Monday, March 14, 2011

the colors and the accessories.

i am doing #6 and #8 of the wedding post challenge in the same post!

6. the colors: show some of the flower and colors you used
8. the little accessories: you know, veil? shoes? jewelry? what did your bridesmaids wear?













*my colors were: deep dark purple, also known as eggplant, different shads of green, black, and ivory/cream.

*my bridesmaids wore black skirts and dresses and a scarf that was either ivory or black and ivory, and hairpieces that my sister in law amanda and i made! they had feathers and pearls on them, and they were all different. they also each had an adorable bouqet with all my colors in it.

*one of my best guy friends zach wore a purple shirt :) see the last picture of him and sean doing some sort of jig.

*i wore a birdcage veil that took me forever to find. i finally found one on line. my sister in law made me the beautiful hairpiece.

*my necklace and bracelet were from a local antique store and the necklace sean actually gave me as a gift for valentines day. the earings were like $8 from nordstrom.

*we had a ring ceremony after our temple ceremony and my ring bearer was my cousins son beau and he was so stinking cute. see the first picture. his little sister ireland was a flower girl with my neice makayla and they wore purple dresses with purple flowers in their hair.

*all the guys wore tuxes like seans. ivoryvests and ivory ties. i wanted to keep it simple. they all had awesome boutonnieres made my my friend lee and her amazing florist mom! :)

*our mothers both wore black dresses and skirts with corsages in our colors.

*i can't find a picture of my shoes.. but i wore some champagne colored ones with a small heel that i got for $2, when i walked out of the temple, and i wore some light blue flat rocket dog shoes during my reception. (for my something blue :)) they sound like tennis shoes but they weren't. they had a snakeskin type pattern and were really cute!

p.s. i know my anniverary was yesterday..but i am going to finish this challenge if it kills me gosh darnit! sure, it may take me til my next anniversary to get it done but i will get it done. hopefully it really won't really take me that long. i feel like i can't blog about anything else until i get them done. i have to get all these pictures back on here somehow.. so sorry if you are bored with these posts!


@manda said...

I love your colors girlie! Also, thank you for linking me :) Love ya!

samnhal said...

Yay for your anniversary yesterday! I still haven't started my wedding posts, so don't feel bad about yours! haha, I love seeing these pictures, I think I'm obsessed with looking at people's wedding pictures.

Anonymous said...

Not bored at all! :) Your wedding is so pretty and so stylish! (And, on a random note, I LOVE the name Ireland!)