Saturday, January 2, 2010

it's hard for a girl to pee in the woods.

so i got my hair cut the other day. just trimmed, but i couldn't decide what to do
about my bangs. i like them, but they are getting too long and not really very
 flattering for my face at this length. while i was pondering what to do, i played
with this beautiful puppy. i call all dogs puppies, so get over it :) this is Berkley.
 he is about 1 and a half, so i think he is still a puppy. even though he weighs more than me.
i get so excited every time that i get my hair done because i get to play with him.

i started taking some pictures of him and he posed like a champ.

but then he started barking at me and freaked the crap out of me
just as i was taking a picture. this is what turned out.

then he forgave me and decided to pose again. i am in love with him.

i decided against cutting the bangs shorter. i don't know what to do.
sean told me to grow them out, so my hairdresser/friend natalie
is teaching me to train my bangs so they will stay to the side.
sigh, i really am not sure what to do about them.

p.s. i am still recovering from my cold sore. sean won't even touch me
with a 10 foot pole. hahahaha. just kidding. sorta.

tonight at happy sumo everyone was getting all confused about whose drinks
were whose. we all laughed because we were confused, and one of the guys said,
"well, none of us have herpes right? so i think we are okay."

haha, like 4 people looked at me and i was like,
"well, i do, but it's not contagious, right?"

haha. suckers. i'm gonna pass this disease on.
if i have to suffer i think everyone should. i know, i am so nice. :)

so i got some new sorell boots for christmas. they are awesome.
well apparently sean loves them too. remember how we have the same size feet?
well the other day we were taking pictures of his body because he is starting up
at the gym and wants to do a before and after shot showing how sexy and hot he became.
i already think he is, but i just am going to go along with it.
i got him the gym pass and suffered severe emotional trauma from it,
so the least he could do is use it, right?

well after we took the pictures, and he was about to hop in the shower,
i look over and he is jumping around in my boots, doing a jig.
i got some pictures of him in the act, but he wouldn't let me post them.
so this is all you get. but trust me, it was hilarious.
the other night i was in the bathroom and he had to go pee so he threw
on my boots and ran outside.
he. peed. in. my. boots.

gross, or awesome? i think it is pretty awesome.
it takes a real man to wear his wife's same size foot boots.
then to go outside in the 10 degree cold and pee? yeah, pretty awesome.

why do boys have it so easy? one time i was stuck in the mountains
with a guy in his jeep. we were "diggin" or "muddin" or whatever boys call it.
pretty much just driving the jeep through tons of mud and snow
 and hills and trying to almost die but not quite.

well i had to pee really bad. and there was 5 feet of snow.
the guy just told me to go in front of the car and he would look the other way.
well as i pulled my pants down and awkwardly
 tried to pee without getting it all over myself,
by the way, why do guys have it so easy?!? they just say "oh just go by the tree."
k, it is not that easy. it is a process and must take some sort of skill
because i have never managed to be successful doing this. there i said it.

well as i was peeing in front of the headlights, and was
assured that no one would see me because we were on a one way trail,
another jeep comes pulling up over the hill in the opposite direction.
i had no warning. oops. they saw all my lady parts.
maybe this is why guys like to go "diggin" and "muddin"
guess it makes sense. actually no. no it doesn't.

anyway, one of my favorite things to do is catch sean
doing things that he normally wouldn't want me to see.
like the dancing around in my boots in his undies?
or wearing my shoes to go turn off the hose that he forgot about.
or cooking with a rag on his shoulder like he is a gourmet chef.
or refolding his clothes that i folded.

well that same night, after he showered,
i caught him combing my hair, in his
beloved lounge pants, with my round brush.
he didn't know i could see.

also, the other night when we got home,
he said,

"chloe? do you care if i get into my lounge pants right now?
do i wear them too much?"

"ha. i wear mine from the second i get home from work til
the second i leave for work. i think you will be okay.
thanks for asking for my permission though!"


♥ Katinka said...

OMG, Chloe!!!! The picture of Sean in his lounge pants and the round brush is hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing!!! :)

P.S. I like your bangs. you are so pretty :)

Selma said...

girl, this post cracked me up. first of all, i just had a conversation about guys and the peeing process. they don't get why we make such a big fuss about this, but it isn't easy to be a woman in the woods and having to pee. it's freakin' difficult. i'm no sissy but still...the muddin'/peeing story sorta happened to me, too. hello my twin!! ;) and girl, can u please tell me how to train the bangs, because mine are literally outta control and i can't stand them anymore. i don't know what to do either. :(
happy saturday. xoxo

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

Tooo funny...

I love your bangs, but they look cute pulled to the side as well..

You're gorgeous.

Michael & Mindy said...

Ha! I love that he loves his lounge pants so much. I laughed out loud at that picture of him combing his hair. Seriously. He cracks me up!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your comments? I love them. Seriously. They're not gay and all "cute post! sounds fun1". Ya know? Like the comments people leave just to comment? No. Yours are cool.

So I finally saw where you work. We were driving by and I noticed. Happy 25th anniversary, by the way.

Oh. And marathon? Not hardly. Try 3 miles. Michael is planning to run a marathon in April. He told me "You could be ready". I told him, "Uhh...I will be about 6 weeks post having a baby." And he was all, "Yeah. You can be ready." He has no clue. Maybe you could run it with him? Kidding. That would suck. I will never run a marathon. He is all motivated because he watched them run it on Biggest Loser. I told him, "Okay! I'll be there! the finish line. Cheering you on."

lydia. said...

it is really hard for girls to pee outside.
there's practically no way to do it!
we just weren't built that way.

i have this friend chris who has the same size feet and hands as me.
and i would always make him do that comparing hands size thing with me, palm to palm, because i thought it was so funny.
but, he probably didn't.
because i did it in front of all of our guy friends too.
i probably took away some of his manly pride.
sorry, chris.

crissy said...

You guys are so funny.
And peeing in the woods is hard. We went camping over the summer, we go up with a whole bunch of Cori's fam and they always bring pota-a-potty's. Well, we didn't find them until after our first night up there, so we were all on our own, without toilets, and I had to use the woods. That wasn't very fun. After our first night we moved our camp to where his family was.
Boys suck.

Ams said...

You're hair is gorgeous lovely lady! Well you are... so the hair just works ;)
You and Sean crack me up... I love all of your guys crazy shenanigans...
Happy New Year love! xo

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I think the bangs look great!!!! And yes....guys do have it pretty easy when they need to pee outdoors lol!

Elise Halladay said...

HA HA HA HA... the round brush is totally crackin me up right now. That is hysterical. I totally LOVE your hair. You look pretty with or without bangs so don't worry about it! Oh- I am changing up my wedding dress a little. . . longer sleeves and a tie up back. Not super different- but better :) love ya!

The Boob Nazi said...

Um, so this might be too much information. But I got sick when I went to Ukraine last year.... And we were out in the forest with no bathrooms around. It is even harder to cough cough poo in the forest. Especially when you are dying. And then poo for 2 weeks straight. That sucked.

my name is lauren. said...

peeing outside is the worst. when we got engaged craig's parent's paid for us to go to this engagement retreat in canada at this christian retreat center. anyway, we were on a hike and had been hiking up for an hour and 1/2 when i ended up having to pee super bad. obviously i wasn't going to make it back, so i went behind a tree and made craig look away, but then i ended up peeing all over and everything. i was super embarassed and had to walk in pee pants for an hour and a half back. ugh.

i like cathing craig doing silly things too. he stops immediately when i try to take pictures though because he knows i'll try to put it on the blog. he's pretty blog shy. i love that sean was brushing his hair. ha! why do boys with short hair do that? if i didn't have to brush my hair i wouldn't. well...i sort of never do anyway. since my hair is curly brushes are like my kryptonite. i probably brush it once a month though. is that weird?

it also makes me happy that sean loves his lounge pants so much. i pretty much live in my yoga pants. best thing ever. looks like sean's getting your money's worth out of those pants :). now you know what to get him next year!

happy day love!

Allison said...

This is hilarious. I TOTALLY agree with you on the girl peeing thing- it's not fair. And I call dogs puppies too! :D Haha, Sean is amazing. That is all. :D

Caroline said...

Oh my so funny!!! My husband thinks he is a gourmet chef too... he wears a towel over his shoulder and whips it around, twirls it and even says wahh La!!! Any who.. this post made me laugh and I wish I shared the same size shoes with my husband... I love his Converse!! Happy New Year!! xo

Anna said...

hahhaha i love this. you crack me up!! i love reading your cute stories! : )

oh & boys & mudding is so weird, i agree. my friend tried to do it once & it was absolutely lame... maybe that's because he was lame... oh who knows, all i know is peeing outside when you are a girl is close to impossible, so i def give you props girl!


The Huffakers said...

You guys are so cute. You make my day!

Randi Lee said...

Berkley is so cute!! I love his green eyes!

And it's not fair that we can't pee whenever and where ever we want! But, hey, boys can't use roll brushes whenever they want... so HA!

grant + brittany said...

loved this post. you look gorgeous with no bangs. and with bangs. your face is so flawless. sean asking you if he can wear his lounge pants is so cute. also i think i'm going to cook with a rag on my shoulder.

grant + brittany said...

i emailed you... :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Your hair looks great! I know it's hard to get used to a change though but I love it!!

Hilarious about him asking permission! HAHA good guy you got there! :)


Michael & Mindy said...

Ummm...NO! So NOT ready to go back to school. Blah. It will be good. I love it, but I will miss spending all day every day in my PJs with Michael, ya know? But I'll survive.

Thanks for your comment. I don't care if you're not a mom, I still wanted your input. And I loved it. Glad you feel the same. It's just crazy to imagine not only being with each other but having someone else around, ya know? And then to think about the 2nd baby...I know we'll care as much, but in a different way? Anyway, now I'm rambling.

Uh..did you just think you'd ignore my last comment about the oreo balls? Because I really want some. If you don't want to make them for me? Fine. But I need the recipe. PS, have you ever been to Iggy's and ordered chicken balls? They are awesome. But seriously? Chicken balls? IS that like rocky mountain oysters? Or what?

Mollie McCormick said...

that dog looks alot like my pup! soo cute!

Sam Made said...


One (sort of one) word for you:


It'll change your life. In a hilarious way.

I have the website tucked away in my bookmarks folder labeled 'gifts for lady friends'.

Sam said...

i live in my yoga pants. so i completely understand his love for his lounge pants! my mom even commented today on my pants because apparently there is a teeny hole located directly on my left butt cheek of my pants. she pointed it out to me to which i replied 'oh no! these are my favorite!" and she responded "i know..." in the ... tone. What does that mean?? That I need to change once in a while? Well, I refuse. I'm comfy.