Sunday, August 26, 2012

17 weeks

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how big is baby: the size of a sweet potato. 5.5 inches, 5 oz. (that is head to rump) my uterus is the size of a cantaloupe though.

total weight gain: we don't have a scale.. but at my last appointment i was up 3 lbs total. 

sleep: i don't really have a problem sleeping but i get sore laying in one position for too long. my tailbone is already hurting me. when you are pregnant, hormones get released that cause the ligaments in your body too loosen up and i am pretty sure that is why my back hurts. it's not like the baby is huge yet or anything.

best moment of the week: nothing too exciting happened this week.

food cravings: nothing specific really. today bbq chips sounded good but i never ended up having any. waffles with peanut butter and syrup sounded good so i made some of those.

food aversions: meat. and most vegetables.

symptoms: lots of heartburn this week. plus exhaustion, and depression. oh and headaches.

movement: not yet. the ultrasound technician said if i was feeling anything this early then i was probably mistaken. she says closer to 20-22 weeks is when i will feel the baby. we will see.

gender: boy!

what i miss: sushi. and smaller boobs.

this is the survey i have been trying to do weekly on my private blog. i was exactly 17 weeks in these. sorry for the crappy phone pictures. the battery on my camera is dead and i am just too lazy to charge it. once again these pictures make it look like i am showing more than i really am. they were taken in the evening with a full belly. the last picture on the left is what i look like in the morning. not much of anything. today i seem to be even smaller than those pictures so who knows. i can tell my belly is growing but most people still can't. i am wondering if i will "pop" soon.. guess we will see.

i have been kinda depressed this week. especially this weekend. sean was gone on a scouting trip and i got kind of lonely. i guess that could be why i have been feeling down. i am assuming that is normal but maybe i am just letting the exhaustion and hormones get the best of me. i feel useless and pathetic and i haven't been feeling well and i don't understand why the nausea and stuff is worse this trimester. don't get me wrong, i know it could be worse. and usually i feel better after i throw up, but most people seem to feel so much better this trimester. maybe in the next few weeks i'll get feeling 100% better. i could really do without the daily headaches.

in 2 weeks we have our big anatomy ultrasound. i am excited and nervous. can't wait to see my little boy again, but i hope that everything is okay and that he is measuring fine. i really hope nothing is wrong! anyway, sorry if this post was depressing. here's to hoping things are better tomorrow. i have a a lot to be happy about and a lot to be grateful for. i just want to thank my dear sweet sean for taking care of me and putting up with me. he is my best friend. good night world.


danica + stephen said...

i love the baby bump! i'm sorry you're already have back pain and depression! i don't know the first thing about pregnancy but praying the pregnancy goes well and baby ashby grows strong and healthy.

Anonymous said...

Sweetest little food baby ever! ;) I hope you feel better soon. I wish I could bring you flowers and BBQ chips and waffles and a funny movie!

Staci T said...

I'm sorry you had a tough week:( Pregnancy can be a trip for sure and not really all that fun sometimes. Let me know if you need anything! I love you so much!

mama boss said...

concerning movement... it's totally possible to feel movement this early. (with z and cupcake I was in my 15th week when I felt them.) generally, with your first, you don't realize you've been feeling your baby until the wiggles are a bit stronger, but it's still very possible.

i love that you wrote that one thing you miss is smaller boobs. it seems like everyone gets so excited for their chest to grow, but it is seriously overrated.

you are so lovely, and i'm sorry that it's been a little rough for you recently, but i am so excited for you guys! and, even though it feels like forever, 40 weeks really isn't that long... but i hope you get feeling a little better. :)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

loved reading this! isn't it so crazy how different pregnancy is for everyone??

i'm excited for you to have another ultrasound! i felt like mine went by so fast and i wanted more time to just watch the baby move! so i'm excited for you. everything will be great!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

oh. and i say psshh to not being able to feel your baby til 20-22 weeks. i'm not saying you have to feel it before, but i felt it at 16 weeks with both babies and am positive it wasn't just gas or something. by 20 weeks with this one, the movements are pretty strong. for the first few weeks it was occassional and light, but it is getting stronger already and i am only 21 weeks. i always notice it most at night when i'm laying really still. anyway. i'm not saying everyone feels it that early or that i'm wonderbuns or anything, i'm just saying don't doubt if you do think you feel it.

and sorry sean was gone for the weekend:( i know how that it is and it definitely gets lonely. next time we will have to hang out!

Sam Morgan said...

Yay, I love these posts. I'm starting on my path to be a doula, so I love hearing about people's pregnancies. Keep them coming!