Sunday, April 17, 2011

sanding saturday.


here are some daily moses pictures for ya. he is quite the little model these days. i think he knows how to work it pretty good. this weekend has been full of softball, soccer, and sanding. i finally got to work on the $5 side table. it is made of particle board. and i have never really painted something this big. so it took longer than i had hoped but luckily my friend sara let me borrower her sander. there was actually sticker on this piece. like as in sticker that looked like wood. it was on the side parts on the front. luckily i had sanded almost everything else before getting to that part because once i tried to sand that stuff it became all sticky and pieces of gooey gunk stuck on the sanding paper. and we only had one sheet so i kind of just gave up. i know i didn't get the inside of it. but the back part is like cardboard anyway. so i decided that i am going to modge podge the inside with some old sheet music or book pages. we will see how it turns out! right now the side table is sitting in the garage with 4 coats of black satin paint on it. it still needs more because this particle board stuff soaks up the paint. even with primer. i think it will work out though. sean helped me get some even coats on. he did it like a pro. way better than i did it. i can't wait to finish this piece. so far it is looking very cute! i will be sure to post the pictures once this project is finished! hope everyone is having a great weekend!

p.s. yes i am aware that a lot of grass is dead. moses has a bladder like me and can't seem to just pee in the same spot. oh well. sean has plans to fix this :)


michael. mindy. dane. said...

oh my heck. i'm so excited to see it! and i think the sheet music is a brilliant idea. seriously so clever! can't wait to see it!

@manda said...

can't wait to see how it turns out!!!!