Thursday, July 7, 2011

baby mo-mo.

i love this dog. he sure gave me a run for my money this past weekend. he got sick. and it was especially hard taking care of him without sean around. he would not stop whining and wanting to go outside to try to go to the bathroom. i feel bad and guilty for getting so frustrated with him. it was also probably my fault that he got sick but we won't talk about that or tell sean that. oops. haha. anyway, he is seriously one of my best friends. him and sean are in my top two :) i am super glad that sean is back. i can't even tell you how much i missed him. let's just say that it was A LOT.


i am especially loving my lightscoop. i have finally figured out how to shoot in other modes besides auto. i feel kind of dumb showing the pictures that i did before because they did not do the lightscoop justice. i wasn't shooting with the right settings. i think i have got it down now though. the above pictures were taken at 10 at night with the lightscoop. the below pictures were taken right after in auto with a flash and no lightscoop. can you tell the difference?



Maddie said...

i love that crazy dog :) amazing pictures chlo! love you!

Gray Skies said...

Moses is so adorable! Love him :)

I've been thinking about getting a Lightscoop. You've convinced me! Your photos look great.

Rhianne said...

the difference is amazing, you wouldn't even know it was night time in the top photos, they look great.

I hope Moses is better and yeay for Sean being back

Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

He's such a the one where he's smiling. At least I think he's smiling. :) Hahahahaha!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Haha sometimes he looks pathetic. Like "Please Mom, just come here and cuddle me!" So cute.

Lee S. said...

These pictures make me Soooo happy! I <3 the Moe.

missy. said...

i can understand on how you missed sean so much. people who are as in love as you two just shouldn't be away that long from each other.

work is long enough for me to be away from boyfriend. pretty such i miss him all day.

moses is so cute. he actually makes me want to have another lab.


mama boss said...

Mosey is such a cute puppy. (I know he's huge, but I see him and think puppy.)
Yay for being reunited! It is so hard to be apart from the ones we love. :(

preston. shawnee. cohen. said...

Chloe I love that you love moses so much. And I love that he is a BIG dog. I'm so not a little dog person, so I love that he's so big! When I lived at home with my family I really loved our black lab SO much (i still do, but it's different cause i rarely see him anymore). So I can totally relate to feeling like he is one of your best friends ever :)
And I love the lightscoop! It does such a good job, I can totally tell a difference!

{sArAh} said...

you are making me want to get a dog!!!!!!! Haha I love moses! he is so dang cute. Since I can't have a boyfriend, i think I'll get a dog ;) haha

samnhal said...

I just want to come play with your dog! And you've seriously sold me on the lightscoop whenever I do get a better camera.