Thursday, February 2, 2012

february photo a day challenge.


i really wanted to participate in the fat mum slim photo a day challenge last month. i was late to the party though because i got really sick and i don't have an iphone anymore, so therefore i don't have instagram. but i've seen lots of people just do it on their blogs so i was super excited to see that they were doing another one for february. i haven't felt inspired to blog lately so i am hoping this will get me kick-started!

since i already posted some pictures from yesterday i thought i would just share one from a few days before for the 1st day. which was yesterday. once again i am late to the party and breaking the rules. oh well.

day 1. your view today

we saw this cool ice tree thing that someone created with their hose while
driving up the canyon by our house to check out a shooting range.

and that was a really long probably improper sentence.
i'll post day 2 later today!


siddathornton said...

i'm doing this too :)

Lee S. said...

I'm in! Tho late to the party, too. Will post on the bloggy laters.