Tuesday, January 29, 2013

39.5 weeks

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how far along? 39 and a half weeks. the bottom picture was taken at 39. and i was hoping these would be the last belly shots, so i pulled out my nice camera. still crossing my fingers that they are the last shots..

total weight gain: ha, well i made up for the no weight gain for a while. i gained 3 at my last appointment. so i am up about 28-29 lbs. i don't know what happened last week, but my appetite has been out of control. it hasn't been like this the whole pregnancy, but last week... man. i think sean was terrified. i could seriously out eat anyone. i am secretly crossing my fingers that it means labor is soon. my body is trying to store up as much fat/energy as possible.

maternity clothes? basically i just wear sweats and baggy t-shirts all the time. you can say i have given up. i have been avoiding leaving the house at all costs. last week was pretty much my last week at work, unless they need me to come in at all this week. but even when i went in last week, i wore sweats. 

stretch marks? still just under my chest. nothing new from the last update.

sleep: i have very few great nights and a lot of awful nights where i can't stop sweating and my hands and feet are on fire. mostly i don't sleep much.

best moment this week: it's been kind of a rough week. but my dad did surprise me and brought over a diet coke from mcdonalds (in a styrafoam cup) with all my favorite treats because i was having a rough day. he is the best! :)

miss anything? my old body. wearing regular clothes. getting ready for the day and not feeling like i just ran a marathon.

movement: i think he is running out of room. but there has still been some big moves.

food cravings: still donuts and tootsie rolls.. and cheeseburgers and chips. basically any carbs.

anything making you queasy or sick: no not really.

labor signs: still just 1cm dilated 80% effaced. i have had a few contractions here and there and some really bad lower back pain.

symptoms: swelling, pain, feeling LIKE A WHALE.

belly button in or out? still partially in/out. 

wedding rings on or off? it fits but i don't even bother since i hide out at home as much as possible.

happy or moody most of the time: it's been a rough week. i have been pretty moody.

looking forward to: hopefully getting to meet our baby soon. 

i hate mondays. they can bring good or bad news. it's the day of my weekly appointment and i have to get checked and find out how much weight i have gained. i always hurt the rest of the day after that. but it hurts even more when she checks me and i have made no progress in 4 weeks. i am still at 1cm and 80% effaced. she stripped my membranes for me (which sucked) and said, "hopefully i won't see you at your next appointment in a week." but i am not getting my hopes up. she said if i don't have the baby by then, then we can talk about getting induced next friday, when i am 41 weeks. so i guess we just wait and see. there is a 50% chance that stripping your membranes will put you into labor within in 24-48 hours. after getting my membranes stripped i felt awful. i was having lots of pain and cramping. i was planning to go walk the mall after but i felt terrible. on sunday we even skipped out on church and walked the provo mall. judge all you want, i don't mind. i am done going to church until i have this baby (and let's be honest, for a while after that as well). nothing fits anymore and i am so uncomfortable sitting for that long. that is basically why i can't handle work much longer. at least at work though i can get up and walk around a lot. i don't really feel up to getting out and doing much these days. oh well. i need to cheer up! maybe that is why this baby doesn't want to come out! we have both been so anxious and ready for him to come. i really hope i don't make it to my next appointment. today i shoveled the driveway (well attempted. it kept snowing over everything i shoveled so i gave up) cleaned the entire house (AGAIN), went to walmart to stock up on some more food and recovery stuff.. my back ached all day and i had lots of braxton hicks, but here i sit, with no baby yet. he is moving around like crazy as a type this. he has been stretching out so much that is really physically hurts my insides. i keep telling him that there is soooo much more room out here but i guess he isn't buying it... 


Caitlin said...

Girl you look amazing for almost 40 weeks. I judge not lest I be judged right? But I'm gunna pray hard for you and yours for Jesus to help you get that baby out soon. I'm sure in no time he'll come out. But if not it will seem like forever, you can just give me your address and we can set up a consistent stream of tootsie rolls or something to help pass the time. Like care packages for fed up baby mamas. (please lord tell me your laughing).

mama boss said...

Oh, Chloe! It's almost over! I'm sure you're sick of hearing the "almost" part... But seriously, you are absolutely stunning. I'm sorry that you're having a rough time in this final stretch, but it really is all worth it in the end. Oh, aren't I just a great big cliche?! It's true, though!
You are a strong woman, and you can do this! I'll be praying for you, friend! :)

Anonymous said...

One day when I am pregnant I hope I look as good as you. Only, not being pregnant I don't look as gorgeous as you lady! Praying that Blue just shoots out of you in the next, I don't know, 20 minutes or something, and it will all be over and you will have the cutest little mini human ever! If I ever meet you, I'm coming with a Styrofoam cup of Diet Coke! xxx

MINDY said...

I know this is the last thing you want to hear, but I say keep him in! Cole had a cold and it is so awful. He is so tiny and has to deal with a freaking cough and crsppy nose. It sucks. So keep him in there where he's safe! I know you don't want to hear that. Sorry. He will be here before you know it and pregnancy will be just a memory :)

Tara Long said...

Seriously...you are probably the MOST beautiful pregnant lady. EVER. It's kind of annoying...I won't lie. (YOU are not annoying. Just the fact that I'm so jealous. Haha) I still love reading/seeing all the updates, even if the pics are about the "same" things. That is what your life is about right now and you shouldn't feel bad about that!