Tuesday, April 9, 2013

our first pictures as a family of three.

 photo G48A3441_zpsbe951f1f.jpg  photo G48A3447_zpscfc45237.jpg  photo G48A3451_zpscb3a7ca2.jpg  photo G48A3455_zpscfe605d1.jpg  photo G48A3456_zps54a91068.jpg  photo G48A3457_zpsfd11ae0e.jpg  photo G48A3462_zps12a97132.jpg  photo G48A3464_zpsda01256b.jpg  photo G48A3471_zpsa08eb539.jpg  photo G48A3473_zps8429f391.jpg  photo G48A3474_zps407f9f36.jpg  photo G48A3475_zps0d673220.jpg  photo G48A3476_zps8cd31913.jpg  photo G48A3477_zps54f29893.jpg  photo G48A3481_zpsd7c920b3.jpg  photo G48A3483_zps526e7b73.jpg  photo G48A3485_zpsb804480b.jpg  photo G48A3488_zps695c9773.jpg  photo G48A3489_zpsd24fec10.jpg  photo G48A3490_zps2630d5fb.jpg  photo G48A3495_zps5d001907.jpg  photo G48A3497_zps7beacecc.jpg  photo G48A3499_zps383e161f.jpg  photo G48A3503_zps6e362900.jpg  photo G48A3505_zps8937afdd.jpg  photo G48A3509_zps51df8f80.jpg  photo G48A3513_zpse89cbcca.jpg  photo G48A3518_zps5572e0df.jpg  photo G48A3523_zps0631edf6.jpg  photo G48A3526_zps70edab1d.jpg  photo G48A3527_zpsc348a6e1.jpg  photo G48A3530_zpsab25c394.jpg  photo G48A3531_zpsa44fe886.jpg  photo G48A3532_zps4536ccb9.jpg

okay technically we are a family of four since i count moses as family but you know what i mean. we decided to have maddie take some pictures of us as a family when she came over to take the newborn pictures. i love how these turned out! it was so nice not having to leave the house too! thank you so much maddie! now that i am not as swollen and have lost the baby weight we should have you take some more ;)


Karli said...

What a beautiful little babe. Congratulations to you both. I hope Ben and Moses are settling in well together x

Elise said...

SO pretty. What a beautiful family.
We had Maddie come to our house for Will's pictures too. It is seriously the BEST thing ever.

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

You three are soooooo gorgeous, and look at your newest member of the family...I'm already jealous of his hair! ;)

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

These pictures are SO sweet! It's crazy to see how much he's grown! You look beautiful as always and your sister did an amazing job! Seriously love the pics!