Sunday, July 3, 2011

when sean's away..

it's just been me and moses this week. sean has been in california with my family and we both miss him very much. it's the longest we have been apart since we started dating! he is hopefully coming back on tuesday night and we can't wait to see him! i realized i haven't blogged in over a week so thought i would post some pictures. most of them are just what i was sending sean while he has been gone. you know.. to try to make him jealous. i mean what else can i do when he sends me pictures of the beach, him golfing, and eating at the wharf? you better believe the captain crunch picture sure made him jealous ;) remember this story? so sean? this is what we have been up to this week... acording to my cell phone. (i'll explain more after the pictures)

we tried to take pictures to send to you but moses kept licking my face. we finally got an okay one. i went to the company pool party without you. and it was raining! i had to wear a hoodie. can you believe that?  i got to eat at the slab. possibly 3 times while you were gone sean. but who is counting? i loved the flowers that you sent me. they were absolutely beautiful and made my entire day. i was not expecting them. i told you about how without you here i just can't seem to function in the mornings. i can't seem to be to work on time and for some odd reason i went to walmart at 6 am to get some medicine and came home with nail polish? i don't even remember buying it. i have only painted my nails one other time this year? why did i decide to buy nail polish? have you ever heard of sleep shopping? because i am pretty sure i sleep shopped. oops. then i decided to paint my nails before work and they didn't dry and it was a mess? oh well, there is my paint job. you should probably come home so i can be sane again. and yes i have hairy, freckly knuckles but you love me anyway :).

i spend a lot of time on pinterest and catching up on glee. i ate cereal and toast for dinner almost every night. moses had a fight with his bone and his bone won and he just gave up. and then moe and i watched the voice. which you accidentally texted me and told me who won before i had finished it. you felt so bad and i forgave you. i missed watching it without you anyway. it just wasn't the same. we had our first tournament softball game on thursday and we came back and won. i wish you could have been there! friday night i had some girlfriends over and we got snow cones, made treats, lit fireworks and watched dinner for schmucks! which was a lot better than i thought it would be! saturday i tried to stay in bed all day but it just wasn't in the cards. i braved walmart to get stuff for the bbq and immediately regretted it. then i went to amanda's bbq and played with the babies. addi was mesmerized by the fan. it was so cute. i brought a fruit pizza that i made for it, and i know you wanted me to save you a piece but i left it there so i could go see transformers 3 with chase so i don't know if there will be a piece left for you. i promise i will make another one though.

i went to church and nursery without you today. it was lonely sitting alone in sacrament meeting. i really do take having you there with me all the time for granted. i think this has been especially hard with you being gone because we work at the same place, carpool together and eat lunch together everyday. we spend so much time together and i have forgotten how lucky i am to have that. i think it has been good for us to be apart so i could realize how lucky i am to have that. and you. i have always known that i am lucky to have you though but it was just nice to have a reminder that i shouldn't take things for granted. as much i as i was looking forward to having the bed all to myself? (since i am a sprawler) i'd rather you be in it. i've realized that it's just too big now without you there..  i hope you are having the time of your life though. golfing your heart out. you deserve it! now i am watching she's the man with moses. while eating muddie buddies. and he keeps trying to sneak some when i am not looking. he sure misses you. and so do i. he wants his best buddy back.

...and so do i.

p.s. moses has decided to poop twice as much as he did before you left. 
the yard has lots and lots of dog poop on it. i would help, but remember how it's
my job to clean up the inside poop? and your job to clean up the outside? i just
don't want to overstep my bounds... ya know? off to watch baby mama now. love you! ;)


michael. mindy. dane. said...

chloe. you are hot sauce. i don't know why i just said that. but you are. sorry sean is gone! i'm with ya, though. so we should hang out before sean gets back! tuesday? yogurtland? okay. me adn dane are there. oh wait..maybe you should agree first. haha. also, i really need to try the slab! you keep talking about it so i need to go! i've heard it's yummy. from you, obviously, and others. that is next on my list. usually when i want a slice of pizza i go to costco. haha. maybe i'll try to class myself up sometime. anyway. i love that you did this for sean. i did the same thing for michael last time he was gone for 2 weeks. he liked it, but mine was like 8 years worth of reading. ha. anyway, i hope you have a fun 4th tomorrow! and enjoy the rest of your day with moses! :)

Ashley Eliza said...

this was so cute! okay where is this pizza place? i must try it.. it looks delish! & the pic of moses licking your face needs to be framed. its darling :) happy 4th Chloe!


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Lol Chloe you crack me up. Whenever Dustin's away I send him random pics of Monte and say, "This is who I'm cuddling with while you're away."

Sometimes, though, I worry that he misses Monte more than me lol.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Yum food!! Great pics... Love moses!

samnhal said...

haha, baby mama is such an awesome movie. Oh man, I need some muddie buddies STAT! I need to make all of these delicious treats that in 3 weeks I won't be able to have. That fruit pizza looks So good. Ok, maybe I'm just getting really hungry. I'm so jealous that you get to spend that much time with your hubby! It sucks when they're gone, but you're brave. I've spent 2 non consecutive nights away from Hal in almost 3 years, and you had to do a week? I would have died.

grant + brittany said...

i didn't think your knuckles were freckly but even if they are i love freckles. you have the cutest ones on your nose and they make me jealous.

good job going to church by yourself. that is hard sometimes.

i suck at painting my nails.

so cute that sean sent you flowers...

are those muddy buddies? and that captain crunch looks sooooooooooooooooooooo good to me.

Vanisha Mishra-Vakaoti said...

This is just about the cutest, sweetest thing I've come across!

Michelle+Ellie said...

cute pillow!!;)

Scottsworth said...

Oh Captain my Captain! Breakfast (Dinner in this case...) of Champions! It's all about the Crunch Berries.