Monday, July 13, 2015

weeks 26-33 with baby #2

ughhh. i am super frustrated with my computer right now. and flickr. every time i log on to post flickr has changed and trying to embed photos has changed and i am just getting really annoyed and it makes me not want to blog ever again!! so anyway, i hate the format of all of this but i am just gonna post it anyway.

so i have slacked on posting, yet again. but this post will just kind of cover the last 9 weeks and where i am at now.

i am 34.5 weeks! yikes. my doctor said i could get induced at 39 weeks if my body is ready. which i doubt it will be since it wasn't that way with ben, but just knowing in my head that could be in 4 weeks and like 4 days just sounds so much more bearable than like 7 weeks haha. in fact, i'll be 39 weeks in exactly one month from tomorrow! i like that i was able to go into labor on my own with ben. i hope that happens with this baby. i don't want to have to get induced and most likely i won't, but we will see what happens. ahhh! i am so terrified and so excited. mostly because i now know what the newborn world is like. its so hard, so wonderful, but so hard. and ben was not the easiest baby, so i think for me, i am even more scared of that stage. but i also feel like i know now that it is temporary. i will survive and eventually sleep again! this time around i will get on post partum depression meds immediately! i am going to try to be easier on myself as far as nursing goes and just go with the flow as far as a schedule. i was so wound up with ben... comparing him and myself to others and i just can't do that this time!

baby is the size of a cantaloupe or a pineapple! 4.9 lbs and 19-22 inches! crazy. there is a full on baby in me.

i have gained about 25+ lbs. depends on the day. yikes. i weigh more than i have ever weighed since i started out this pregnancy heavier than i was with ben. i am trying not to be too hard on myself. i know you lose a lot of fluid after the baby is born and this has been a summer pregnancy so i am sure i am retaining more water.

i have had contractions and lots of braxton hicks. feeling uncomfortable but my sciatic nerve pain and tailbone have been feeling so much better lately. i am sleeping better than i was a month or two ago so that is good!

i am really annoyed with my computer right now and i actually am having some contractions at the moment so i am gonna cut this short, but i may come back and add more later!! here are some pics from the last 9 weeks. my computer is being stupid or blogger and i don't feel like adding how far along i was in each pic but its from weeks 26-33!

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Staci T said...

💕💕💕💕💙💙 I love you.

Katie Ashby said...

ah you are gorgeous!!! you look so good pregnant, i'm jealous! you only carry in your belly! i know you probably don't see it that way, but trust me, you're totally pulling that bump off ;) haha! i cannot WAIT to meet this little boy! I hope he and my girl are best little friends!!! can't believe how close you're getting!!!

Crissy Boss said...

You are stunning, mama! So excited for you!

Elise said...

Aw!! You look amazing!! It is easier the second time around and I think you are smart to not worry or compare you or your babies and situation to other people. That makes life much easier. Such a beautiful mama. Can't wait to see your little guy

emily+brett said...

I miss blogging so much. I kind of want to start again but you know how that goes... never really happens. Your belly is the cutest!!