Saturday, September 12, 2009

Big Personality

Last night was an interesting night. After our softball game we decided to go see a movie. I got showered up and dressed, and came out of the bedroom with wet hair. Sean was watching TV and I came in and sat on his lap. He kept looking at me. Kinda romantic like, and kind of creepy like at the same time. He then opened his mouth and said,"You look like a--(he paused to try to come up with the right expecting him to say a sexy model who just walked out from underneath a waterfall..says..)-- witch."

Um. WHAT. He then tried to explain that there were some cute witches. Like the Good Witch of The North in The Wizard of Oz. I said, "But, I clearly don't look like that!" 

He then said, "Your hair just looks all spidery like." (again, I am not understanding the resemblance to this.....

(Not sure what the fish on the wand is for, but it's kinda awesome)

Me: "So are you trying to say that I look like Medusa?"

Sean: "YES!! That's exactly it!!!! Thank you!!"

Gee. Thanks Sean. I love you too!

I then asked him if he thought I had a big head. He said "No I think it's fine."

I said, "Well, were you a little surprised at how big it was?"

He said, "Well actually, yes a little bit. I guess maybe I just thought mine would be bigger?" 


Then he said that I was a big mess, but he meant it in a nice way. I asked him if he was glad that he married me. He said he was. I asked if it was everything he thought it would be. He said that he got more than he was expecting. I asked him if that was a compliment? He said it was like ordering a vanilla shake, and then finding out it had cookie dough in it. I asked him if I was good cookie dough, and if he wanted it, because clearly he didn't order it in the first place. He said he just meant that I had a big personality. Um. BIG? like not good, or cool, or awesome. BIG? He kept trying to say he just meant a lot of personality. Man. I am really developing a complex.

So we left for the movie. I wanted to go see something scary or with a lot of action. You know, a guy flick. Like District 9 or something. Sean wanted to go see Julie and Julia. I have already seen it. Did I love it? Yes. But I thought it would make more sense for us poor newlyweds to see something that both of us hadn't seen. I gave in to my macho husband and we saw Julie and Julia. 

But I must say, I am proud because I got to take my Cinemark cup. I also didn't know that if you buy the cup, you can get any Nestle product for 2.50 instead of 3.50. I got a HUGE drink and Buncha Crunch for $5! Wahoo!

I am lying in bed right now, and Sean just left to clean my car. He said it was really bothering him. I told him that I wasn't going to put up a fight like I normally do when he tries to be productive and I want to be lazy. He owes me. Right now I have a "Big Head/Medusa/Big Mess/Big Personality Complex.

P.S. My dad just commented and said him and my mom measured their heads. My dads is 24-1/4 and my moms is 19-1/2. I can't figure out if that makes me feel better or not. :(


Michael & Mindy said...

Okay seriously. You crack me up! I laugh out loud at every one of your posts. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one eating my days away (and I mean that in a nice way. I'm not trying to add to your complex!!) Really though, we could be best friends. I would be all for it.

Olivia Rae said...

hahah you are hilarious. i'm sure your head is a totally fine and normal size!

Michele said...

Sean, Sean, Sean ...... he clearly has a lot of learning on what to say and NOT say to his wife! I think you are beautiful and FYI Sean and I had a conversation last week about how funny you are and what a GREAT personality you have!HE said those very things.

The Boob Nazi said...

Medusa? hahaha did he not want to have sex for the next month???

grant + brittany said...

after i saw time travelers wife (and was completely obsessed and couldn't stop crying... hahah just kidding... no but really) i made grant go see it with me again the next night. anyway i just thought of that when i read that you went to julie and julia again. which didn't make sense for poor college students. which is exactly what i thought when i made grant go. um anyway thankyou for missing me..... we just barely as in two hours ago, got internet. after arriving back to bubble world (he he) we had to call around to get the best deal blah blah and it took forever. and i'm sure you care but i really just felt like writing all that. anyway i love your posts. so much

Kinz said...

in case this makes you feel better... I measured my head for you. 22 inches. Chris was 22 too. So if you have a big head then we do too. lol

Anonymous said...

haha! this is my favorite blogger EVER!

shirah said...

hahah your husband really has a way with his words!! :)
maybe next time he should just nod and smile in response. hahaha.

Matt said...

Correction on Moms head size. It is 21.5 inches. She is NOT a pinhead, and neither is Maddie's. Her head is 22 inches. Same as yours, after all, you are twins.

PS. Jeremy's is 23.75. I WIN