Tuesday, April 9, 2013

more of ben's nursery.

 photo G48A3229_zps0e28e9d4.jpg  photo G48A3225_zps335f09ba.jpg  photo G48A3231_zps257ac866.jpg  photo G48A3233_zpse3d19b8e.jpg  photo G48A3234_zpsede911c6.jpg  photo G48A3235_zpsac83de7b.jpg  photo G48A3236_zpse4497175.jpg  photo G48A3237_zps0cb3aa37.jpg  photo G48A3243_zps4305d710.jpg  photo G48A3245_zpsd8321de2.jpg  photo G48A3246_zps2ad97226.jpg  photo G48A3248_zps42266dcb.jpg  photo G48A3251_zpsbd5f90ee.jpg  photo G48A3252_zpse06bd22d.jpg  photo G48A3256_zps10b81b9d.jpg  photo G48A3257_zpsa3f1e92b.jpg

my sister came over to our house to take ben's newborn pictures. she snapped some much better pictures of his nursery!  thanks so much maddie! also, almost every cute thing in this room was made by my amazing friend lee! thank you so much!! 

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Bon Bon said...

LOVE! Perfect blend of everything! xoxo