Friday, September 11, 2009

Too Much Info

Sean and I just got home from our softball game. We had a really delicious lunch today at Joe's Cafe. Sean hadn't been there before, and he LOVED it. Joe was so funny. I walked in and he was like "Oh girl, you come right here! Come give me some love!" I then told him I brought my husband to try the great food and he said "Oh honey, I love my wife, but you tell your husband that I love his wife too! You're my lil' sissy!" He kept calling Sean his brother-in-law. It was awesome. He was so excited that I blogged about him! When I got there, he was showing someone the post I did about him! He had printed out the whole thing! "We're on the internet!" he said. If you remember that was also the same post where I was wearing a hideous spider shirt with wet hair. Oh, and the one where I showed how much frooties I ate. Ha. He had printed ALL of it. Oh well. I love Joe. He is so great. Sean tried the Ultimate Burger and it was amazing. 

Anyway, after we got home, Sean said he was still full from lunch. He kept sticking out his belly to make it look like he was pregnant. Okay, so he has a really big food baby right now. I called it a triplet baby, but I like triplets so that's a compliment. Anyway, Sean decided he wanted to measure his stomach. So we both sat in the bathroom taking turns measuring various body parts. (HAHAHA) Sean decided to measure the circumference of his noggin. He always has claimed that he has a HUGE cabeza. That's Spanish. Sean told me to put that. He thinks it's spelled with a z but i think s. Whatever. Anyway. 

I have always feared for my future children. They are going to be born with ginormous heads. Like as in so big that that it would be physically impossible for me to have a natural birth. They are going to have to cut the baby out of me. I never really thought Sean had a big head, but he always brings it up and it makes me hurt a little in the nether regions just thinking about it. 

So. We took the measurements. 23 inches. 

Sean said, "Well don't worry. Maybe our kids will get your genes."

I said, "What's worse? Kids with big heads? Or kids with big mouths and kinda chemically off balance and borderline insane?"

We decided to measure my head for the heck of it. Thinking it had to at least be a few inches smaller. Sean says this, "22 inches."

WHAT. Sean keeps trying to tell me that is normal. He tells me that my ponytail is in the way. We adjust my hair and he measures again. 22 inches.

I take the tape measurer from him. This can't be right? I measure myself, making sure to pull REALLY tight on the tape, to squeeze out any possible centimeters in there. 22 inches.

Sean keeps telling me that is normal, but I am not so sure about that. His hats always fit me, and they drown my twin sister. He said an inch is a big difference but it's really not people. I have spent the last half an hour trying to find out if my head is big or not. Google is giving me nothing. I have the same size feet as Sean. I have bigger circumference in my ankle than Sean. We have measured. Sean is a boy. I am a girl. I don't know which one of us is average anymore. Clearly it can't be both of us. 

Please pray that I have superhuman hip and pelvic bones. Or for my kids to not have big heads. Is that too much to ask? Amen.


The Boob Nazi said...

I like big heads, and I cannot lie.

Michelle said...

oh my gosh you are SO funnny! I'm going to Joe's with Blake, you made me so curious! If your kids have huge heads then they won't be able to learn how to walk till they're like 8! They'll fall over! We'll all pray for you.

Rachel Leigh said...

My husband really really has a giant head! When we were in Mexico they couldn't even find a hat anywhere that fit him. So funny, but like you, I am scared to give birth! Well, even if you aren't average size, at least you don't look all crazy! Maybe you just measured sean's head wrong. :)

Cat* said...

Oh I LOVE your blog. You are so funny and I think you and your husband are really cute :)
Happy weekend to you and Sean!
(I'm sure your kids will have great small heads!!!)

Matt said...

Neither your nor Sean's head is big. I know I have a big head because I can never find a hat that will fit. Mom and I just measured.

Matt - 24-1/4 inch
Staci - 19-1/2 inch

I now feel sorry for my mom. ;)

Matt said...

Correction on Moms head size. Her head measures 21.5 inches

Juli said...

so I saw this and thought, "omg... chloe blogged about him!"

kinnnnnd of creepy/sad.

let me know your thoughts?