Tuesday, April 7, 2015

weeks 17-21 with baby #2


so the top picture is benny at 20 weeks and the bottom picture is baby #2 at 18 weeks 5 days. technically you could say 19 weeks, since i am measuring 3 days ahead, but it's not enough to change my due date, so whatever. i think their profiles look a lot alike!

so anyway, we had our big anatomy scan a couple of weeks ago. baby boy was no cooperating. he didn't cooperate very well at the gender ultrasound either. he likes to put his hands everywhere that the tech tries to measure. there were a couple of things that the tech noted. baby is breech right now, but so was ben and he flipped before delivery so i am not too worried about that. when we went in, i was having a contraction that made the measuring difficult. my placenta appeared way too close to my cervix during the contraction, but once it stopped she checked again and it was still close, but it's right on the border of it being a concern. the placenta should only move up from here, so she wasn't super worried. he did have a hole in his heart, but she said that usually they close up before they are born. i am thinking they aren't too concerned because i haven't gotten a call from them telling me to come back in. and this boy definitely does not like to show off his parts. ben was so open and not shy at all. this little guy likes to curl up in a ball and not show us anything. she could barely even tell if he was a boy and kept trying to go back but he wasn't cooperating. since she said it was a boy at 16 weeks, i am sticking to that, but it would be nice to have 100% confirmation haha.

i am just going to update on how i am now at almost 21 weeks.

how big is baby: the size of a mango or banana. my apps say about 6.5 inches and 11 oz. he was 11 oz 18 weeks 5 days, so i am sure he is bigger now.

total weight gain: i feel and probably look like i just keep steadily gaining weight, but the doctor said i have only gained about 2 lbs since my 11 week checkup and would like to see me gain more. i think i just gained like 5-7 lbs right at the beginning and have sort of slowed down a little. i am okay with that except i know i still have 20 more weeks to go haha. i will probably gain at least another 20 lbs. so i don't think that doctor needs to be concerned at all. its funny how different things are the second time around. the first time, everything happens sooo slowly. you slowly watch your body change and i feel like that gives you time to sort of accept the changes. the second time, its like your body knows exactly what to do, and things that didn't get a certain size until like 20-30 weeks, just get bigger immediately. your hips, boobs, tummy, face, and everything else just know what to do now. its definitely harder to deal with this time, since it literally happens overnight and i still have a lot longer to go. i do not feel like myself at all, but i know this is only temporary and my body is doing a pretty cool thing. my bump is definitely there but not really round. its actually quite odd shaped. i feel like instead of growing out he's growing up and in. which just makes it so i can't breathe and makes me feel pretty thick and solid from my boobs down to my hips. i would rather grow out so the bump looks a little more obvious and not just like i am filling out majorly and getting chubby haha.

sleep: sleeping great. have to pee a lot but it's not that bad. my body pillow helps a lot and i think im at the point that i can't sleep on my tummy anymore. which is hard because i am a stomach sleeper all the way. 

best moment of the week: feeling lots of kicks! 

food cravings: i have been under a lot of stress lately and have had a lot of stomach pain lately. so eating isnt my favorite right now, but cravings have been buffalo chicken tacos from 180 tacos. i am obsessed. and i still always want candy. i can't get enough tootsie rolls these days. lately though i have been sticking to bland food and just have toast or cereal. and my stomach still hurts!

food aversions: nothing really. not super into meat or veggies but thats sort of how i am when i am not pregnant either.

symptoms: prilosec is a lifesaver. except i ran out yesterday and had AWFUL heartburn today. we made sure to go to costco today and stock up. bad bloating and stomach aches, headaches, and my back is starting to hurt. i think the weight from my chest is really affecting my back. oh and i guess the belly haha.

movement: yes! started feeling him around 18 weeks. much earlier than last time. i feel him often now.

gender: boy! at least i still hope so haha! would love more confirmation.

what i miss: i will always say smaller boobs and taking alka seltzer for stomach aches.

here are some pictures from the last few weeks:

17 weeks

19 weeks

i have had quite a few contractions lately. like i mentioned i have been under a lot of stress, and i know it's not good for me or the baby. we are in the middle of selling our house and buying a new one and moving and it has been incredibly hard on me. i feel like i have maybe developed an ulcer from stress and that could be why my stomach hurts all the time. i will save that all for another post another day.. but if i start talking about it now i will start crying and i have been crying all week, so i won't write about it tonight.


Staci T said...

Hang in there my Bug💕 I think you look beautiful and I am super excited for this little 4. I love my Boys!!!👦👦👶👶💕

Katie Ashby said...

those ultrasounds make me think he and ben will be TWINS! i think it's finally hitting me that you'll have two baby boys and it makes me so excited! ben is the cutest boy with the most contagious and happy little personality and i can just picture another little ben, and i can't wait!!! i hope you start to feel better though - please let me know if you need anything!