Thursday, February 23, 2012

day 23 : your shoes


i wear the crap out of my shoes. seriously. i find some i like and i wear them for a solid 3 months straight and they usually are a mess and stink and have holes in them by then. these are pretty much the only pair of shoes that i have that are still in good condition. gold sperry topsiders. angel fish style. i have them in metallic too. these ones were actually a christmas gift for my sister in law sarah from my mom. i got the metallic ones. they were a little too big for her though so my mom got her the right size and said i could have these ones because they fit perfect. i love them! sarah picked them out. she has great taste. so thanks mom and sarah! :) we just have to make sure we don't wear them on the same day.. because they kind of stand out! i consider them lucky shoes .. because.. why wouldn't gold shoes be lucky?

1 comment:

J and A said...

Love them. They do look lucky. :)