Monday, January 4, 2010

"you know why!"

i had a few people ask me for the beloved oreo ball's recipe! so here it is! i used melted milk chocolate chips as the drizzle on top. i don't care much for dark or semi-sweet. also, i didn't refrigerate them before hand like it suggests. i never believe in that crap even though i probably should. i am too impatient though! anyway, i thought they turned out fine, and ate way too many but it was totally worth it. i have seen recipes for it made with red velvet cake too. delicious as well!

also, when i tried to "drizzle" chocolate on top it just plopped on top of it can you tell? like that one up front? i tried to just spread the chocolate around but it didn't work out too well. actually it worked out just as it should, it looks messed up. i don't know why i thought that would make it look better. i almost tried washing it off but that seemed a little to extreme so i gave up. i was so frustrated and still kept doing it on 5 more thinking that magically it would work with out me changing up the technique. anyway, that is why some of the balls are "special", just so you know. haha. special balls.

i was so confused at first as to what almond bark was. i don't care for almonds but then when i went to the store and saw that it is pretty much just bricks of chocolate and way easier to used then a bag of chocolate chips or hershey bars, i went for it. very easy!

so lately i have been having a lot of fun messing around with blog layouts. i am not pro or anything, by any means. but i have forced myself how to figure out HTML which i am surprised that i even bothered messing around with. it has been kinda fun though and i figured out how to make a favicon, that is the little heart thing up in the URL instead of the blogger symbol. i asked my smart co-worker what that thing was even called and when he first told me i thought he said "flavicon" which i thought was so much flava flave or something. i was sort of disappointed to find out it was not really called that. i even made one for my sisters photography website :) it was fun. if anyone is ever having layout issues, or wants to move something around on their blog but don't want to mess anything up, i would be happy to help! free of charge of course! keep in mind i only know a little so don't expect much! anyway, my email is

anyway, things have been so crazy busy lately. as much as i love the holidays and all of the breaks, i am kind of looking forward to getting back on a normal schedule/routine. i guess i never really have a consistent one anyway. last night i went to bed at 4 a.m. 4 a.m? what is wrong with me? sean went to bed at 11.

i am learning that we only spend like 3 hours in our actual bed together. last night it was actually less because he got a phone call at 4 in the morning and had to leave to go help out a friend. so we spent like no time in the bed together. because when he got back he went and tried to sleep on the couch but couldn't.

i think when we got married i thought we would learn to compromise on things like this. perhaps i would go to bed earlier, and he would sleep in a little or something. well no, that hasn't happened. we are both not willing to budge. sean was up since 4 am and i fell asleep around 5 am and woke up at 12:30. he never went back to bed. even though he wanted to. he said he didn't want to not be able to sleep that night.

i don't think like that? i am like this.. "i am tired. i am taking a nap."

sean is like, "i am tired but will not be able to get a good night's rest if i take a nap. so i will do laundry instead."

sean says, "oh man, i only have 4 pairs of clean underwear left. guess i better do some laundry."

i am like, "LUCKY. don't rub it in. guess i should run to the store and get some more."

sean is like, "i am gaining weight. i need to go to the gym every other day. even at 6 am on a saturday morning."

i am like, "that is freaking against my religion and i will not do that. that is a disgrace to the sleep gods."

sean complains about being sore from the gym.

i laugh and say, "that is why i don't work out. because then your body is sore, and you have to keep up with it, and when you don't? it gets sore all over again when you start back up. i don't think my body would appreciate me treating it that way. why would it want to be in pain? my body likes to be comfortable on the couch. i think it makes me healthier. inactivity. it's better on the joints and bones."

sean is like, "we should plan dinner out for the week."

i am like, "great, i will call chili's and see if they deliver."

sean wants to put the christmas tree away.

i feel like that is kind of insensitive to the spirt of christmas. if crazy christmas lady can keep her stuff up til april, i think we can keep it up a little longer. besides, i don't want to put it up yet because there is a marathon on tv right now and i really don't want to miss it kill the christmas spirit just yet.

when sean has about a week or 2 before he is going to run out of a prescription, he gets it ordered and filled ahead of time.

i usually miss 3 or 4 days of whatever medication i am on because i run out and "don't have time to get to the store because i can't miss the biggest loser  am way too busy. being all productive and stuff."

guess if we end up prego it's my fault. but at the same time, it's not really, right? why can't guys use the ring or take birth control. WTH (who the hell... i think i just made up my own OMG slang) came up with that? probably a dude. i wanna smack him in his baby maker and show him what's up.

have you ever seen "What Happens in Vegas"? with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz? my favorite part is the end when her friend and his friend go to the ex's house and she punches him in the privates and he says, "WHY?" and she says, "YOU KNOW WHY." that is what i would like to do. to the MAN that invented birth control for women to take.

here is the clip. i love it so much.

anyway, i mentioned before that sean got up in the middle of the night to go help a friend. i started to feel guilty because i have turned my phone on silent at night ever since that incident with my cousin missing. remember that? what if someone really needed me? i act like i am a store or something that is only available from 8 am to midnight. well anyway, sean got up with no hesitation and went to help his buddy out. he drove up the canyon to help get his truck un-stuck. i wish i was more like him. that is why i have decided to help out anyone that needs yummy treat recipes, cool TV show suggestions, or help with their blog layouts :) it is my contribution to feel less bad about myself since i am married to freaking Gahndi.

p.s. i am sorry my posts are so long. i know i need to cut them down, because let's face it, who really has time to read the whole thing? sigh. i just feel incomplete if i don't say everything that i am trying to say. even if it makes no sense to anyone else. that is just the kind of person i am. remember this post? yeah, it is like that.


The Boob Nazi said...

I read the whole thing! :)
And I can't believe Sean has the willpower to go to sleep early when you stay up late! I'd totally stay up late with my husband if he stayed up late. GO SEAN. He is stronger than I'll ever be.

Selma said...

:) No matter how long your posts are I love them!!! :) And yup, that's my favorite part in that movie!!! :)
I'm trying to get to understand codes and stuff too and it's been hard. Haven't really played around it yet, and if I do have a crisis I'll email ya! ;) Happy Monday.

♥ Katinka said...

I read the whole thing too and I can't believe Sean is going to the gym at like 6 am in the morning on a saturday.

lydia. said...

i always read all of it!
i love the way you write things out.
you're so clever and funny.

Jennifer said...

oh girl! i made those oreo balls! but I fancy them up and call the oreo "truffles" lol, because I got them from the bakerella website and that's what she calls them :) They are so good though, I could sit and eat all of them but my hips can't afford it.

Rasha (andthisiswhatshesaid) said...

I read all your post.. entire thing :)

Thats funny about underwear and working out...we have that same problem

I love the icon, I tried to figure it out and had tooo much trouble. haha

I love what happeens in vegas, and that seriously, is a funny part....

I am Stacey... said...

I like that all your posts are long! It gives me more opportunities to laugh :)

I'd kind of like to punch the guy who invented birth control in the balls, too. In fact, sometimes I just want to punch all guys in the balls. Except maybe Josh.

Allie Garcia said...

you are such a good rambler. i have a long post conscience too. its annoying. but i like reading all of yours, and you should just ramble on and on because you keep it super interesting and im always like "aww man its over?"

Michele said...

You crack me up! I love making cake balls they are so yummy, easy and impressive:) You go girl!

kayla & tyler said...

Hey, I've made that recipe before, it is DELICIOUS!!! tyler loves them too. and I LOVE THAT MOVIE, especially that part. Me and tyler always quote that... YOU KNOW WHY!! so great.

my name is lauren. said...

ummmm....i kind of love you. a lot. you are the cutest. i think it's ok that you and sean are opposites...that's why you guys work. if you both were on top of everything then you would have a boring relationship filled with too much cleaning and organization. craig and i are kinda like that. except i'm the organized one and he's the more laid back one. but it's good for me.

oh...and you know i always read the entire post. wouldn't want to miss out on any of the juicy details of your daily adventures.

also...i LOVE what happens in vegas. i totally agree that birth control sucks. hard core. i can't wait to go off it when we start trying for babies...or well...not TRY for babies. i never want to be that crazy couple that follows and ovulation calendar and all that business... not that there's anything wrong with that but i think it would just stress me out. i meant when we stop trying to NOT have babies. sorry for the long explanation, but i didn't want you to have this idea that i'm going to be a crazy temperature taking, schedule sex on the calendar kind of girl one day.

and as for becoming the ghandi of blogging...i would like to request a blog makeover from you. i want to have a cute little "flavicon" and a cooler header and a 3-column blog. maybe we should chat sometime and you can teach me. i can be like your jedi or something. i've actually never seen star wars, but you know what i mean. and then maybe i can teach you my workout skills (as lame as they are). we should google chat one day, or skype or whatever. let's plan a skype date one of these days.

ok...this is a forever long comment, but i just had so much to say! love you chlo and i hope you have a great monday!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

We took our tree down yesterday and it was SO sad! I wanted to keep it up much much longer!

I know what you mean about staying up late and going to bed in the wee hours of the morning. I didn't go to sleep last night till at least 2am!

Amanda said...

The cake balls look amazing! I made some once and they turned out terrible :(

You and your husband sound like my relationship! He is get up and go and I'm all, "I'd rather sit on procrastinating. IT's been 3 years almost and we still haven't figured it out!

samnhal said...

I don't think you need to cut them down, I totally read the whole thing, and love every minute of it. I am jealous of your flavicon. Is that what it's called? I'm too lazy to go back and check. perhaps I will see if I can figure it out and if not you may get an e-mail from me. Don't feel guilty about turning your phone on silent, my philosophy, if someone really needed to get a hold of you and couldn't on your phone, they would call Sean who would get up and answer it. good idea, no?
I agree with you, sleep wins over gym about 99.9% of the time, as it rightly should.

Ams said...

I read it start to finish so worry not ;)
S totally has to be the one to motivate me to do ANYTHING... I am you. In fact, ummmmm it's lunch and I just got out of bed! Nothing wrong with that!!

JuliaKoponick said...

I am impressed with anyone who can do cool stuff with their blog layouts. I admit, I haven't spent much time even thinking about mine. What do you think makes the most difference in making a layout "cool?"

crissy said...

No need to shrink your post size. I've got plenty of time to read. ;)

Not to be gross or give tmi, but I never really used birth control. Which probably makes you think "oh, that's why she's already on her third! But it's not. I planned all 3. I want lots of kids, and I wanted to get started right away. I think (at least for me) you are more aware of when you are "safe" if you're not taking anything, than thinking you're in the clear because you use something regularly. Plus, if you don't use, then you're not putting a whole bunch of extra hormones into your body. At the same time, to each their own.

I used to stay up ridiculously late all the time, Cori and I would end up only being in bed for 2 hours before he got up for work. But I've gotten better at going to bed earlier, and he likes to sleep in with me on the weekends (as long as the kids let us.) I'm pretty sure he'd go out at 4am if he was needed, though. But he'd come back to bed after. Cori is no Ghandi...but he's a pretty good guy.

Anyway...I guess I'll finish my post-long comment now. ;)

Michael & Mindy said...

I have already told you that I always read all of your posts. All the words in each post I mean. Or whatever. And I am pretty important, so...

Thanks for posting the recipe! I am so making them. I would make them tonight but I already went to the store today and twice is just out of the question.

I like how I'm stopping typing to text you. Cool.

I forgot to say this, but that dinner Sean made on New Year's Eve? What? Who is this guy! I don't even know what pork tenderloin is! Flip. He is making us girls look bad.

I am serious about watching The Bachelor. My sister? She has all these friends and is always going to American Idol parties and Bachelor parties and whatever else, and I want to be as cool as her. So call me.

crissy said...

People tell me all the time that my kids make them baby hungry. Is it weird that I love that? (I think no.)

I completely understand how you can feel more in control without birth control. It makes you more aware of yourslef, which is good :)

Also, I love your "flavicon." I've wanted one for a while, except I don't know how I'd make mine look. Plus I don't really know how to do it, and wikipedia didn't explain it. (And that's as much research on it that I'll do!)

Jocelyn said...

MMMM oreo truffles are some of my favorite treats!!!

Michael & Mindy said...

PS, I want help with my blog! Mine is blah and needs an update. Can't you just do it all for me? Not just help me..but just do it. Serious. It needs help.

Michael & Mindy said...

Oh yeah. Sorry about the 900 comments, but I can't believe you stayed up until 4. You are crazy! I thought you were a sleep lover? I go to bed at 10:30. I seriously have a bedtime. If not? I'm a total beast. Okay. I'm kind of a beast anyway, but it's worse if I don't go to bed on time. And if it's like 11 and I'm not in bed I freak out. Serious.

Allison said...

Ooh, DELICIOUS! Can you just send me a box instead? :D Haha, that video made me wince.

Caroline said...

Those treats look..... AMAZING!!!! I too, would gobble up all of them. I might take you up on the html help... very inspiring that you learned on your own... my smarty pants husband works with html, all the time and I know I could ask him... BUT it would be so nice to be like... um I don't need your help... I learned on my own... little would he know that you helped me. Love this darling blog... it brightens my day!!! xo

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I always take the time to read your posts because they always make me laugh (in a good way, of course). You and Sean may be different, but opposites attract. Duh.

And I love that scene in What Happens in Vegas. A LOT.

We ♥ Life said...

I love all the comparisons with you and Sean. Seriously so funny ha. He is such a sweet husband. And you are such a cute wife with him too :) And those oreo balls! Yum yum, I'm excited to try them out.

Haddock said...

It looks messy and yummy

olivia rae said...

hahahh! i definitely read the whole thing as i always do and loved every minute. your idea of a nice dinner out is amazing!!!! hahaha. xoxo

Sam said...

sooo.. my blogger homepage must not think you exist. because it doesn't tell me when you post things anymore. sigh. your hubby is like god. geez. i also ignore phone calls in the middle of the night... or during the day for that matter. like today, i was watching biggest loser and my friend called, but they were about to show someone's current weight, so that was clearly more important at the time. and i haven't called her back yet. crap.

JMay said...

The Swede gets up that early to go to the gym too, blah. I think I would die!

I would actually love to do that so I have my evenings to write but it's so hard!

I enjoyed reading ALL of your post, always so interesting and lovely :-)


Emily Anne said...

I love truffles. Send some to WI. :)

Suzanne said...

ooh i made that exact recipe for oreo balls last year for my office's baking exchange... even though they're no bake... and i called them "reindeer droppings" instead :) i've never tried making red velvet cake balls but i want to really soon!

Rachel Leigh said...

That is my favorite part (and when she says it the first time) of the whole movie! I love that movie!