Wednesday, November 4, 2009



we all should take voting a little bit more serious.
i feel very passionate about this.
you may think, "oh, one vote doesn't make a difference"
but it does. don't be a pansy.

oh you thought i was talking about politics?
heck no! sorry dad.
that kind of voting is important too.
*i guess*

anyway, on to way more important things besides
government, politics, and all that mumbo jumbo.

remember this little cutie ? 
well her rad dad entered her in the office
 costume contest because he has great taste
 and knows what is awesome.
you should all check out his amazing pictures
 on his flickr account here
and i think that if everyone can take 10 seconds and go 
vote for mini dwight,  here then you
are pretty much my best friend.
if not? well then  i don't know if we can be friends anymore.
okay, i take that back. we can be friends,
 but i might be mad at you for a little bit.
okay, i really can't stay mad. 
but no really, go do it. NOW.

are you doing it?
oh, you're just going to click away and pretend like
you never read this?
is that really what we have come to?
what's that?
you have some other blog you wanna go look at?
vampire diaries is gonna be on soon?
you have homework?
you have "better things to do"?
you don't care about important things?
i know you read this. so go vote.
it will make the world a better place.
voting is important guys.

oh and the cool thing about this?
you don't have to be 18.
wait, that's the voting age, right?
wow, am i this far removed from society that
i can't even answer that?

p.s. i'm not sure which is more pathetic.
taking a picture of yourself trying to look like uncle sam 
and then posting it on your blog?
or having your husband walk in on you while you are trying to do this..
and then still doing it  anyway, cuz it's important.
what has my life come to?
i need help.
oh well. whatever.
oh and i felt like uncle sam's stern face made me not want to vote.
so i made the one smiling with 2 thumbs up.
it seemed much more inviting.

p.s.s. weren't the elections yesterday? 



olivia rae said...

i voted!!! because i love mini dwight that much. he has to win, the rest are lame!! haha i wish i could have seen the encounter of sean walking in when you were taking those pics. you guys are sooo funny.

Meg Fee said...

i voted too! she was too cute not too!!!

respekt said...

haha you have the best blog ever! i voted ^_^

staceylafayette said...

I voted too! Also, I realized I don't know what the voting age is, either. Is it 18? Is it 21? I feel so un-American!

Michael & Mindy said...

I thought you were talking about the election. I was like, oh great, she cares about that crap. glad you don't!

i really wish my blog was as cool as yours. everyone loves it. you are becoming one of those famous blogs i was talking about. don't forget me when you have sponsors.

Randi Lee said...

She is freaking adorable! Consider her voted for!!

Kinz said...
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Sam said...

i voted! :D

Maddie said...

haha, you're so funny chlo. these pics made me smile, thank you :) i'll go check out this voting thing!
hope you and sean are havin fun!

Lee S. said...

can't me even mildly annoyed with me...'cause i voted.

my name is lauren. said...

i thought the uncle same face was effective. i wasn't going to vote for mini dwight, but then i saw your face and realized just how important voting is and changed my mind.

seriously though...your uncle sam face was awesome and it made me laugh out loud.

grant + brittany said...

yo. its pry too late to text you so i'm going to tomorrow about an idea. anywho i voted. i mean you probably would have KILLED me if i didn't anyway. and i sent an email to my dad with a link to it all. i hope this makes you love me more. just kidding. i would have done it anyway because it really is so freaking cute.

also oh my gosh uncle sam's face.... i know right? it totally makes me in a bad mood. i'm not even kidding. i hate it actually.

i really hope you gave that video a second chance. and this time i hope you had some hatred in your heart. grant hopes you do too.

CarrieBradshaw* said...

haha I didn't vote just because I like to go against the crowd. But your pictures made me laugh, especially because I can just picture you sitting on your computer in your couch and using your web cam. Most girls would have put on their favorite shirt and lipgloss. You rock. :)

OK I'll go vote damnit. But only if you read my blog.

Elise Halladay said...

Voted. And I just have to say- you are WAY TOO nice. YOU are the gorgeous one. Seriously. I have told my husband a few times how pretty you are! ha ha

Anonymous said...

i love your blog so much chloe. you are the cutest ever :) glad we are blog friends. haha.

The Socialite said...

Go team mini-dwight!

I voted and it felt good.


Sara said...



our little love nest said...

You are too hilarious! Love it! xo

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Nice guilt trip, there. The last time I voted for anything was when I voted for David Archuleta.


*Lesli* said...

ps. my luvher and i think you look like Juliette Lewis. and yes that's a compliment :)