Sunday, February 28, 2010

boobs and shapes.

this weekend we took it pretty easy.. i've been exhausted from work and sean thinks his school is hard or something..? haha jk. i know it is but sometimes i like to pretend that my work is harder than his school and work combined. i know it isn't. but how else am i going to feel good about myself? anyway, on saturday i went with my parents and my aunt and uncle and baby cousin to go see how my grandma was doing. she seriously looks AMAZING. i was blown away. she says that she feels no pain at all. she doesn't feel sick. she is going to fight this lung cancer with everything in her. she will get a second opinion if they tell her she can't do chemo. i think she is awesome and she is my hero right now. we went over there and she was on oxygen but acted like that was no big deal. she stood up the whole time, was so vibrant and bubbly and i loved it.  i have to tell this awesome story though. i hope she doesn't mind me telling but i thought it was hilarious.

so she has had to have a double mastectomy because of breast cancer that she has had before. they put in some implants and one day..before she had gone to the dr. and before she found out all of this was going on, she had woken up and noticed that her boob was missing! it was as if it had disappeared! it was the craziest thing and she just sort of laughed it off and wondered if it had anything to do with how she had been feeling lately and if it had something to do with the lung infection they thought she might have. so when she went into the dr. for her first visit.. she said to the dr. "i have lost my boob!" 

the dr. shocked just looked at her and said, "WHAT? you lost your boob? your boob is gone?" 

apparently the implant had deflated and the dr. said that since it was saline it wasn't a big deal and would just exit the body with other bodily fluids.

well they had ran some tests and thought she might have an infection or fungus in her lungs but decided they were going to go in for surgery and see if they could find anything. well i just have to say that my grandma is pretty awesome. she had this grand idea to tape this to her chest so that the doctors would see it when they went to open up her chest for surgery.

it is kind of hard to read, but also super awesome because she actually made the effort to go to the store and get it laminated. it says:





haha seriously! how cool is she? i guess she chickened out and didn't end up using 
it but i thought it was pretty funny. even though the surgery didn't quite bring the news
that she or any of us wanted to hear, she still has an awesome attitude. 
i truly believe that having the right attitude can do wonders.
she is truly an inspiration to me at this time. she is stubborn,
and a fighter. i love that. i want to be more like that.

i also got to hang out with my baby cousin ryan!
isn't he so cute?

this weekend i bought some new skirts. 3 to be exact. (hey, i need them for church) i was pretty excited about it and had to come home and show sean after we saw shutter island. that movie is pretty crazy by the way! i still am trying to figure it all out. anyway, we came home last night and i put one of the skirts on. sean says to me, 

"looks good! it makes you look like the perfect pear shape."

pear shape. wait a minute. isn't that the look that most of us are trying to not look like? isn't hourglass the look we are going for? i immediately burst into tears and tried to explain to him that this wasn't a good thing. it was not the look i was going for and that pear shape, apple shape, triangle shape are all not what a girl wants to hear. i told him that hourglass was the shape we want to be and he said that was what he meant but the funny thing was that when he said pear shape he made a pear shape with his hands. when i explained to him the hourglass shape he said that was what he meant but i knew he meant pear. 

i couldn't believe i was crying over it. it's been one of those weeks that i just feel blah about my looks. i know that all you girls can relate. it makes no sense. there really is nothing different about how i look but i just haven't been feeling super confident lately. i want to blame it on PMS but in this case it would be like Pre-PMS or Post PostMS and maybe this is just how i am all the time. i don't know. i know sean was not trying to say i looked bad. i think it's funny how us girls can be so self conscious about our looks and sean will proudly lift up his shirt and play with his stomach and do the hairy bagel like it ain't no thang. i want to be more like a boy. he laid in bed with me while i cried it out..and then he spoke in spanish to me the rest of the night and made me laugh til i cried happy tears. he kept saying that i looked like this one word in spanish but he wouldn't tell me what it meant. turns out it meant witch (because my hair was a mess) and it reminded me of the time he told me that i looked liked medusa.

i brought that up and he said, "what if i think medusa is hot?"
i said, "i specifically remember you telling me that it looked like i had snakes all over my head."
he said, "chloe, that could be hot. like a model with snakes all over her."

he sure knows how to make me feel better.. by making me laugh like crazy. i forgot all about it and wore my skirt to church today and he said i looked great.. like the perfect hourglass. i have taught him well :)

i didn't get a picture of my new skirt. actually sean took one but of course i didn't like it. but i wanted to show off the pretty flower that my friend brittany made and the necklace that my friend lauren made :)

p.s. why do us girls even care about freaking shapes? 
who decided pear shape was bad? 
i freaking like pears. and apples. 
you can't even eat an hourglass.


Caitlin said...

Your grandma sounds pretty amazing! My best friend took a test somewhere to see what shape she was. She got "womanly" and said something like "isn't that what I am?" Shapes are pretty dumb. I wonder who decided which shape was to be preferred. I mean biologically I suppose anything with substantial hips would be desired for their child bearing abilities.

The Boob Nazi said...

Your grandma is HILARIOUS.

Rasha said...

That baby is adorable and LMAO " I friggin like pears!!" me too Chloe bug!! hahaha dang hour glass shape soo funny.

love the picture, hair looks long!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe! I found your site through your sister Maddie and I have to say I want to meet you both! I think we'd get along famously!

Youa lways make me laugh, and your "realness" is refreshing!

Thanks for for being unapologetically you. People like you make the world a little more wonderful.

Have a great week :)

Britney Jean said...

this post cracked me up.

your grandma is so funny. i'm loving the note. and shapes are so weird. who decided to call it pear/apple/hourglass anyway? And how does hourglass fit in? why is that the good one? i'd much prefer a real apple or pear to a freaking hourglass. for realz. good point.

i need new skirts / dresses for church. hmmm....

Rhianne said...

Your grandma is amazing and so are you! I bet you looked gorgeous, you look lovely in that photo!

olivia rae said...

your grandma is amazing. seriously she sounds like such a legend! what a cool person!! she sounds like you!

also, you should never worry about your looks - you are so drop dead gorgeous! but i can totally relate to feeling insecure about my body and for some reason all girls worry about it sometimes.. i wish i was more like a guy in that respect too. but that photo of you is seriously beautiful.

Erin said...

Your grandma is hilarious! Good for her! I'm glad she is doing so well!

I am obsessed with skirts. I wear skirts all summer long and so all I can think about is that I want to know where you got these skirts and what they look like. That is how obsessed with skirts I am.

In any case, I don't get the whole fruit shape thing. I don't think I could ever look like an hourglass no matter how hard I tried. Just be Chloé shaped because that is what Sean loves :)

P.S. Thanks for the sweet response to my comment! :)

Alexa Mae said...

your grandma is amazing. really.

i love you and the way you live your life. you make me laugh everyday and i need that. again, loving you!

lydia. said...

your grandma. oh my goodness.
i was laughing so much at that story.
josh was like, "what's so funny!"
and i told him, but he didn't even get it...sheesh.
your grandma sounds like such a fighter.
good for her! :)

you look so pretty in that picture.
but seriously, i completely agree.
who decided what shapes are good shapes?
forget shapes!


xoxoKrysten said...

Your grandma sounds totally awesome and I'm so happy she can be so sweet and positive! Keeping you all in my thoughts!

Selma said...

I don't know your grandma but she's awesome. So uber cool. :D I'm so incredibly glad she's doing so well! :D

I'm not a skirt person, but there's really one thing about us that just wants to hear "beautiful", "great", "super" whatever...pear?! Come on!!!! So not a good answer.

Then again it is us girl that take such simple and normal answers seriously, way too much actually. SO I don't know what's up with us. Not sure why we react the way we do. But apparently it's cute, so guys later on try to cheer us up (even in Spanish). ;)

Have a terrific Monday girl.

love ya,


David and Shalynna said...

Okay, I am loving your grandma and her boob story. Her sense of humor will help her and those around her get through this!

Isn't funny that sometimes our husbands say things and we cry and then other times we don't care? When I was pregnant I had to take a new ID picture for my ID card at BYU. I thought I looked pretty cute that day, so when we walked by the place to take the photo I said, "Should I take my new ID picture today?" David said, "Nah- let's do it another day." I started crying and saying that I thought I looked cute and that he didn't think so. Haha. It makes me laugh thinking about it. He probably just didn't feel like stopping to wait in line or something, but I took it as if he thought I looked ugly! :)

You always make me laugh- I loved the p.s. about being able to eat apples and pears, but not hourglasses.

Jenni said...

hahahaha oh my goodness, I love you AND your grandma!!!!!! You definitly get your sense of humor from her. :) Too cute!

I'm Stacey... said...

"You can't even eat an hourglass" - priceless! Chloe, you're hilarious!

{The Huffakers} said...

Your grandma is an amazing woman! Her attitude alone is going to make a HUGE difference. Plus, it sounds like she has an awesome support system which is also huge. I totally know how you feel about the blah thing. Your hubby did a good job cheering you up. My hubby tried that one time except he didn't call me a shape he just said I looked like a blob. Sweet huh? Yeah he had major apologizing to do. :) You're so beautiful I love your flower!

Rachel Leigh said...

Your grandma is freaking awesome! And... I just feel like husbands don't understand about looks. On Saturday, Adam told me I looked like my mom with my short hair... I shouldn't have been mad, but I was pissed! Anyways, I know how you feel.

Michael & Mindy said...

The last line is my fav. "You can't even eat an hourglass." Classic! You are the cutest. And you and Sean are so freaking cute. I love you both!

♥ Katinka said...

amazing grandma :)

Oh yeah, and I know exactly how you feel....I also cry when Justin says something and doesn't mean it... I feel so stupid sometimes but I feel better after I cried :)

my name is STEPHANIE said...

i love your grandma, and your flower =)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Your grandma is a rockstar. That is awesome.

This post made me smile BIG. I'm kinda down today and it was just what I needed. Pears and apples and fruit shapes unite! :)

Caroline said...

Attitude is everything!! It really is :) I love that sweater you have on Chloe in the last pic, you are lovely!! XO

Sam said...

Your grandma is definitely the coolest grandma ever. I'm wishing and hoping for the best for her. Oh, and Shutter Island! I absolutely loved it. It was nothing that I was expecting, but so much better. Movies that actually make you think and keep your attention like it did are definitely my kind of movies! My favorite line was the last line.

In regards to pears, I've been feeling self conscious a lot lately. I definitely go through "i feel great about myself!" to "i want to crawl in bed and hide" phases way to often. oh, the life of a girl... guys are so lucky!

my name is lauren. said...

your grandma is rad. even though she didn't go through with that sign, it's still so cool that she actually made it. i love how spunky she sounds, and i think it's awesome what a fighter she's being. regardless of what happens it's sweet memories like these that you'll remember of your grandma and that's priceless.

oh...and what you said about the pear shape thing.... i would've cried too. i actually did cry the other day when craig told me i looked good and had i lost a few pounds.....well yes.....i had lost a few pounds....because i was busy puking and running to the bathroom every 5 seconds. i told him if that's what it takes to be skinny maybe i'd just have to start puking after every meal and he was like, "oh...well, at least now you know what works." he was completely joking, but i had a mini-melt down. poor boys....they never know when to joke and when not to.

i'm sure you are the perfect hour glass shape though. you are lovely and beautiful and you look so pretty in that last photo. i thought that pin was made by brittany. her pins are so cute and it looks perfect with your sweater!

i love you chlo bug! hope you're having a good day today. miss you!


anna said...

if pear shape is bad what about being banana shaped or all the other fruits? i mean, really, people are all sorts of shapes. i think i'm turning into pear shape now (thanks to the 3 babes i carried and birthed) so that sucks. but i think you're gorgeous. and i truly doubt he even knows what all the fruit shapes really mean. maybe he just picked out the fruit he thought would sound the yummiest cuz he thinks you're

Morgan said...

Loved this post! So friggin' cute!
And loved your response to my Bachelor post... the Wings of Love montage was sooooo ridiculous. I couldn't watch.

Blicious said...

HAHAHA omg i want to be friends with your grandma! :)


grant + brittany said...

for the record i happen to tell women what shape they are for a living. and you are not a pear. and i don't think you will ever be a pear (since our bodies change so much over time). i think you are completely balanced. perfect. and honestly there are many days where i wish i looked like you, your features are so gorgeous. your hair, your smile. the flower and necklace look so cute on you! i hate when i feel ugly. and ya i think we all have those times. we've spent a lot of time in the airport this month which means buying a lot of magazines for brittany. i take pride in the fact that i have specifically chosen not to read fashion magazines when i'm going through that time of the month that you were talking about. just to keep the pressure out. anyway gosh i feel like i should do a post on this or something! i really really loved this post, i think the fact that you were crying and he was making you laugh happy tears is the cutest thing ever. anyway i swear my comments to you never make sense.

i absolutely loved your last post. i love the blog that you have created... how you've written and the stories you've told. i want to be more like you. you inspire me to more real and love myself. i hope you realize how great that is.

so how about us not seeing each other for a couple of months!?!?!? it is simply not acceptable!!! i was thinking it would be fun to see alice in wonderland. oh and i would love to help your mom out in matching one to her jacket..... it's funny cause i just did the exact same thing for my mom! tell her i am ready whenever and happy to help :) she is so cute.

i love you. hope you are having a good day.

samnhal said...

I saw those flowers when I dropped supplies off at Brittany's house. They are SO cute. But seriously, boys pretty much always say the wrong things because they don't know girl code. It seems like they slowly catch on after making their wives cry a few times. I very much know what you mean by thi8s post.

samnhal said...

The whole skirt thing distracted me from the top of your post, so I figured that I would post again...Umm, pretty sure your grandma is the most amazing person ever. I can't believe she had that note made up, that's so awesome. I will pray for her, that is so good that she has such strength.

sarah said...

you guys are so stinkin adorable. love this post. and honey, we all have those days. good thing you've got a good man by your side to get ya to laugh through them. i hope today was better!

Sarita said...

I just stumbled across your blog ... your grandma is adorable and her attitude is amazing. I love the little note she wrote! haha
And I think some guy needs to start a blog, maybe I'll tell my husband he should.
Your pear shape story was hilarious.
My name is Lauren ... you're exactly right, they don't know when to joke!
My poor husband. When he's encouraging me to keep running, stick with crossfit, I sometimes take it as a "you need to workout more" when he is just trying to keep me encouraged! Poor guys ...

Randi Lee said...

haha, awesome. When we first started dating Alex used to call me "thunder thighs." Ummmm, thanks? Until I told him that was NOT a compliment.

And he also called me "big momma" when I was pregnant... he got the, "correct yourself NOW unless you're cool with an early death..." look.

And yes, your Grandmother is fabulous. LOVE the implant story!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

That note is great! She sounds like an amazing and funny person! I hope things are looking up for her!

from lara said...

your grandma sounds like a lady i'd like to meet! and for the record, i don't know who the heck decided to label us as shapes! we are so much more than that :)