and said "christmas is cancelled! it is over."

then i thought sean was just trying to pretend that he didn't know what it was..
which i later found out, he really didn't know what it was..
so i was like "Merry Effin Christmas."
and i gave him the gym pass.
then i felt bad for saying that.
but then i cursed the gym and vowed to never
ever, ever, go christmas shopping early. ever again.
because if i had waited til the last minute?
this never would have happened.
christmas would not be ruined.
and i would have saved money because
i would have just got sean that gun he wanted
and not the un-refundable gym pass.
also, i vow never to go to a gym again.
they ruined christmas.
and that is not cool. not cool at all.

sean says, "you should go in and tell them. maybe they will offer you a free pass."

oh yeah sean. good one. what the heck am i going to do with a gym pass?

* oh, and then i went to the mall because i was so depressed and spent way too much money
but did get some cute stuff so it made me feel better but then i felt like a total scrooge
because i was buying stuff for myself but then i remembered that it is the gym's fault. not mine.
i felt much better after. and all is well.


my name is lauren. said...

i think you really should tell them they ruined christmas so that they'll feel bad and give you a free pass. then when they do, you'll probably want to go all the time, just to screw them over and be obstinate. actually might enjoy going to the gym with sean. i wouldn't know cause craig hates the gym. he gets up a 6 a.m. to go play basketball with a bunch of guys 3 times a week, so that's his workout and i can't convince him to come with me. i told him he could lift weights since he's already getting cardio w/ b-ball, but he said he lifts heavy car parts all day so he doesn't need to. oh well.

sorry they suck and ruined christmas though. that seriously is lame. moral of the story: procrastination is the key to success. i like it.

The Huffakers said...

Ok gyms are so overrated... doesn't your husband know that? We obviously know it so newsflash for him. Sorry they ruined your Christmas. That's why I don't shop at all... period. Haha btw your neighbor lady is awesome. I'm not surprised she has all those stuffed animals. Does she have a lot of cats too? Cuz that wouldn't surprise me either.

crissy said...

Some people's kids...
That is lame. I'll make you a plate of Christmas treats, and that will help it be better. ;)

grant + brittany said...

first of all i love you. thinking that he knew and then finding out he DID know...??? i swear that has totally happened to me. that is really annoying. and leave it to freaking golds to not leave you alone until christmas. they are so annoying like that.

second, i honestly think that it is the coolest thing ever ever ever in the whole world that you went in blow up lady's house. i'm dead serious. and i would have enjoyed every second of it just like you. hahahahha oh just picturing the it makes me laugh. love the pictures.

Jes said...

ohhh, they get a total FAIL! I'm sorry your surprised was ruined. It is the thought that counts!

Ams said...

Ohhhh I would have been SO mad! Don't you feel an inch bad for showering yourself in cute stuff from the mall... I would have done the same thing!
Christmas is cancelled here too... but for other reasons so high fives on that!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

Ugghh - that is SOOO annoying!! I would be SOO upset and MAD!! I work for a store and we normally send out Thank you's during the year, but around the holidays we stop doing it so that way we are sure not to ruin any surprises for our customers!

Oh and shopping always makes me feel better too!! The best remedy ever!!

{lyss} said...

will they still air rudolph?

Happy Holidays!

*donna* said...

this happened to me last year when tickets were sent to me parents house instead of mine after i ordered them in advance! grrrrr!
i'm so sorry you feel as though they ruined your christmas but at least sean knows how much effort you went to in sorting it all out in advance.

love your blog by the way :0)

♥ Katinka said...

oh man, that sucks!!!! you should tell them.

Selma said...

sorry but i had to laugh like crazy when i read this. not that it's funny, it is but it's also quite sad and would have me absolutely mad, too. we are so alike. i think the idea is super neat and the lady seemed nice and all until it all got screwed over by whoever made the mistake and oh boy...and no way, i would never want to go back there and talk or so. no free pass or extra pass or whatever for me. working out at home, or just going out and all is a lot more fun than those machines they're having.

and yes, huge YAY on going shopping afterwards...i call it frustration shopping. i do that sometimes and it makes me feel so much better. :) hehehe

Randi Lee said...

ewwww, what grinches!!! I would tell them, maybe you can get something free out of it!

And I LOVE the previous xmas miracle post. I'm so jealous. Why didn't you get a picture of her hair?!?! I'm imagining a crazy beehive hair-do.

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

hahaha awww that sucks. I would be soo mad too. how rude of them!

KimJo said...

Yeah, I've never liked Golds.. for lots of reasons. But I like that now I can have another reason to not like them again, even if it is vicariously.

Your title made me think of the TV show Modern Family. Have you seen it? If not you seriously need to watch it on hulu.. the latest episode where the dad is so mad that one of his kids won't fess up to something he thinks they did and yells, "If you won't admit it. . then... Christmas is cancelled!!" and drags the decorated tree outside. Love it, it's freakin' hilarious.

Merry effin' Christmas anyway! I agree with others on here.. get a free membership out of Golds then just conveniently procrastinate ever going. It's the thought that counts:)

Rhianne said...

How annoying!! Did he like it though?

Shane and Bonnie Peavler said...

Oh I would have been FURIOUS!!! The same thing happened to me for one of Shane's bday gifts. I clearly gave them an address to ship it to and they shipped it straight to our house where Shane saw it and everything was ruined. I gave them a piece of my mind and got free stuff out of it... I'm still pissed about the whole ruined part though. I completely understand.

olivia rae said...

gosh i can't believe they did that!! if i worked there i'd be so excited about the surprise and make SURE not to ruin it! lame! but i'm sure sean was still so happyyyy!! what a great present. i quit the gym a year ago after never using it but i would LOVE it if someone bought me a membership!! i think i'd feel less pressure since it wasn't my money and use it more! but probably not, who am i kidding?

Tara Bishop said...

I can't believe it. I have the exact same story and I cried. Mike and I went ring shopping (for him) but sadly he had already got the ring he had wanted (from a previous engagement... I know sticky story) and I loved the ring too but I didn't want THAT ring. So I exchanged it for the exact same one and got it engraved with a sweet saying on the inside as a Christmas surprise. I went to the jeweler who took care of my engagement ring because they were a family business blah blah. And told them a billion times it was for christmas and to call me not him. Well the day it was supposed to be ready they called me and said the "lost it" it got switched and they would call me when they found my (his) ring. Well... they didn't call me... they called him and said "Hey Mike just wanted to call and say your wedding ring is ready to come and pick up" It was 3 days before Christmas. I was so angry and I went into the store and cried and yelled at them until they gave us a deal on the ring AND my wedding ring. Then they wouldn't follow through when it came time to buy the wedding ring. Some people are just bad words. Ruining christmas like they do. Poops.

samnhal said...

Maybe instead of giving you a pass they can extend the time of sean's pass? I would be way too scared to do it, I dont know if you are the same, but I would make my husband go in and talk to them, confrontation isn't my thing. That is super duper lame that they did that. You should have said something about how it must be an offer and not the real deal...played it off. I wouldn't have thought about it either, and I would have thrown a fit just like that, and I have before.
It's therapeutic to get yourself Christmas presents when Christmas is ruined, how else are you supposed to survive the next week?

I am Stacey... said...

Oh, that sucks! You should be allowed to go down there and give them all a kick in the pants. I'm sure Sean really liked the gift, though!

Julia said...

great post! Your writing is really funny. Lovely blog!

Caroline said...

I agree... all of my gifts for my husband we bought together, and the ones I didn't buy with him I showed him out of EXCITEMENT!! HEHE!! I can't believe they ruined your surprise... actually, I can GYMS never listen. A little Retail therapy is never BAD :)!! Again, your posts never cease to make me SMILE and Laugh!! Happy Holidays blog friend!! xo

Michael & Mindy said...

Oh my. Freaking Gold's. I hate them. When we first moved here we wanted memberships there (yeah right. like I'd use it) and they called us like 9 times a day for like a month. Serious. I finally told them we didn't want to join and to leave us alone. They're annoying. They ruin everything.

Anna said...

i would be mad too!! oh & the michael "Christmas is canceled" quote is one of my very favorites! you are my office twin!!

hugs to you, doll!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I would NOT be a happy camper either! I would totally get ahold of them and let them know how much they suck for ruining the surprise!

my name is lauren. said...

yes please!!!

get a puppy! you won't regret it.

craig was super upset tonight because OSU lost the las vegas bowl to byu, and then he looked at these puppies online and they made him instantly happy. he said that's the best thing about a puppy. they can make you happy even when you're having he crappiest day ever and your team loses and your wife is nagging you (which i actually didn't do today). tell sean it'll be the best investment ever. also it'll be good practice for having kids one day and he wants you to be prepared right? dog's definitely are less responsibility than kids but there are so many parallels it's crazy. i always want to compare things that happen with marley to the kids at my work, but i don't think their parents would like that very much. review... THINGS TO DO:

*get a puppy.
*come to oregon to visit lauren
*have puppy play dates

do it! it would be so fun! even if you don't visit. you'll still love having a puppy.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ohhhh DUDE! I want to punch that gym in the junk hahaha! But seriously how rude! NOT COOL AT ALL!

I'm sorry babe! BUT at least you got some cute new stuff, right? And the gym made you do it.


missy. said...

oh lady! i'm so sorry. i really don't like golds either.. i have had SERIOUS problems with them in the past and like you have vowed never to go back.

shopping really does make everything better. so glad you found a few things to make you feel better.

ps i'm waiting to make sure it's ok i give you that girls number before i send the email i have saved in my drafts!

lydia. said...

i laughed so much at the office reference.

you are cute and funny.
i like you!

Allison said...

Oh no! Stupid gyms... first they don't make it interesting enough for you to stay and make good use of your 100s of dollars, and then they go and blab. Buttheads.

Glad you feel better, and that Sean feels better about his "gut"! :D

Maddie said...

i know i've known about this for days now, and i STILL think it's lame. you should totally request a personal trainer for the next few months for sean. stick it to 'em!

my name is lauren. said...

YES! moses...i love it! marley and moses can be bff's and sean and craig can hunt and we can we awesome. i'm excited. when do you guys think you'll get moses?
aaaah! i'm so excited. how many times can i say excited in one comment?

anyway...i seriously am. hope your wednesday was lovely and that you have a lovely christmas eve eve!

my name is lauren. said...

oh silly blogger!

one time i got "whoer". close enough.

Michael & Mindy said...

I can't believe I didn't even bring you your toffee and now we're out of town. I'm crappy. PS, one of my friends had a baby yesterday. Cool? No. She named him Krew. One of our fave names. And then she ruined it by spelling it all gay. I am totally pissed. At first I was all, whatever. It doesn't matter. But now I'm totally bugged. Gay. I wanted to tell you. I thought you'd be as pissed as I am. Gay.

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

oh, that's awful! i am so sorry.

my name is lauren. said...

craig and i work 10-hr days so we were worried about what to do with a dog all day too, but if you crate train them they'll be fine all day. marley had her own crate from day one and would stay in it all day at first and then gradually we got her to the point where she can stay home by herself for 10 hours and be completely fine and not have accidents or get into anything. if you guys want any tips on crate training i can have craig e-mail you some ideas. he's the actual dog trainer around here. marley gets to go to work with craig every day now though. she's the shop dog and she loves it, but she can still stay home if we need her to.

so excited! oh...but whatever you do...don't get a dog from the pet store. ever. it's a horrible, horrible idea. i've heard horror stories and had one myself when my parents got a dog from one when i was younger. some are good, but they get them from these awful puppy mills a lot of the time and they can have a lot of health problems. ok... just promise? this will help me sleep at night, cause i really want you to have the best dog ever.

ok...that's all :).

my name is lauren. said...

p.s. dog in the santa hat.... subtlety achieved.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

LOL! awww, i know how you feel! i guess at the end of all of this you have a funny story to tell...and you still got Sean a wonderful gift.
have a merry christmas!

xoxo alison

lydia. said...

i'm super behind on it, too.
everyone is always like, "season three?! really?!"
ha, but i'm like that with most shows.
i pretty much only watch them once they're out on dvd.
it's way more fun to me that way, anyways.
i can just dive in and become obsessed for a bit. ha.

Michael & Mindy said...

I wish you would update right now. I need something to read. We're watching Night at the Museum 2. Maybe if I pay attention I will like it.

Can you even believe my friend? How gay. And who freaking spells it like that? It is Michael's favorite name, and it's not like I talk to her that often, and it's not like our kids will know each other or be friends or anything, but still annoying. Sorry I'm going on and on about this. I just read in a baby magazine today about how you shouldn't talk about your pregnancy because people don't actually care that much. So sorry. But I'm still annoyed...

Sorry you don't get a very long break. Lame. If you get stuck there past half day tomorrow? Call me. I'll come lay the smack-down. Me and my large pregnant belly are quite intimidating. Ha. And there I go talking about my freaking pregnancy again. Ah! What is my deal!

Anyway. I'm glad you at least get some break. Sorry I didn't bring you some toffee. I guess it will have to be an after Christmas treat.

PS, I am sitting in a stadium chair on the floor watching this movie right now. Awesome.

Sam said...

aw, that's lame! i love golds though.. nothing better than working out in a movie room! but they are ridiculous with their calls and mail. If you don't want a free pass, maybe try to get the one you bought discounted? either way, they definitely owe you for ruining christmas! :(

Nahl said...

aww omG i can't believe they did that. :(
shit. well did sean like his gift?

Amanda said...

Oh big time sad face. I hate when surprises are ruined. I get so bitter and nasty. I'm sure he loved it anyway!