Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ben's newborn pictures

 photo G48A3282_zpsb3eadf9d.jpg  photo G48A3285_zps152dd615.jpg  photo G48A3290_zpse5d66a4c.jpg  photo G48A3293_zps3456084b.jpg  photo G48A3295_zpsf08b71db.jpg  photo G48A3296_zpsc15a59ea.jpg  photo G48A3303_zps5c225da9.jpg  photo G48A3311_zps89e17813.jpg  photo G48A3313_zps558b0c1f.jpg  photo G48A3315_zps914f450b.jpg  photo G48A3317_zpsb23d493c.jpg  photo G48A3323_zps9eb3eb1e.jpg  photo G48A3325_zps14e6af4c.jpg  photo G48A3332_zpsdb8d90fc.jpg  photo G48A3333_zps8d294f08.jpg  photo G48A3335_zps3dacb915.jpg  photo G48A3337_zpsf8e70e7c.jpg  photo G48A3338_zpse0e8eaff.jpg  photo G48A3339_zpseb1b9d84.jpg  photo G48A3340_zpsbb2c4166.jpg  photo G48A3345_zps7c1aa664.jpg  photo G48A3346_zps902a70fe.jpg  photo G48A3350_zps1b4ce34f.jpg  photo G48A3351_zpsaddd0354.jpg  photo G48A3355_zps8d3d446d.jpg  photo G48A3359_zpsebb1d6fe.jpg  photo G48A3362_zpsa3f7029d.jpg  photo G48A3365_zps5f8e53ea.jpg  photo G48A3371_zps2dd815e6.jpg  photo G48A3372_zps3583a5bd.jpg  photo G48A3377_zps6476c7b3.jpg  photo G48A3383_zpsa5034d08.jpg  photo G48A3385_zpse2ac9b03.jpg  photo G48A3406_zpsab51dc6d.jpg  photo G48A3410_zps4f5b9b29.jpg  photo G48A3411_zps357b6f56.jpg  photo G48A3412_zpsb94a4591.jpg  photo G48A3419_zpsa184550b.jpg  photo G48A3420_zps338a3ff8.jpg  photo G48A3422_zpsd3baf7d2.jpg  photo G48A3435_zpsdb870b60.jpg  photo G48A3436_zpse64fff16.jpg  photo G48A3437_zps82a404f1.jpg

my sister maddie came to our house to take newborn pictures of ben about a week after he was born. i didn't want anything to fancy or studio style. i just wanted some natural pictures in our own home. i know a lot of these are almost the same picture but i couldn't decide which ones to post so i just posted all of them! i love them so much. it is so crazy to look at these now and see how much he has changed. he did not love it when we took him binki out of his mouth so that is why it is in a lot of the pictures. we were hoping he would fall asleep for these as well.. but if there is anything i have learned from ben it is that he does whatever he wants whenever he wants :)

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Elise said...

Aw! So sweet. I can't believe how much HAIR he has!!! Adorable