Sunday, April 17, 2011

the finished side table.


i actually thought this table was pretty cute to begin with. i might be the only one who though that but oh well. even though all of our other furniture is black or black/dark brown, it didn't really bother me. it kind of matched the cabinets in the kitchen so i don't think it looked too bad. i actually want to stain our cabinets darker someday though. (or paint white *shocker* but that would require painting the entire house white.. too much work and sean would never let me) and sean wanted the table black. also, since i got it for $5 it had some dings and scratches. it definitely needed something to spruce it up.

the first picture is before. then after sanding. then after priming. and then the rest are the finished project. these pictures did not turn out as i had hoped. the lighting was off because it was getting later and moses was running around behind me so i will try to take some better ones tomorrow. i think the table looks pretty good though! it's not perfect. sean helped me with a few coats and him and i have different spraying techniques.. ha. so when we both did our own coats it kinda of had dripping. i don't know who to blame. so i won't. (probably me but let's pretend him) but when i tried to sand it down, my sand paper gave up. and i really didn't want to run to the store. so i just went with it. for $5 i wasn't too worried about it.

total cost of the project? well $5 for the table. and 3 cans of spray paint later? and a coke bottle colored glass knob from the antique mall? about $15. i'll take it! seriously, i tried to find a table like this already finished and they are like ten times the price or more. i still might modge podge the inside with old book paper. we will see! the spray paint ended up sticking to the unsanded inside. i wasn't sure that it would. sweet! i definitely learned a lot from this project. it was the biggest one that i have done so far. it just got me more anxious to get working on other things. i love finding a bargain. i really do. i will definitely do this again!

p.s. the knob is a circle but it kind of looks like a flower or something in the pictures. it's not. still not sure if i am sold on that knob. i like it better not in the pictures but i don't want to just go downstairs and look at it right now just to confirm that. i am too lazy. i might decide to find something different besides that knob. oh well. it will do for now! i will take better pictures later!


Cara Linn said...

I just got one similar to this at a garage sale and am hopefully going to do almost the exact same thing to it! :) Good to know it was inexpensive to paint! I may email you with questions. :)

mama boss said...

For $5...or, i guess, $15, that is a good looking piece of furniture :) And it's awesome that Sean helped!
And, seriously, all your posts about di finds that you re-do makes me want to go thrifting with you! You have got an eye for treasure :)

Lee S. said...

Chloe! This is so so cute! Great job...I loved how it turned out.

Anonymous said...

I think that table is adorable! I love it all shiny and black with that cute little knob! And all the pretties on top! :)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

i love love it! i looove that knob! seriuosly so cute!

Emma Jade said...

It definitely was cute to begin with but I love what you've done with it. It's a great feeling when you can see something you've achieved every day :)

Elise Halladay said...


Miss Chelsea said...

I love it! It looks so good

samnhal said...

I like the knob. I think it gives it a nice spice of color! You did such a good job on this project. It turned out great.