Friday, March 5, 2010

one year.

sean and i were married on Friday, March 13th 2009.
normally, we would be celebrating our one year anniversary,
on March 13th 2010. normally.

Sean and I went to the Zermatt Resort for the first
night of our honeymoon. then we went to Vegas for the rest.
normally, we would go back to Vegas for our anniversary. normally.

but this year?

sean decided to go with out me..

for the march basketball tournaments.
it's fine. really it is. apparently when we got engaged,
he warned me that this was going to be an issue.
he didn't warn me that it would be an
issue, every year. for the rest of our lives.
or maybe he did?
but i probably wasn't listening or something.

a few months ago...he asked me if he could go.
to vegas. on our anniversary.
i laughed it off and said,
"Yeah. sure. you go ahead and do that."
really not thinking that he would.
so he went right ahead and booked the trip.

it's my own fault really.
i thought he would know better.
when i found out he booked it.
i asked if i could come along.

he said, "chloe, you will probably just be all alone sitting
in the hotel room. all by yourself. all you really could
do is sleep and shop by yourself."

um. that sounds like the best vacation in the world to me..

but needless to say i will not be going.
and i guess the normal thing would be to
celebrate your anniversary..on your anniversary.
but we have never really been that normal.
so it is fine with me.

 we are celebrating this weekend up at sundance.
and i am so very excited to just get away with sean.
we have no plans really. there is no cable or internet at
the a- frame cabin we are staying at.

it is snowing like crazy.
sean and i went up to this cabin before we got
engaged. we spent the night there..
don't worry..there were other people.

but it was one of the nights that i think i fell
in love with him. i can't say that there was one
specific moment, like sean can.

he fell in love with me on October 31st 2008.
we were at a halloween party. he looked over at me..
he says the whole room went quiet. just like in the movies.
yes. he really said that. cheesy eh?

but it's sean, so i let it go..
but anyway..he said that was the moment he knew
 he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

but i think i fell in love with him at this cabin.
we talked all night and it was awesome.

then one day we just decided to get married.
it was really weird because when we first started dating..
we were like.. "i'm not getting married for at least a year or two.."
then one day sean said to me,

"where do you see yourself in a year?"

and i said, " i dunno.. i used to be able to answer that.
doing the same thing i am doing right now.
living at home.. maybe going to school.
but now i don't know."

sean said, "yeah same. do you see it with me?"

i was like, "yeah.. i could probably see that."

sean was all, "sweet. me too."

that was it.

it was like in the movie stepbrothers.
when one says to the other.

"did we just become best friends?"


and then we went and practiced karate in the garage.
no, we didn't really. but i wish we would have.

then we went ring shopping the next day.
it wasn't planned either. we just walked into the mall..
and we were going to look for other things..
but we just stopped there first.
we didn't even have to say anything.

that is the crazy thing about our relationship.
we were never really like,

"hey. do you love me?
"hey, should we get married?"
"should we go ring shopping?"

it all just happened..

we didn't date for long.
we never thought we would be the couple
that got married that soon. but to be honest?
we never really even questioned it.

i look back now and think..
wow.. have we really been married for a year?
did we even date?
do i even know you?
you sure it's been a year? all just happened.
it made sense.
it still make sense.
neither of us have ever really thought about it.
it almost seems like a dream to me.

but i have some pretty crazy dreams..
and to be honest?
this is the only one that ever made sense.

i love you sean!
happy "one week before our real anniversary" anniversary!

i lost all the pics from my honeymoon and wedding posts..
(in the blogging disaster of 2010)
so i only added a few on..

maybe someday i will add more!

anyway.. we will be gone all weekend...
with no internet..or cable.
and it is snowing like crazy!
i am so excited!

hope you all have a fun weekend!!

{i am partly writing this now because i am pretty lazy and trying to
be more productive at life but also  because i plan on having A LOT
of fun while sean is gone..
and probably won't have time to be getting around to
it sean, since i won't be missing you at all...
and i will be doing lots of really awesome, fun, cool stuff
that you are going to be so jealous of. just so you know.


Lauren Elizabeth said...

so sweet! i hope you both have a wonderful time together this weekend!

Kassi said...

happy anniversary chloe - your story is so sweet... i hope you have the best time this weekend!

steph anne said...

Happy Anniversary!! :) Have a wonderful time with each other this weekend. I love stories like this. Are you thinking about having children anytime soon?

xoxoKrysten said...

I think it's really sweet that you guys never really had a discussion about marriage or rings, that it just kind of happened.

Happy ALMOST anniversary! Have fun this weekend!

Rasha said...

So cute. Happy Anniversary, and I hope you enjoy the time!

kayla & tyler said...

How fun!!! I hope you guys have a great time this weekend! happy anniversary (almost).

crissy said...

Happy week before your
Hope you guys have lots of fun this weekend!
And, if you need something to do while Sean is gone...we could meet up for lunch or something? Sean would definitely be jealous of that ;)

Caroline said...

Happy soon to be Anniversary!! I loved this post... you two are by far the cutest couple.... enjoy your weekend at the cabin! Much love! xo

♥ Katinka said...

So so cute!!! happy anniversary!
Guess what, I'm getting married next friday which is march 12th. How awesome is that? lol

anyway, have an awesome weekend :)

Morgan said...

I love this post! Such great photos! Happy Anniversary!

Selma said...

awwww this is the cutest post ever. love it. and girl, have fun this weekend. even though it's snowing like crazy. enjoy it. i'm so thrilled for ya. happy early anniversary... :) xoxo

Margarita said...

Sometimes it's more fun to celebrate things on different days. I know my bf works like crazy too and sometimes he can't take certain days off but will take other days off. It's a compromise, but what I would do is make the whole month of March a celebration. Ha. He owes you that much ;)

Michael & Mindy said...

Oh my heck. I think this might be my favorite post ever of yours. Not kidding. So freaking cute. I still love love that picture of you guys on Halloween. You just look so in love and happy. Even though I can't see your faces. But I totally can tell. And it's like the perfect kissign picture. Some kissing pictures are totally gay. But I love that one. And I love the one of you guys walking holding hands with you in a skirt. Was it your wedding luncheon or after your reception or something? So cute. I love it. It's like the happiest picture. All the pictures are great, but those 2 are my fave. Sorry Sean's ditching you. What a punk. But how fun to go to Sundance for the weekend! You will have a blast I'm sure. Can't wait to hear all about it :)

Shane and Chelsea Elton said...

Aw, Happy Anniversary! I got to stay at Zermatt last summer when I was pregnant, it was so fun! But the cabin sounds like it's going to be ideal, especially with the weather! Hope you guys have a blast, you're really too cute.

Machelle said...

I saw sean today at ernies. he ate half my sandwich. he told me about you guys going to ty's cabin. it made me think... I really want the four of us to hang out again. I hope you have a BLAST up there. I'm guilty of falling in love with Ty up at that cabin. something about those guys looking all "mountain-man" like putting logs in the fire and turning on the water underneath the cabin. I'm sure you'll still have fun on your Anniverary ;) love you chloe. thanks for takin care of Ty while we've been "on the rocks" or whatever it is haha.

The Boob Nazi said...

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend (and lots of sex)! hahahahaha sigh.

Jes said...

Happy Anniversary! I love reading your blog, there are so many similarities between y'alls relationship and ours it is crazy. I hope you have a wonderful weekend away!

I'm Stacey... said...

What a sweet story! You two are the cutest couple :)

The Little Princess Bowtique said...

Love you both! Have the best weekend ever!

olivia rae said...

that sounds like the most amazing weekend ever!!! and you two are soo sweet and perfect.

sarah said...

your engagement story is so adorable and sweet! i think it really says something about you two that neither of you really had to say a word... you just knew. happy (early) anniversary chloe and sean!!

nick and camie said...

happy anniversary! This is some crazy dejavu I'm having right now... I remember last March when you two got married! I can't believe its been a year already!! Crazy! You guys are perfect together!

Lissa Clair said...

i love that y'all decided to get married like it was no big deal. i think it's sweet! but maybe that's cause we did the same thing... :)

Kim said...

That was the cutest, sweetest, most precious post I've ever read. I loved it! Thanks for sharing your story with us!

Amy said...

Happy Pre-Anniversary! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned!!

P.S. thanks for letting me know my blog comment thing wasn't working! I fixed it! ....I think!

Ashley Eliza said...

haPPY early anniversary :)
hope you have a fabo time at sundanace


Nahl said...

omG chloe! This is the sweetest thing I've heard in ages. I can't believe you guys already knew the answers, before even feeling the need to ask questions. aww...happy anniversary to you two! Especially the cabin part..and the part where he says the room fell quiet...*sigh* I wish I find my love story someday.
Anyway, happy happy anniversary (to come)! I love that you're independent enough to not make it a big deal of him going away on your anniversary. That's my girl.

Harini said...

So Sweet! Happy anniversary :).

Anonymous said...

That's a great date for an anniversary - I'm photographing my first wedding on the 13th for friends of mine - I'm so excited! Happy Anniversary to you, too!

grant + brittany said...

well i feel so dumb i didn't come here sooner... i hope you guys are having so much fun relaxing together. you deserve it. we love you guys.... congrats on one year!

Karina said...


heather said...

happy anniversary! i hope you enjoy your weekend getaway! :)

Chloé said...
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my name is lauren. said...


i meant to send you a text on friday to say happy pre-anniversary. so.... happy pre-anniversary.

i love that you and sean just "knew" you were the ones for each other and didn't have to overthink it or overanalyze it. and i love the step brothers reference. but you probably already knew i would. i really wish you would've practiced karate in the garage. you still could you know.....there's still time. maybe to a video blog about it :).

i hope you guys have so much fun being secluded in the woods. i hope lots of boot knocking and general shenanigans commence :). oh....and speaking of boot knocking....totally had to explain what that was to my father-in-law today. awkward. don't even ask how it came up....that too is an awkward story.

anyway, i love you friend and i hope you had a great weekend together! can't wait to see photos and hear more about it!

{The Huffakers} said...

Happy Anniversary girl!! I swear everything you said about getting married just feeling right even though you didn't date long is exactly how I felt/feel (whatever). I'm sorry you have to spend your actual anniversary alone but at least you're getting away. :)

samnhal said...

It's kind of funny how life just happens like that. I never thought I would be one to meet someone and be engaged like 5 months later. Psh, people who did that were weirdos. Ir just happens when you meet someone and everything falls into place. Happy Anniversary to you guys, We were married literally almost 6 months apart. You got married 1 week and 1 day before our 6th month anniversary. Good Work. Hope you had a great time at the cabin!

S and O said...

ooooh you two are really cute together...seriously if there were an uber-cute-couple-award you guys would have snagged it by now ^_^
I just love all your cute photos!!! :D

Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy anniversary...(you know how the rest of the song goes)!!!


Sam said...

i love your love story. thats so neat that it all just happened.. sigh.

and i'd be happy if you posted a wedding pic in every post. haha. i never got to see the ones from older posts and these are amazing! you are gorgeous!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love that you and Sean do things just for you...and you make me believe in love-I think I always say that, but it's true.

Michelle said...

This is so sweet! Thanks for sharing, I looove hearing your stories!

PS. I'm sorry someone has been hounding you and being mean.... You are so cool and wonderful I can't believe anyone could say anything bad!

PS.PS. I saw this and thought of you! It's an elephant necklace!

the hopkins said...

WOW, really it's already been a year?!?! That flew by. Seriously. Happy one year!! You guys are so cute and I loved this story. I love how you just knew. That's actually kind of how Preston and I were too.
And I've always LOOOVED your wedding pictures, you already know this, but I just loved your dress and hair and everything. And that book with the bird cages is so cute!