Tuesday, March 2, 2010

things i have learned today.

things i have learned today:

tope is not a word. like as in the past tense of type.
 i said it at work today and it sounded so perfect and real in my head.
"i already tope that."
you know..like write...wrote? type.. tope?
 then we found out it meant:

Definitions of tope on the Web:
  • drink: drink excessive amounts of alcohol; be an alcoholic; 
  • stupa: a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists 
  • A small, grey, European shark, Galeorhinus galeus, that has rough skin and a long snout; To drink excessively; to get drunk         

well. all of those are awesome. who doesn't like sharks?

and buddhists? and i so felt like i wanted to tope after the day i had at work today.
 and i still think that it saves time instead of saying "typed".
 it is one less letter. so tope it is.

i totally tope this blog tonight. 

i learned that "on the wings of love" is the most annoying song in the world. i learned that it is stuck in sean and i's head and sean has been going around the house singing it and not just singing it..but performing lyrical/sign languageal words to it. yes i know that is not a word. but neither is tope. apparently. so get over it.

i learned that this means "on" in sean language. sign/sean..get it? i kill myself.



i learned that i still hate the song. even when sean dances to it.
i learned that the bachelor was more cheesy/punny this season than it has ever been.

and i learned that it probably won't stop me from watching next season. 
it's like cocaine. it's stupid and awful but i can't stop.

i learned that we WILL be watching the bachelor jason/molly wedding next monday
because sean said "look! it's hottie molly!"
yes. that is really what we call her in this home.
more him than me.

i learned that while eating mcdonald's and watching the biggest loser, that i said to sean, 
"one of these days i am going to be on this show. just you wait."

then i learned that was probably not my best goal and i will just stick with:
the bachelor  nope i'm married.
jersey shore  nope i am not italian.
who wants to be a millionaire? nope. i thought tope was a word.
american idol pahahahaha
survivor nope. you couldn't pay me a million dollars to live without a couch.

so.. maybe it will be the biggest loser. that seems like the most realistic, attainable goal.

i learned that sean looks miserable in pictures with me.

is it just a coincidence that he always has that face?
meh. oh well.

and i learned this...

i think sean wants a baby.
and no.. i don't mean as in he wants me to have one.
i think he wants to.
like actually have the baby.

what did you learn today?


The Boob Nazi said...

aka you're too skinny. haha

The Boob Nazi said...

Pssh, you couldn't be on Biggest Loser if you tried.

xoxoKrysten said...

Oh my gosh Dustin and I were totally singing that song too. And it's HORRID!

Will you be watching the Jason/Molly wedding next week?

Britney Jean said...

my husband totally does the signs with the songs thing ALL THE TIME. cracks me up. i don't know where he comes up with some of the actions.....seriously.

i learned that writing a sestina is difficult. but i had to for a class.

i learned that smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe are much better with sugar than with splenda. Duh.

i learned that there are lots of cool books at the library that i want to read...but no time to read them.

Ashley Eliza said...

That song has been stuck in my head all day too! boo. You guys crack me up. love the pics. Now i want mickey d's! xoxo

Jes said...

You had my husband and I cracking up. I'm sorry 'tope' was not all you wanted it to be. ;)

Melita said...

i just found your blog & i love it!! hugs!!

Kali said...

ha ha ha ha ha.
love the show breakdown.
i could never be on any of those shows either, for those exact reasons.
and today, i saw that they are having tryouts for biggest loser here in boston and considered going for .3 seconds.

crissy said...

I learned that Sean is really weird (oh, who am I kidding? I knew all along..) I learned that reading your posts makes my day. You make me laugh with your tope words and goofy Sean pictures. And then you share the super gorgeous pictures of yourself.
BTW, random, but it looks like our eyes are a similar color...a greenish mix on the outside with a golden/brown "flower" around the pupil..or is it just the pic? I dunno...

Michelle said...

I love making up words! One of my favorite past times. Try working it up to fabricating sayings- aka Roses and Peaches. I don't know if you read that post or not, but I totally names my blog that because I thought it was a saying... it's not.

PS. You don't need to go on another reality show. I'd watch one of just you and sean. WAY better than those other ones. Plus you wouldn't have to gain 500 lbs.

PSPS. If you *do* go on biggest loser can you get sean to gain a bunch of weight with you and do couples??

kels&murr said...

ha ha oh chloe! I love this. I REALLY think we need to get together. Sean and Murray would be best buds. Murray always pretends hes prego ( that sounds weird, but you know what i mean)

{megs in wonderland} said...

bahahahhahahahahahahahahahha everything about this is great.

and we both could pass as italians couldnt we? lets be on jersey shore! i love me some trashy reality tv.

konnie said...

i learned that Chloe is an amazing person, well actually i already knew that and i learned that she will help you with things that you should have known and did not and not think any less of you.

Caitlin said...

When you said tope I thought you meant taupe, like the color. Pretty much every word that psychologists have is completely made up. I believe I have made up some words and blamed it on my being a psych major.

You could totally be on Jersey Shore and not be Italian! Look at sookie or whatever... I think she is mexican, it was a giant scandal!

I learned not to put so much epsom salt in a ridiculously hot bath.

Wacky Jacky & Silly Willy said...

lol you are so funny
tope is just a great word!
i used to think that PRESENTATED was a word. but it was actually present. My world was forever changed since the day learned the correct terminology.

Jess and Matt said...

Okay, so I have never actually commented on your blog, but I pop in and read it and it seriously makes me laugh and makes my day every time. Brittany is a friend/step sister-in-law (is there such thing) and I love her to pieces and thought the post she wrote about you was so sweet and so true...and I don't even know you ;) Am I creepy? I don't mean to be. I think "tope" is the best word I have ever heard. I sit in bed and eat candy, chips, cereal, you name it, all the while cheering on those biggest losers. I'll be on there too someday...or at least eligible.

♥ Katinka said...

You are hilarious. I'm so glad you tope this blog tonight! I love it!!! :)

Rasha said...

LOL too funny.

Alexa Mae said...

i learned that your day is always good when you get a new pair of shoes.

cheers to that doll! xoxo

lydia. said...

i think that you can maybe still be on survivor.
because i'm pretty sure you get to bring one item with you. so...couch it is.
i thought you should just in case the opportunity should present itself.

josh and i are going to be on the biggest loser: couples. first i have to gain a lot of weight tho.
but it will all be worth it in the end.

thanks for the congratulations! :)

steph anne said...

Haha, that's cool about Sean signing. I'm deaf and use sign language. :)

I'm insanely obsessed with the Bachelor and Biggest Loser (and many other shows). I'm so sad that Jake chose her and of course I agree... it's addicting no matter how lame or pathetic it gets I'll still watch it.

I almost auditioned for the Biggest Loser but I didn't. I'd LOVE to go on it only if I can audition from the couch, lol.

kaysi fox said...

i love your blog, so cute & you are gorgeous might i add! i just saw brittanys post and had to check your blog out!! :)

ps. i wish my husband could have a baby for me?!?! hahahaha.

David and Shalynna said...

Tope? That is hilarious. Sometimes I accidentally add a t at the end of words. One time I said, "That flag is humugust!" and then yesterday I said, "Yah, she's gorgeoust." David always calls me out.

I watched the Bachelor for the first time in my life this week. I watched the entire season on Hulu. Gia was my favorite. Can I please have her hair, lips, and body?

Brittany's post about you was so sweet. You deserve for everyone to do a post about you!

You have perfect eyebrows.

It's 6:41, so I haven't learned anything today but yesterday I did learn a new skill. I painted a shelf all by myself. I'm trying to finish up Oliver's nursery before David's family comes today and I knew David wouldn't have time. I learned that it's better to start out with a thin layer of paint, let it dry, then add another layer. If you try to make it thick from the start it will be gross. But, it will do for now. :)

sarah said...

WHEW! glad i'm not the only one who's got a man with mad song-signage skills!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

you are too funny!
love the last pic of your hubby!

Ams said...

Oh my goodness I am seriously DYING over here Chloe!! hahaha you two are hysterical!!!

kayla & tyler said...

haha chloe, you are too funny!! I LOVE the bachelor, and yes I couldn't believe he chose Vienna. Tenley is so sweet and cute and dorky, just like him - they would have been so cute together! Oh well. that show is so ridiculous, but I can't not watch it. Me and Elise watch it all the time at work and we laugh tons at it! haha, so funny! and yeah, wouldn't that be nice if the boys carried the baby in their stomach for the whole 9 months?? I'd be okay with that!

emily+brett said...

i am always timid to leave comments on your blog because you always have a gazillion and i think to myself she won't even read my comment, but never the less i LOVE you blog. i read it all the time. i just had to let you know how cute you are! i love your spunky honest style. when i read brittany's post about you, i couldn't help but think of all the memoires of soft ball, babysitting payton at grandmas white’s (still baffles me that she really is my grandma now!), listening to black balloon a million times, taco amigo (you introduced me to glaciers and will forever be grateful!)on and on. we need to rekindle our friendship!

olivia rae said...

hahaha. I LOVE YOU.

jordan said...

hahahaha!!! i've been {literally, not electronically} laughing out loud throughout this entire post!!!
1. i say rock the TOPE. that is hilarious.
2. only a champ would eat mcdonalds WHILE watching biggest loser. rockstar material.
3. the picture of your man with the heart on his belly = delicious!!! hahaha

samnhal said...

I learned that your husband does the same thing with his belly as mine. Maybe it's an inferiority complex since they can't have babies. The sad thing? Hal would probably be better at having babies than me anyway. Tope messes with my head.

Amy said...

You could never be on the biggest loser!

You could try Deal or No Deal. I have one of our predictions that we did for each other and you wrote I would be on Deal or No Deal ha ha.

I filled out the application but you have to be willing to fly to Connecticut for the interview :(

Crazy Shenanigans said...

OMG! I hate that song! It's the song that won't die! If he dances to it on DWTS, I'm going to boycott that show.

Selma said...

girl, you make me laugh. every single time. ok, not every time esp. when it's all sad, but you know what i mean. ;) i can't stand that song, way too annoying. and i love sean's belly. ok, this sounds weird, but it sort of reminds me of the movie "junior" i think that was its name. guy gets pregnant, because he actually wants to. sort of. so keep us posted on that. ya never know. ;)

happy wednesday chloé, and i am so glad you tope this post. it made my day.


ahlin said...

your blog is so cute! totally love it. and sitting on the couch eating mcdonald's while watching the biggest loser sounds kind of great.

Maddie said...

haha i read this from my phone while i was waiting to get my oil changed, gave me quite the giggle. i say, if it makes you happy, make up as many words as you want! why not? infact, why don't we do what we said we were gonna do and use the captcha words in our everyday vocab?? and make up our own definitions? remember that? lol

my name is lauren. said...

if you can eat as many cookies as you do and still look like a hottie hot hottie, then the biggest loser is probably not an attainable goal for you because you'll probably never be able to get that fat even if you try. so maybe survivor...you can maybe build a couch out of bamboo and palm fronds or something :).

and that picture of sean with his baby belly heart makes me think of those sick pregnancy photos people take with their heart hands. they annoy me so bad. sorry if you like those. i promise not to make fun of you (to your face) if you get those taken one day, but still....cheesy people.

today i learned that craig likes to break xbox controllers when he loses a game. and i learned that pulled pork tastes better when it's not in leftover form. ok...that's it.

love you friend!

from lara said...

hehe so adorable! new to your blog and just wanted to say i'm a fan!