Wednesday, February 1, 2012

moe's exciting news.

what is moe's exciting news? he has a daily dog walker! funny story actually. sorry if that was not the exciting news that you were looking for. but it is big news around here! and if you don't want to read about how this came about at least scroll to the end and read some facts about our dog walker. he is awesome. oh and in reality that dog walker should probably be me. since i bought moses and all and responisibil...blah blah blah. anyway. sean and i work with the young men and young women in our ward. sean is in charge of the 12 year olds. okay 12 year old. there is only one. anyway, he was trying to raise money to buy his mom some things for her birthday. guess what he wanted to buy her? flowers, a card, and a whisk for her kitchen. a whisk? what kind of 12 year old thinks of stuff like that? so anyway, he came up to me at the church when we were having an activity and told me he needed our key. that sean said he could walk our dog the next day for a little bit of money. i handed him the key and got home and sean was like "i didn't tell him to ask for the key.." oops. oh well.


to make a long story short.. he is now our official dog walker. he told me to leave him a note with instructions on how to walk him. i left it on the door. so what does this kid do? he writes me a note back. and tells me he went upstairs.. with his friends. crap. when i went upstairs i had left my underwear drawer entirely open. the room was a mess. he said moses wouldn't come down when they came over so they had to come up and get him. crap. moses always comes down when he hears people come in. what the heck? anyway. so now that this boy and his 2 friends have seen my underwear and my messy room, i figured eh? oh well.. sure .. come over everyday! why not? i don't think my house can get much messier than it did that day. i mean he even said in the note that my house was awesome. haha.

he called me after leaving the note and asked if he could turn this into a real life job. no like really, he called me and asked me that. so i said sure why not! he wants to walk him every single day. i told him i would pay him 3 dollars every time that he walked him. he was like "oh i was just going to say $1 but if you are sure??" oops. i guess i didn't really do the math because the next day he reminded sean that he was going to be so rich and would make like $700 this year or something like that. hey.. i am just trying to support our youth okay? besides.. i personally think i would want to make $3. if i only got paid $1 i would probably get bored. but then i remember i am not 12 and am an adult and should do this without getting paid.. but you know what screw that. i don't have to worry about it anymore! and it makes moses happy. and i don't feel guilty that he is alone all day now. i know he has something to look forward to everyday. and this kid is rad. and he says the funniest things. so i am going with it.. k? i am throwing all dignity out the window and not caring about what my house looks like.

here are some fun facts about him:

his name is kaden.  

he made a calendar to put on our fridge so he can mark off days that he worked.

he spelled february febuary. i love it.

he added valentines to that calendar. and then said he would walk him for an extra hour that night if we needed some more alone time. hahahaha! who is this kid? i love him.

those days say free because i paid him in advance so he could get his mom her gift.

he called me one night to come over so i could teach him how to put moe's gentle leader leash on.

he called me today just to tell me that he forgot to tell me on monday that he wore his roller blades and let moses drag him.

he then called me back because he was sorry that he forgot to tell me he let his friend walk moe for 5 minutes.

he wears our house key on a chain around his neck.

he thinks that sean and i have an arranged marriage and that i am from india. sean told him this because he asked why i looked so sad in one of my wedding pictures.

he called me another time to tell me he forgot to tell me that moses pooped on our neighbors lawn. but he cleaned it up.

he told some other kids tonight an activity that i am his employer. employer..  i am an employer! i feel so cool.

he told me my house was awesome. did i already mention that? oh and he lives in a freaking mansion. so for him to say that my little house is awesome made my day.

tonight at young women's he barged in (he was in a young men's activity) and demanded some of this brown sugar, cream cheese dip i made for apples. he saw that there was only one apple slice left.. ran to grab it and gladly dipped it in.... the peanut better instead. the look on his face was the saddest look i have ever seen. like he just ate a piece of poop. so what does he do? takes the bowl of other dip and starts scooping it out with his fingers.

today he offered to do my dishes if i ever need him to.. wha??? this is working out splendidly. can i go to jail if i let him "help" me out with my house chores?

he loves moses. he even calls him mo-mo.

he thinks we are awesome because all we have in our house is candy. he loves our candy dish. that candy dish was completely full last night. i came home.. empty. i had to add more. i'm hoping i can get him to start vacuuming. gotta keep him happy.

he has better handwriting than me.

oh and on a completely unrelated note. i am sick of my hair. please someone talk me out of chopping it off. or convince me that i should? i need a change! what should i do?


oh and i have been meaning to mention that my mom started a book club blog! you should all go check it out here! she is adorable. i love her!


mama boss said...

please don't chop off your hair, it is too pretty!!! (sorry to be no help.)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

hahah. he sounds hilarious! i loved the random facts. my favorite was that he called to tell you he wore roller blades and let moe pull him. too funny!

tiffany said...

haha thats really adorable.
and don't cut your hair it looks so good long! i know how you feel about wanting a change though and i think your hair would look AMAZING with a slight ombre to it

Devin & Katie said...

oh my gosh. i haven't laughed so hard in a long time! what a stud! this is absolutely hilarious. and i think your hair would be so pretty in any style - serious! you could pull anything off!

Rhianne said...

Haha, this is amazing news and great that moses has made a friend :)

DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR! Its gorgeous, perhaps a new colour? Layers can be considered...

Tara Long said...

That boy sounds like a dream! Ha ha, jk. But really, what a good kid! And he has better handwriting than anyone I
When I start getting sick of my hair I try to wait two weeks or so until I do anything. Usually if I do that either I'm fine with my hair and glad I didn't chop it or something Or I'm still so sick of it I'm dying and then I don't regret what I do. And you are just beautiful, I'm sure what you do will look great.

Kayla said...

haha I love this dog walker kid, how hilarious!! and that is so sweet that he wanted to buy those gifts for his mom! and honestly I'm in the same boat as you with my hair. I wanna cut it. but I don't. But I want a change... ahh it's a vicious cycle. but whatever YOU do with your hair, you always look gorgeous, so you don't need to stress too much :)

Rochelle said...

I love him already!! I almost want to get a dog just so he can come walk mine...dang 4th south being in the way and all though!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Hahaha! This is hilarious. Seriously, what a cool little boy. I loved reading all of the funny details... still laughing about him.
And Chloe, your hair is sooooo beautiful! I would die to have your thick, silky, dark hair. Not everyone can have long hair that looks so pretty. So maybe take advantage of that? I'm not doubting the fact that you will still look just as gorgeous if you cut it, cause you will. You are just lucky to have hair that looks so pretty long too. I agree, the ombre color might be a fun change. Let's be honest though, whatever you do you can't go wrong! Sometimes it just so nice to have a change, and it will always grow back right? Ha, pretty sure I just did a complete circle and was no help at all :)

konnie said...

did you ever think moses could bring this much happiness to your life? i love your story

Maddie said...

UM, I will freaking trade you hair lol.

David and Shalynna said...

This had me laughing out loud- so much that I had to have David read it. He laughed out loud too. You are hilarious!!!!!! This kid sounds like a piece of work. I love him. I just watched Up recently (and cried my eyes out) and Moses' Daily Walker reminds me of Russell. Haha!

The circus is coming to Atlanta soon. The only other time I've ever been was with you, Sean, Grant, and Brittany. I wish we would have gotten together more times because I want to be best friends with you every time I read a new blog post from you. :)

Danica from A Sight To Be Seen said...

More layers! Ask for soft layers! Layers can change up any look without taking off all the length!

samnhal said...

This is hilarious! WHo is this kid? Are you sure he's not straight out of the 50s or something?