Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my husband thinks i'm crazy.

(sorry i couldn't resist. he is just too cute. and probably has dreams to kill me in my sleep one day)

gahhh! i had every intention of starting the new year and being a better blogger. but i failed. good thing i didn't publicly announce that on here. oh wait... just did.

yesterday sean laughed at me all day for apparently doing things that he had never seen me do before.

like vacuuming my coat. what is so unusual about that? he was just jealous he didn't come up with the idea first. because it was brilliant i tell you. brilliant. who needs a dry cleaner? also in his defense it was the first time i had done that. and i will tell you now it definitely won't be the last time. moses sheds. coat's attract hair. vacuums... suck. makes sense... right? it's awesome. also i got side-tracked vacuuming my coat so he ended up vacuuming the rest of the house when i was finished. so i think that makes this whole thing all the more brilliant. and actually i had already sort of vacuumed the house but he had to "fix" it. whatever that means. i'll stick to vacuuming coats sean. you can have the floors.

or plucking my eyebrows while holding my lamp in one hand and my tweezers in the other while balancing my magnifying mirror that has a broken light that makes me want to cry when i look into it because it's just showing too. much. stuff... it's too good at it's job and i hate it but anyway i was balancing that on my knee while plucking my eyebrows with moses at my feet while watching a lifetime movie about "sexting" and i was crying all at the same time. what is so weird about that?



Maddie said...

Haha! This is great

Devin & Katie said...

youre a genius. i'm going to go vacuum my coat right now. screw the drycleaner! haha also, i really hope sean got a picture of your balancing act.

Lee S. said...

You are seriously my favorite. I may have done the magnifying mirror balancing act as well. And I love that Moe. He is such an intellectual!

Anonymous said...

I cry too when I look in those mirrors. Makes me think no one will ever want to kiss me! Haha! :) Just kidding... I love the way we girls can multitask!

konnie said...

Sounds like you have things all figured out. good for you

David and Shalynna said...

Chloe, you are so funny! I just got caught up on your blog and read the past five or six posts and you had me laughing. You are the cutest thing. I wish we were friends in real life (remember that one time we went to the circus and The Pie and I ate all your cinnamon pizza?... weird that we've actually met:). You and Sean are a darling couple and I just love your stories!

Kasey Lynne said...

Good thing that you didnt end up plucking MORE hair than what you actually planned!! That would've sucked!!

Like some of these ladies have already said, you do have some great stories!