Wednesday, March 3, 2010

sean the photographer.

when you are taking pictures with friends, or significant others, do you ever say or hear the words, "k, let's be cute in this one." or "let's do a sexy one." or how do you maybe say this after looking at the picture, "ughh. i look so ugly. let's take another one." or "why can't you just smile?" 

this whole picture taking thing is going to be the fall of our marriage. it's like the one thing that we just can't sync..we can't be on the same page about it. it's always him being goofy or me smiling. or the other way around. i have a million pictures of sean. not that i LOVE pictures of myself..but it would be nice for my kids to know that i existed back in the day. and not all the pictures of me were taken by myself. this is what happens when sean takes pictures of me and/or us.

oh, not even in this one.

oh, there i am. a little better..

well, at least he got my eyes..


he told me to just combine those last 2 pictures to make it into one.

so then i started thinking. can you imagine a big group of guys being all, 
"hey guys, let's be serious in this one."
"k, now do a sexy pose."
"k, let's just do a cute one."
"blah, i look bad in that one. let's take it again."

no. i guess they don't think like that. so i gave up.
and we took the kinds of pictures that sean wanted to take.

and i am not proud of this picture.
sean said he could see us looking like this in 5 years..
 maybe we will be on the biggest loser someday after all..
with that outlook...sean.

who does this? and then puts it on their blog?

i guess we do...

i guess if it's the one thing we can't seem to be on the same page about..
then that is okay. could be worse right? 

why can't we all just have photographers who follow us around everywhere
we go and snap candid photos of us looking totally natural and happy like we don't 
even notice that they are there? (except we really do know because we hired them)
 and then they mail us the pictures after editing them all 
awesome and not charge us a dime? that would be pretty sweet. 

on a different note, tonight sean said to me while watching american idol,
"chloe, no one boos Ellen. no one talks back to her. not on my watch.
if i were a girl, i would totally go lesbian for Ellen."
instead of being concerned, i am incredibly proud. i have taught him well.

except, wait. what do you mean on your watch sean? are you her bodyguard now?

on a totally unrelated but actually very related note to this blog post...
i have proposed an idea to sean.
we see so many people post such adorable, cute pictures of themselves on their blogs.
i mean we all do it. why would we post anything that didn't look good.
*this post doesn't count k?*
the cute pics are great and all. 
but why are we afraid to post the ugly?
 i think we all need to get over that fear. i think we should have 
"the ugliest face i could possibly make" picture contest.
do you think anyone would participate?

me and my sister and my cousins used to do this. 
we would spend HOURS just laughing and almost crying
over some of the hideous faces that we caught on camera.
of course we never showed anyone. 
but we should have.

laughing is good for the soul, right?


Caroline said...

This made me laugh laugh and laugh!! I would enter that contest... I have this face I make that looks like a dinosaur... it is pretty darn ugly but so much fun to do!!! WIshing you a lovely week!! XO

The Boob Nazi said...

I regret to inform you that I cannot participate. I can't. I'm too ugly with ugly faces.

{megs in wonderland} said...

i am SO good at ugly faces girl, you dont even know!!!! lets do it.

Mary said...

you are my favorite because you take pictures like this and post them on your blog. i definitely know about the whole, lets do this face, ew redo that one, etc. phrases that accompany picture taking. i love sitting with my roommate and making all kinds of weird faces and taking pictures of them.

Allie Garcia said...

we have ugly face contests all the time!!!!!! so fun!!! my husbands band played a private middle school show and we got a bajillion middle school girls to do ugly faces. so amazing.

konnie said...

Chloe, doesn't maddie follow you around taking pictures??? And your blog is so true. I say that all the time, ewww, that's ugly take another. but we always try to take at least one good one and several 'funny ones'.

Caitlin said...

Forgot the link oops!

Caitlin said...

These faces make me laugh all the day long! I love taking goofy pictures. Many o' time have I stopped my sorrows for a goofy picture break. Cheers me up every time!

Kjrsten said...

I love the idea. I'm in. Have you ever shaken your head back and forth really fast and taken a photo somewhere during the shake? It's hours of fun! Also, making a horse sound with your lips while taking a photo, at least another hour and half of fun.

P.S. you couldnt have an ugly face if you tried. you are too gorgeous!

Allison said...

I LOVE THIS! And I totally spend hours making funny faces.. so sad. :D I love Ellen, seriously.

kaysi fox said...

this post made me laugh!! i love that me and my husband are not the only ones! eventually nick just gives up and we end up with crappy pictures and just use the good ones of him! oh marriage! ;) haha.

crissy said...

Laughing is good for the soul...but I don't think I'm brave enough to throw some unflattering picture of myself out there. I guess I'm just too self-conscious... I should probably get over it, but that's a lot of work, and I'm lazy. ;)
I'm glad that you're unashamed to be weird and have fun, and then share it with all of us here on the internet. I admire you. ♥

steph anne said...

I CAN RELATE TO THIS! My husband and I were high school sweethearts and we used (and still do) to do this all the time. It's fun to look back at all the pictures, I should post some of them on my blog. I definitely feel you on the part about not being on the same page. Sometimes it's annoying when we take a picture and I REALLY like how I look in it but my husband looks stupid in it. Argh! lol

Selma said...

my thursday is saved, by you girl. :) i think girls do this "let's be sexy, funny, scary, goofy, serious" face action...guys just are, well, guys. ;) wait i have japanese guy friends and they can do this actually. i think they invented that. LOL na, fun pictures...but also the serious, nice and cute kinds. ;) :)
and yes, laughing is good for the soul. we should all do this more often. this kinda got me thinking i should take a weird looking picture of me, right this second. maybe. ;)

have a good one love.


jackiek said...

loved this post! i would enter in a heartbeat :)

t. said...

very funny! i get on my husband all the time to take more candid shots of me so that every picture of me is not the same: me smiling and a just different backdrop. so what does he do? take ugly photos of me. eating. or talking. ugh.

we used to do ugly face contests and take photos. i've posted them online for a bit. albeit briefly. they were hilarious! and scary.

olivia rae said...

my friends and i used to do that too!!! i have hundreds, maybe thousands, of pictures of us looking completely hideous and terrifying!!

"not on my watch" made me laugh out loud for like five minutes. hilarious.

sarah said...

god i love your hilarious married life posts. so adorable! M and i are the same way... i have a zillion pics of him but i am always deleting ones of me because i look weird or my hair is going crazy or whatever. i do have to say, though, i have a couple male friends who are ALWAYS taking pictures... but they are very full of themselves sooo i think we're lucky our guys don't. :)

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh my gosh I am laughing so hard right now! You guys are amazing!

wishful nals said...

so cute!! xo!

Michele said...

Way to show ALL your many "sides". You guys are great!

Nahl said...

THIS is soooo cuteeeee!
You two are so much fun together.

Elizabeth Marie said...

HAHAHAHA you guys are sooo cute! Your tweet had me rolling the other night-WE ARE THE BIGGEST LOSERS.

I'd take a fugly picture for you! :)

samnhal said...

Holy cow, lets do this contest thing. Or maybe we could have a blog day where everyone posts ugly pictures of themselves. Pretty sure my friends and I are always taking ridiculously crazy pictures where we make the weirdest faces and so I definitely have some to post. I think Sean and I have the same horrible picture taking gene. People are always cut out of the picture and other weird stuff, so I know where he's coming from.

Ams said...

You two ALWAYS make me laugh... and you two will work forever and ever because you laugh together :) And take hilarious pictures together too!! hahaha... love it :)

anna said...

please have this contest. the winner gets the ugliest prize you can find at DI. or the barney costume? whatever. i'm totally in though!

Jess and Matt said...

First things firt, you are WAY too sweet! I can't believe that nice comment you left on my blog-totally made my day. I almost feel bad cluttering up your comments with my comment, but I have to :)

So, when Matt (my hubs) is the SAME way. Seriously, couldn't smile for a picture to save his life. One time we were going through our pictures and I didn't look the best and he said, "no offense babe, but you aren't always the most photogenic person..." I totally got offended and told him how everyone I know says I am photogenic (hah) and blah blah blah, and told him he always looked retarted. He said, "babe, I have to purposely look goofy in pictures, because when I smile I still look goofy, so I might as well at least make it look like I tried to look like that..."

When we first got married and were poor and bored, we would sit around with our camera taking ridiculous videos and pictures EXACTLY like the ones you posted. They still make me laugh so hard. I would totally participate in your ugliest picture contest and I am pretty sure I would win, or at least receive honorable mention.

Oh, and you are the gorgeous one. Stunning, actually.

Blicious said...

OMG your pics are so cute!! you are so funny. had me laughing!


Michelle said...

ha ha ha please do an ugly face contest! I have about a thousand pictures that I could use, we have terrible goofy pictures!

♥ Katinka said...

haha, this is awesome!!!

my name is lauren. said...

oh my gosh!

"the ugliest face i could possibly make" picture contest would be epic....truly. you should do it chlo! i don't really do gross faces....not intentionally anyway. i do more silly faces. i may be able to dig up a gross one though....somewhere....i usually delet them immediately though so it might be slightly tricky.

i love your blue steel picture. i think goofy pictures are way better than cute ones. if you looked through our wedding photos you'd see. we've even got a picture of us doing the cheesy asian tourist pose. how classy is that on your wedding day? oh yeah...that's how we roll.

love you oodles!

ok....that's it.

oh....and tomorrow....i vote for donut and chai day. friday is just a good donut day....dontcha think?

Bran..Brit..Jax..and Skylee said...

SEAN I have the WHIP IT shirt. HAHAHA

Nahl said...

Lovely, there's a blog award for you on mine! :)