Sunday, January 8, 2012

happy 26th birthday sean!



today is sean's 26th birthday! i can't believe it. i remember when we were engaged and celebrating his 23rd birthday. it seems like just yesterday! sean wanted another gun for his birthday. and since i can't say no whenever he (and moses) flashes those puppy dog eyes, he got a winchester shotgun, a case for it, and a new pair of shoes. we also ate out multiple times this weekend to celebrate. it was a great weekend. i sure hope he had a good birthday! he deserved it!


i just want you to know how lucky i am to have you. this past week with having the stomach flu? you took such good care of me. thank you for always taking such good care of moses and i. we are so lucky. i still wake up everyday and can't believe that you wanted to be with me. thanks for always making me laugh. for knowing when i'm about to cry and fixing things. for giving me a hug without me having to ask. for understanding the things that i just can't seem to explain. for saying the things that i need to hear when i need to hear them. for being the best thing about my life. i love you! happy birthday seanie!

love chloe and moses


megan said...

Happy BIRTHDAY to Sean!
My guy just turned 26 this past week... We met when he was 20 and it is CRAZY to look back on that time!

Such a sweet post. :)

{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Ummm, I'm pretty sure why he wanted to be with you. You're like the coolest girl ever. Sorry to hear you were sick! You should have told me & I would have brought you something to make you feel better like Diet Dr. Pepper or something. Anyways, hope you guys had fun celebrating his birthday!! You guys are adorable!

Erika said...

You're such a good wife! I'm glad you guys had a great weekend.
January birthdays are the best, I think.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Yay, happy birthday to Sean!

Bret and Ashlee said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Bret is SOOO jealous of your new gun. We need to get together soon-miss you guys!

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Happy birthday to Sean! Guys and their guns :) So funny. Preston loves guns too.
You and Sean are so cute together. Isn't is so nice having someone that just nows you inside and out? Hope you're feeling better Chloe!