Thursday, September 10, 2009


Some Thoughts and Facts:

The frooties are gone. I repeat all 360 are gone as of Tuesday. 360 frooties in one week. Next week I'm gonna try to double that.

I missed So You Think You Can Dance and Glee. But that's okay because I went to a lovely bridal shower and held a lovely baby who may have projectile vomited on me twice, but i'm okay with that. I can't believe i have a cousin who I am 23 years older than. I'm old enough to be his mom.. yikes.. that's a scary thought. I thought only old people say that? Am i old?

ELLEN is going to be the new judge on AMERICAN IDOL!!! I may just have to start watching again... I love her. I feel like she is my best friend, and we have never even met. But I bet if we did we would be best friends. I don't know about her wife though. She might get jealous or feel like the third wheel.

This video is HILARIOUS

Thanks Maddie, for finding it. No offense if you like Nickelback. I feel kinda bad for laughing. It does suck that it happened, but it also sucks more that the band ever started.

"Do you wanna go home?! Or do you wanna ROCK AND ROLL???"

Hahaha. We are still laughing about it.

The other day, I felt so productive after work. I felt like a got a lot done. I usually go home and lay on the couch and watch Full House or something important like that, then decide I should probably get up and make Sean some dinner. But then he usually gets home before I have that chance. I swear he gets home earlier and earlier every day..blows my mind.

Well the other day, I came home. Ran and got sean a coke. Dropped off some stuff at my sister-in-laws, then went and cleaned some random persons car. Then I got home. Thinking Sean would have already eaten, but he hadn't. So I kept asking him what he wanted me to make him. He was trying to do homework and was very frustrated. I kept throwing out suggestions.. Taco Bell? Wendys? A bowl of cereal? What can I make you?

He ended up making me eggs.

He also thought it was weird that I was cleaning some random persons car when I could be cleaning my own. Or the house for that matter. Or unpacking my bag from our trip. He said he is positive I won't do it for another 2 weeks. We will see about that. I may just prove him wrong. Just because I don't do it the minute/hour/week/month I get home like him doesn't make me a bad person.

And just because he color coordinates/patternates/collar/no collar coordinates/hang up his work pants in his closet doesn't make him a bad person either. A show off? Maybe. But not a bad person.

So the other day I was at the dentist for the fourth time in a week and a half, getting my teeth cleaned. I made sure to floss for the first time this year in the morning. Okay it's maybe like the 5th. Come on, i'm not that gross guys. But anyway. The hygenist was poking and prodding at my teeth with a captain hook type tool, and starts asking me all these questions:

"Do you have allergies?"

me: No. well not seasonal.

"Do you sleep with your mouth open at night?"

me: Umm.. that's kind of personal..but ask my drool stained pillow. But my husband snores. So that's just how we roll. Plus I have had a cold lately. So that could be why. Why?

"Well, is there any chance you could be pregnant?"

me: I sure as heck better not be!! Or Nuva Ring owes me 65 bucks. I will totally sue them if I am. but I will most likely keep the baby. But I probably won't tell the baby about the whole Nuva Ring/lawsuit because it might effect them emotionally. I'm not that mean. But I will put the money towards its college education. and I would probably buy a boat. And I would try to get on that show I didn't know I was pregnant. Anyway, why do you ask?

"Well your gums are bleeding. I mean, it's no EPT test, but it's a sign of pregnancy and its pretty accurate."

me: Hmm. Well I have 2 conclusions. One is that it's because I need to floss more, and two it's because you are poking my soft tissue with a sharp miniature spear. I dunno? I'd be concerned if it did not bleed. Just sayin'.

It was kind of awkward after that.


The Boob Nazi said...

Chloe, I love you. Please eat more candy so I can live vicariously through you.

Rachel Leigh said...

That is so funny about the dentist. I usually have the same hygienist so she knows, but the first time I went in, she asked me the same questions... she thought I was pregnant too. The last question she asked is if I sleep with my mouth open, which I do. So funny.

Matt said...

The tooth nazi that cleans my teeth hasn't ever asked me if I'm pregnant;) But she does make me feel like I'm not a good person because I obviously don't floss, even though I do almost every freakin' day.

Elise Halladay said...

I am a dental assistant and one day we were working on a tooth that was extremely disgusting and I won't go into details. But it made me dry heave and my boss likes to tell me that is the dentists pregnancy test. Bleh

The Hopkins said...

hahaha you'd think she would know that when people don't floss very often... their gums bleed. I'd think that before thinking someone's pregnant. I am an avid flosser. Preston's gums always bleed and since we've been married I try to make him floss. Most of the time he refuses.
Oh and don't worry, it takes me a few days to unpack after a trip to. I don't know why, but I just hate doing it! ... but I do love color coordinated closets :)
You've done so much blogging lately, I love the conversations between you and sean and that he called about the cookies ha.
Jackson hole looked like so much fun too! I've never been there. You're gorgeous in all the pictures though Chloe!

Rachel Leigh said...

I do know your mom! I work in the training department, and for a while it was pretty slow so we helped your mom with some of the crazy home equity stuff. I seriously didn't even think of that, but I can see that you are related now. :)