Wednesday, October 7, 2009

one uppers

so yesterday morning, as i was lying in bed, still in my sleep coma, Sean was up and getting ready for the day. i wasn't feeling too well, but that had nothing to do with why i still wanted to be in bed.

Sean was in the bathroom, with the door wide open. i have the perfect view from where i lay in bed to the bathroom. i think he was primping his hair, or something feminine like that, when suddenly i hear this flicking noise. i couldn't figure out what it was. to my dismay, i discovered that he was flossing his teeth. yes. flossing. his. teeth.

way to one up me Sean. in the whole time i have known him, i have never seen him floss, or even talk about flossing, or even act like he really cared about flossing. i have flossed a few times. certainly not as much as a i should, but it was more than him. i felt like it was the one thing i had on him, ya know?

he does all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, assertiveness type responisble stuff, and i floss about once every two months. i had that on him. it was my thing. so he flossed yesterday? big deal. i tried to block it out. not make a big deal out of it. i was hoping this would just be a one time occurrence.

boy was i wrong. today he flossed with the door shut. that little sneak! i didn't know that he had. but he left for work, and left the evidence in the toilet. what? he thinks he can fool me? who does he think he is dealing with? you wanna go Sean? you wanna go?

i don't even wanna floss anymore. it's lost his luster. not that it really had luster before, but you know what i mean? you win Sean. you can be the better flosser in the house. i don't even care anymore. i hope you and your minty waxy peice of string have a good life together.


Maddie said...

lol, oh boy. if you can't enjoy the little things in life, what's left, right??

Michele said...

Maybe if you buy that gross bacon floss and hide all the minty fresh floss he will stop! Then again he is a guy maybe not! I guess you will have find a new thing to one up him on:)

Dash said...


Michelle said...

i really hope "you wanna go?" becomes a new thing with you. I laugh dang hard every time you write it. For the record, i bet you could have totally taken that softball girl.

Michael & Mindy said...

That bacon makes me want to barf. Gross. I can't believe he's trying to one-up you. Tell him to stop raining on your parade. You can even tell him I said that.

grant + brittany said...

this post made me feel like mine was REALLY serious. so i read the last two posts out loud to grant (since you always tie in things from previous posts... which is totally creative and hilarious) and he was laughing so hard and was like "why aren't they over here hanging out with us?". so why aren't you? ha no really though, i can't believe he started flossing. i feel like the only thing i am better than grant at is typing faster than him. so if he got better than me i would be devasted.

Kinz said...

"he does all the laundry, cooking, cleaning, assertiveness type responisble stuff"


Chris does most of the cooking and I loooooove it! I'm so glad it's not 1892 anymore because I've discovered that I have little to no talent at being very domestic.

Rachel Leigh said...

I love that our husbands are the same... maybe it is just our age group... we didn't learn how to be "domestical" so our husbands are for us. LOL. Love your posts and you still need to come see the puppies.. they are big enough and cute enough to play now. :)