Thursday, November 10, 2011


just some thoughts:

do you feel cooler when you hear a song on the radio and they throw "utah"  (or the state you live in) in the song in place of some other, much cooler place that is in the song? i call those pity songs. they depress me. like the first time you hear it it's like "okay. that's cute i suppose." (not really though) but then when you hear it over and over and it's so obviously added in there... i don't know. i feel like they are trying to make us feel better for some reason. like our state is awesome. and it is pretty cool but i would rather be in paris  like the song originally says.

why is mcdonald's diet coke so much better than anywhere else? no really? why? sean used to work there and i don't know if he just doesn't want to let the secret out.. but there has to be something. some sort of secret. because it seems like you can always count on them being good. whether you go to any of the ten within a 3 mile radius. or do they just taste good because they are $1?

why doesn't my dog understand daylight savings time?

do you watch new girl? if you don't... you need to stop reading this right now and go watch. seriously. every episode gets better and better. i want to be best friends with schmidt. if you do? you are awesome and we should hang out sometime.

do you watch 2 broke girls? because i haven't heard sean laugh so hard in a long time. he admitted that it was his new favorite show this season. i think it's hilarious. i love kat denning.

why do my nails seem to grow faster when i put nail polish on them?

how come all the sudden when i publicly admitted that i was baby hungry.. babies are EVERYWHERE around me. and they all suddenly got a million times cuter than they already were and they were already really cute. sigh. not helping my craving.

i think i am losing my mind. i went to chick-fil-a the other day. forgot my wallet. luckily my sister was there. tried to order a kids meal. i think it came out in some other language that i was not aware i spoke. somehow the guy understood me and then he handed my change and then i handed it back to him like i hadn't even paid yet? then i asked for barbecue sauce like twice but he had already gotten it for me? then i almost dropped the bag and my drink on all the napkins? sigh.

okay, that reminds me. let's talk about the time i spent $18 at del taco. yes. $18. WHAAAA? i know you are thinking. how is that even possible? i honestly think i broke a record that day. and this was only for 2 people. i was trying to save money and sean wanted something cheap so he was like "go to del taco." and i was like "okay." because last time he went he got enough food for 12 people and it was like $3.50. so i go thinking it will be cake. apparently it takes skill to order at del taco. sean said he wanted a burrito with meat in it. so i just asked about one in the drive thru and they told me about one and so i was like "okay, i will get one of those. (thinking it would be like $2 at most) then 2 bean burritos, 2 chicken soft tacos, a medium fry,and 2 large drinks." then they were like "would you like to add a shake for $1 to that?" and i was like "well, yeah!" because i love their shakes and when i used to get them when they were little they were huge. so i got a chocolate and a strawberry. and then she was like, "that will be 17.49 at the first window." and i was like "excuse me?" and then i noticed that the burrito i got sean was $4.99. are you serious? for a burrito? but at this point i was sure that they already made it and i felt stupid and i am sure they were laughing inside thinking "wow, this chick just spent $18 here... that's a record!" and so i shamefully just let it go and pulled up to the window. she hands me my food and drinks. then my $1 shakes. and they were in cups that you get the free water in. you know.. those plastic clear cups. and i was like "yay, this is awesome. thank you." and i drove away and didn't want to walk inside because i didn't want to tell sean how much i spent. i mean we could have gotten steaks or something and i wasted it on this. so i get home and shuffle inside... tucking the shakes in the bag because the had lids on them. and right when i get to the door? the bag falls from my hand. and the strawberry shake. MY  stupid small $1 STRAWBERRY courtesy cup SHAKE splattered all over all the food......

so sean hears me swearing and comes to see what is up. and says it is fine. and i was like "it is not fine! do you know how much this cost?" and he was like $10? and i was like... "not exactly." so then we agreed to never ever speak of this incident ever again or tell anyone how much i spent. so now here i am blogging about it. also his strawberry burrito was disgusting. and he pretended he liked it until he was half way through. then he felt sick. major fail. i am never going there again because i can't handle the del. i just can't. i don't know how to do it like every one else.

that is all for today.


{Jesica Huffaker} said...

Girlfriend, we've only hung out once & I'm already rubbing off on you!! I'm the one who doesn't have a brain... one time I asked Brock a question and then literally 30 seconds later I asked him again. I'm like a freakin Alzheimer's patient. Btw, LOVE New Girl!! It's the best. I like Raising Hope too. Haven't checked out 2 Broke Girls but now I will cuz you have great taste. :)

Lee S. said...

lol..."...I can't handle the Del." Thank you for the best laugh of my day!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

this might have been my most favorite post ever.

i actually love when i hear utah in a song. it makes me feel so cool. unless it's obviously dubbed in. then it's dumb. even worse when the dj does it. what is that??

i've only seen one episode of new girl, but i think i should catch up on all of them tonight. yes. night in bed with the laptop and some ice cream. okay. done.

k. so i used to work at this mexican restaurant and the coke/diet coke there was awesome. but only second best to the mcdonald's around the corner. my mom was asking my boss about it, and he said coke really does give their best product to mcdonald's. so it's not a figment of our imaginations like we think. i don't know specifics because i don't know how coke works. the drink or the drug. but maybe they go there first and the first batch has the most flavor? anyway. in that town, they went to the restaurant i worked at. so it was good, but mcdonald's was still better. they must pay big bucks or something. i don't know. i don't understand it. i just know it's fact. and if you find out it's not? well...don't blame me.

looooved the del taco story. funny. i'm sure it wasn't at the time. i've never even been there. michael has and talks about the cheap goodness, but i haven't made it there. but i hate when that happens. we've been to other places and spent $30 and it was cheap food and i'm like, 'why didn't we go somewhere good?' anyway. i feel ya on that.

Cailie said...

You crack me up! Okay my husband and I say all the time how they must put crack in mcdonalds diet coke because it's so good and so much better then any other diet coke!! I probably drove through 3 times a week to get a dollar large all summer! Thank goodness all the mcdonalds around me do that deal now! Oh and I love New Girl! When the kid I watch naps I watch it on the people's ondemand. I want to be friends with her in real life! That's hilarious how much you spent! I tend to be that way too but my hubs is the dollar menu, fast food deal master and manages to keep it super cheap somehow!

Addison Renee Boutique said...

This story is much better in person! I am going to take you to Del Taco soon bahahahah! Love it!