Wednesday, May 6, 2015

a little life update and weeks 22-25 with baby #2

well i am behind on blogging about this pregnancy. shocker i know! we moved a few weeks ago though, and my laptop was in storage, and then when we finally got into the new house, it took us a week or so to get internet. so anyway, i am almost 25 weeks now. yikes. i remember being 15 weeks and thinking if i could get to 25 weeks it would feel so much closer to being done, but now that i am here... i feel like 15 weeks is forever away. but i also feel like that is not enough time. i am so excited to meet this little guy, but also extremely terrified to be a mother of two. ben is extremely active, curious, adventurous, and demands a lot of attention or else he will get hurt or who knows what. i am nervous about how i am going to handle a newborn with a crazy toddler, but i am pretty sure people have been doing it for years, so somehow i will survive. i have just accepted the fact that kids are resilient, my life is no longer about me, and things get better with time. so we will figure it out somehow! being in a bigger house will help. ben absolutely loves our backyard and we have a sliding door to go out there so he is out there ALL the time. i need to figure out a way to childproof it but he already figured it out when i stuck a curtain rod in the door. he knows to pull it out when he wants to go out and he actually locked me out of the house by walking back in and putting the pull in. ugh. talk about backfire. see why i am nervous to have a newborn that demands 24/7 care with a benny? he has gotten his head stuck in the stair rail already and we don't have a lock on this pantry so that's a whole other issue. we will figure it out though.

 i need to do a post on the new house. i will get to it. but we love it here so far. i miss my old bedroom.. it was a lot bigger than this one, but all of the other things about this house make it so much better than the last. we love the neighborhood, the location, the size, the backyard, the layout... we need to do some painting though. ben and the new baby's room are pink right now haha. we got a new kitchen table and when it got delivered on tuesday, i marched right back to RC willey to exchange it. we loved the table but we were deciding between 2. sean of course liked the cheaper one more, so we decided to go with that one, but when it sat in our kitchen it just didn't work. the color was too dark, almost a cherry red, and it clashed with all the other colors in the kitchen. we exchanged it for a different one, that has more of a rustic farmhouse style which is what i wanted in the first place. the other one was a little too traditional for me. it had leather seats and a bench. size wise it was great but this other one will be much better. we got a wood bench to go with it and i picked up some vintage metal bistro chairs today to go with it that will match our counter stools. the new table will be delivered on friday and they will take the one we didn't want haha. anyway, we love the house so far and i didn't mean to go off on that but i will post more about the house later with pictures.

i meant for this post to be about how the pregnancy is going but maybe we will just consider this a life update post. back to the pregnancy though.

how big is baby: in between an ear of corn and a rutabaga. so anywhere from like 8.5 inches to 13.5. about 1-2lbs. every app is different though so its hard to know. he feels huge. i feel him ALL over.

total weight gain: if you go off of my first dr. appt at 11 weeks, i think its like 5 lbs. but if you go off what i think i was before i got pregnant? probably like 12-13. who knows. all i know is that i weighed 10 lbs less when i got pregnant with ben, and i am like 7 lbs away from being what i weighed when i had ben.. haha. so i feel huge knowing that i still have 15 weeks left and i am almost that weight. oh well. i am pregnant. its the one time in my life its good to gain weight and i need to embrace it, even though its hard! i swear like 10lbs of it is in my chest. they almost make my stomach seem smaller because they are so big. i hate them.

sleep: great. except for if ben wakes up i have a hard time going back to sleep. but for some reason when i wake up to pee i can go right back to sleep. unisom helps me wonders.

best moment of the week: hmmm.. this baby has been moving for a while but he has been super super active this week. especially today. sending sean videos of my morphing stomach was a pretty cool moment this week.

food cravings: still tacos 180. and donuts, and ice cream cones or concrete mixers from culvers. and tootsie rolls.

food aversions: nothing really.

symptoms: i am sure if i wasn't on prilosec everyday i would have awful heartburn.. but i got on top of that this pregnancy and its been awesome not having to deal with it. except on the days i forget or run out.. the heartburn is AWFUL. also, at my last appointment i told my doctor about some stomach pains i have been having and she is pretty sure its my gallbladder. not much i can do but take lortab that she prescribed if i need it, and try to eat less fatty and fibrous foods. my back and hips hurt a lot and i have had a lot of braxton hicks and today i have had a lot of cramping.. which feels different than braxton hicks and round ligament pain. its closer to period cramps, which is how it was when i finally went into labor, so that scares me. i am sure its nothing though. maybe just a growth spurt or something. also, i feel like i can't breathe. ever. lung wise and nostril wise. super fun! :)

movement: yes. tons and tons.

gender: boy!

what i miss: i will always say smaller boobs and that will always be my answer.

here i am at almost 22 weeks.

22 weeks today. This baby is not growing out the way Ben did. He is growing up, back, and sideways.. But not out. I have to really push my hand/arm in to make it obvious there is a bump or else it just looks like I'm really thick and solid in the middle h

here i am at almost 25 weeks. this picture is deceiving though. the phone and my hand hide my chest so it makes me look a lot smaller than i actually look haha. oh well. ill take it.


Staci T said...

I love this post so much! And your kitchen looks darling💟💟💟

Danica Pardini said...

i'm SO happy your blogging again!! my life is complete now! xo

Tara Long said...

You look great! Every time I read that you feel huge, I laugh a little. You are so tiny to me! I'd give my left arm to look like you. Lol.
I know how you feel though. I'm the heaviest I've ever's depressing. But we are almost done now! Can't wait fir another update! You make me think I should start blogging again...