Tuesday, April 9, 2013

more pictures from the hospital

 photo G48A3124_zps2d4f6e3c.jpg  photo G48A3125_zpsb850a014.jpg  photo G48A3128_zps359061c5.jpg  photo G48A3131_zpsb059eaee.jpg photo G48A3135_zps1f52b6ac.jpg  photo G48A3142_zps4de2ea83.jpg  photo G48A3145_zps0ad6b9c9.jpg  photo G48A3148_zps556f992f.jpg  photo G48A3152_zps1651f02f.jpg  photo G48A3156_zps08102a05.jpg  photo G48A3157_zps07f6028e.jpg  photo G48A3160_zps56ade70e.jpg  photo G48A3162_zps82d1296a.jpg  photo G48A3164_zpsa5147126.jpg  photo G48A3165_zps3b920bc7.jpg  photo G48A3167_zps4de65b29.jpg  photo G48A3168_zps2abe54fe.jpg  photo G48A3170_zps0a68f445.jpg  photo G48A3172_zps5ca08b62.jpg  photo G48A3174_zps891f569a.jpg  photo G48A3175_zps2f56b0e7.jpg  photo G48A3176_zps4b61d813.jpg  photo G48A3190_zps48bd116d.jpg  photo G48A3193_zpsb40e8238.jpg  photo G48A3195_zpse1dcf18b.jpg  photo G48A3196_zps2d3bef67.jpg

my sister maddie is an amazing photographer and she captured these moments at the hospital after he was born! thanks maddie! i will cherish these forever! i also have some pictures that she took of ben's nursery and his newborn pictures that i need to post! life has been so crazy lately. ben is already 2 months old now and i am so behind on updating. i don't even have time to read blogs or comment anymore so i am so sorry for that! ben is napping in his swing right now and so that is why i am on here! the first 6 weeks were really really hard for me. i plan to do a post more on that later! ben has acid reflux and i struggled a lot with the baby blues. things have gotten much better though and i am finding that i have a little bit more time on my hands now. i am hoping to get caught up soon!

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Courtney said...

I absolutely LOVE these!!! Your sister is amazing :)