Saturday, February 25, 2012

day 24 : inside your bathroom cabinet


okay. so normally it doesn't look at all like this. in fact, most of the stuff in here is all over the counter top. and then there was just a whole bunch of crap in here. empty boxes, plastic sacks, empty bottles. why do i save empty things? in fact i don't even use most of this stuff in here so i should probably just throw it all out. sigh. i thought about just posting it how it was before but then decided i didn't want to embarrass sean or my mother anymore (remember my closet?) so i straightened it up and cleaned it out. it was the most vigorous thing i have done all week. and it wore me out. now i need a nap. this is why i don't like cleaning. also, believe it or not but i couldn't get great lighting inside this cabinet. so not the greatest picture.

i thought about just posting sean's pretending it was mine. and yes we use different bathrooms. mostly because i am a slob. so here is his.. most of the stuff in his.. is mine. but it's just so funny how much less stuff guys have.


and moses wanted to say hi.


i truly believe doors were invented to hide messes. my bathroom looks so much cleaner with all the doors closed.

also, i guess i'll give a little update on how i have been. i would have posted this yesterday but i was feeling terrible yesterday. on thursday i was feeling so good. i was able to get out of the house and go into work for a minute to submit HMDA before the deadline. i had to get it done that day so i am glad i was feeling well enough to go in. i met up with my mom and dad at zupas after and we even ran into my mother in law while we were there! it was so nice to get out. i think i must have overdone it though because yesterday was a rough day. it kind of started thursday night but i had a mild fever and was just not feeling very good. sean checked my throat and i had a huge hole in the back by the hangy ball thing (as sean calls it). we think that maybe when i was throwing up the day before the stitch came out and it split open. it is pretty big. like you can see right through it and probably stick a finger in it. gross i know. but it freaked sean out so he called the dr. at 10 p.m. that night even though i told him not to worry about it. they transferred him to an after hours ER doctor and he was on the phone for a while and they decided that it would just be best for me to call back in the morning and speak to the doctor who did the surgery. well friday is the day that he does surgery so i had to speak with his nurse. she got a hold of him later and they told me it was probably just a scab, which it clearly isn't, but they said to not worry about it and they will look at it when i go to my post-op appointment next week. they did call in some new prescriptions for me though. ones that don't make me throw up! so yay! i am feeling much better with the new medicine since i still haven't been able to eat much. they do make me super sleepy though. but that is necessarily a bad thing. anyway, other than that things are good. i am feeling pretty good today. well enough to organize my bathroom anyway. actually, maybe i am not feeling well if i actually did that... ha.

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