Tuesday, January 22, 2013

38.5 weeks

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how far along? 38 and a half weeks. this was taken at exactly 38.

total weight gain: no weight gain since last week. so still at about 25 pounds gained. i think this excessive water drinking really helps... haha. 

maternity clothes? yes. and lots and lots of sweats.

stretch marks? still just under my chest. nothing new from the last update.

sleep: i am getting really anxious so it's been hard to sleep at night. and obviously i am a little uncomfortable. i have taken a few really nice naps though since i haven't been working as much.

best moment this week: getting to say that my baby is due... next week!!

miss anything? just the usual haha. i get repetitive on here.

movement: i think he is running out of room. but there has still been some big moves.

food cravings: donuts and tootsie rolls. 

anything making you queasy or sick: no not really.

labor signs: i am still just dilated 1 cm and 80% effaced. boo. come on body.. start progressing! i did have a few strong contractions on sunday night but they didn't last. my lower back has been hurting like crazy since yesterday though... hoping it's a sign but probably won't turn into anything.

symptoms: just the usual. a little swelling, exhaustion... etc. i take a pill for my heartburn but lately i have still been getting it.

belly button in or out? still partially in/out. more out this week.

wedding rings on or off? still fits but i haven't been wearing much. my hands randomly swell if i am not drinking water 24/7 and i am afraid if i take off my ring during one of those moments i will lose it.

happy or moody most of the time: a little bit of everything. i kinda feel like a zombie at this point. i am just ready to be done.

looking forward to: meeting this baby in a week and a half!!! i hope he comes sooner. but i am guessing he will be late. super bowl weekend.

at my appointment yesterday there was not much news. i haven't progressed and am getting discouraged. i know it doesn't really mean anything to be dilated and effaced and whatnot.. because when the baby is ready, he will come. but still. i hate getting checked every week. i am so sore from it all day and the only thing that makes it worth it is hearing that there is some progression. so to have none for the past 2 weeks is hard to hear. i had some protein in my urine again this time, but my blood pressure is still normal so it's nothing to be concerned about. i know that some people can be 1cm in the morning and have a baby that night.. so that's what gives me hope. but at the same time i know it's normal to be late with your first baby, so i am kind of planning on that. i feel so lazy though not working as much and wish that he would just come so i wouldn't feel like i am just laying around being a bum. there is so much i still need to do, but have no energy to do it. i had a few nesting episodes this weekend and got a few things done so that was good. i still feel like i have so much to do though. i am so not ready for him but SOOOOOO ready. i can't wait to meet him. i tear up just thinking about that moment when sean and i both get to see his face. in the meantime, i will just continue to feel like a ticking time bomb... that will probably never go off, but keeps me anxious and afraid to do anything... haha. i hope this is the last pregnancy week by week update i give... baby blue? your mommy and daddy can't wait to meet you!!


Staci T said...

Now that just made me tear up!! Come on baby blue bug, we seriously need to meet up:)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see you guys as parents and to see the little person you have made! Oh my goodness! Come on Baby Blue! xxx Lots of love!

Addison Renee Boutique said...

So ready to meet him! I watch my phone all day waiting fot he call or text that says "I am in labor" so I can jump in the car to come see him! You guys are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait to see you experience all the amazing things that being a mom lets you experience. Love you guys and see you SO soon!

Blicious said...

gorgeous photo!! Im a new follower!

Bret and Ashlee said...

SO excited for you-it is making me more and more anxious for this baby girl of ours to get here. It was so FUN to go out with you guys the other night! Can't wait to meet baby blue!!!

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

I think everyone is just as anxious to meet this little guy as you are! One thing that helped me (at least I think it did) was when I did start having contractions, I pictured my uterus contracting, pushing the baby down, and my cervix dilating with each contraction. I watched a video (I think from BabyCenter) about what is happening to your body during labor and it helped me visualize everything better. I know it sounds weird but I swear it helped! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that he comes soon and that all goes well with mom and baby!