Sunday, November 8, 2009

things could always be better.

so today, i had this brilliant idea. 
we were going to sluff church.
i don't care if you judge me.
we needed a break.
we wanted to drive through the canyon and have a nice day
together while the weather was still nice.
also, we had a deepish type talk last night about how we need
to get out and be more active.
and by we i mean me.
so that is why i had this brilliant beyond brilliant idea to go to
park city.

we were both very excited.

we turned the music up real loud, and danced.
sean does this thing in the car, where he will pretend like he 
is leading music.
to any beat that is on.
it is incredibly annoying but the funniest thing 
that i have ever seen.
he does it so professional like.
i swear he was a famous music chorister in another life.
it makes me laugh every time.

we even stopped to buy treats.
sean told me not to get any, but i said, 
"what if the car breaks down? we will be glad that we bought these treats."
too bad we didn't have maddie's zombie car. 
remember that?
p.s. she bought a new car. she is a sell out.

anyway, after getting treats, we were off.
i was just getting into my final air drum solo
 in the killers "read my mind" song.
when sean started to make a weird face.
he turned the music down and said,
"i think something is wrong with your car."

yeah. my clutch went out.
my check engine light was already on because i need a new
catamalytic contorter thingy.
i guess it's my own fault. 
remember when i said i would probably just wait til something
went horribly wrong before i did anything about it?

sean thought this whole thing was very "ironic and funny"
i was not very amused. he kept trying to take pictures.
i sat in the car and cried like a 2 year old.

he kept saying overly-optimistic stuff like 
"hey! at least we have a port-a-potty near by!"
"it could always be worse right?"
"at least you brought the candy!"
"hey, the river is right there! at least we have water!"
i wasn't buying it.

i know i always say "things could always be worse."
but you know what?
things can always be freaking better too.

he walked around waiting for our help.
i sat up in the car and pretended like i was dying.
i huddled up with all my coats.
i went through my glove box in the car and pulled out my survival kit.
i put on the gloves that were in there.
i checked to see if i had a flashlight.
or a toaster. like maddie's car.

the only thing that made me laugh was that
i had put on an old coat that was in the back of my car.
it hasn't been worn since like january.
i reached into my pocket and found this little treat.
hey, it never hurts to be prepared right?
anyway, i guess i learned my lesson.
i even woke up early for all of this.
and showered.
this is why it is better to just stay in bed.
see my logic?

now i am watching Hitch and feeling sorry for myself.
i think i might go make some brownies.
with caramel.
and mope some more over something that really 
could be worse and really isn't that big of a deal.
because i just plain feel like doing that.

p.s. even though sean was being overly optimistic and happy about the situation?
i am glad he was. he saved the day. if i were alone when this happened i would have probably
started writing my goodbye note on my registration papers.
i would have probably eaten the 11 month old 
baby mandarin, and died wearing my gloves and head warmer
3 months later. because it wasn't cold enough to die immediately.
and i had A LOT of candy.
or i could have called my dad.
or walked home.
but whatever.
it's hard to think logically in these types of situations.
so sue me.

p.s.s. baby dwight won :) so that made me happy.
thanks everyone for voting!


Sam said...

i can't get over the fact that you broke down right next to a port a potty. it seriously amazes me. that is some good luck in a bad luck situation!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

haha the porta potty does help the situation, at least it wasn't like you had to go the bathroom outside, HAHA!!

Hitch is bomb ;) Make me some brownies, Ill join you in this little pout... I put off studying for the las minute and its going to show in my grade tomorrow FML!

Stephanie said...

you know why we are e-friends? I WILL TELL YOU.

because of your kissy-face peace sign comment. i know who you are talking about. you know who i (was) talking about.


i've decided that we are now best friends. thats how much i needed validation.

Stephanie said...

shiznit. wouldn't is suck if we weren't talking about the same thing?

if so, carry on about your business, per the usual.

my name is lauren. said...

sorry to hear about your car situation, but think about it this way........

now you always have an excuse for buying inordinate amounts of candy on road trips. ("remember last time sean?") you can make sure to leave a toaster in your car so you'll be prepared for future fiascos :).

Shannon Murphy said...

ohh that is horrible! I would have been acting the same way you were! But that port a potty thing is quite hilarious! what are the chances?!!!

Michele said...

I am glad you had the candy! I hope your car is OK! That sucks- car repairs are expensive.

Rachel Leigh said...

You were right about stopping to get candy... Sean should listen to you every time now. Sorry about your car! That really sucks. Now I am paranoid about my car (the check engine light is on). If you had made it to Park City, you should have gone to the Sunday Brunch on Main Street. It is freaking amazing! Next time...

Selma said...

Bad luck combined with good luck. I laughed like crazy when I read you had a port-a-potty near by. LOL

Kjrsten said...

rule number one- never skip church and go to park city, that's what all the hard core partiers do, God will smite you for it (and he surly did!)

always skip church and just go to smiths and blockbuster, this is only semi-inactive, not much smiting involved there.

kELLO! said...

haha. the madarin was crackin me up. i would have died, too. i tell roed all the time that i'm tough and a fighter, but we all know the truth. i'm a big fat weeny.

samnhal said...

My check engine light is on Hopefully is doesn't cost a butt load to fix your car like it did my husbands when we were stuck in it. It's a good things you had candy, all I had was cough syrup and my hubby probably wouldn't have let me have candy anyway since I was sick. Husbands can be jerks. But then they make you brownies to make everything better. It's a good thing the clementine wasn't moldy, that would have made things worse.

olivia rae said...

hahaha seriously so funny. best possible scenario for a broken down car. i would have totally sat in the car and cried too.

Diana said...

the only thing i can hear right now is my mother in the back of my head lecturing, "you should have gone to church!"

at least it was in the daylight and you had help and a camera, lol!

anna said...

i'm laughing outloud. and my husband thinks it's because his movie (dumb movie) is funny. but it's not. it's you. and i don't even know you. 11 month old baby mandarin? whatever, you are so freakin hilarious. sorry about your car though.