Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 years ago today.


~march 13th 2009 ~

2 years ago today was the best day of my life. 

sean? you have changed me forever and made me a better woman.

it hasn't always been easy. . . i don't know how living with me could be. 

but thank you for sticking with me.  

you will never know how much that means to me.

you have made me stronger.

you have taught me how to be more patient.

you are always so good to me.

you let me accidentally get a dog without telling you...

and didn't even get upset about it.

you let me make muddy buddies for breakfast. lunch. and dinner.

and you don't even complain.

you let me take the warm car to work in the morning.

and you never put up a stink about it.

you know just how i like my diet dr. pepper.

"lots of extra ice to give it substance"

you don't get mad that i hog the bed at night.

and that i insist that the fan is on every night while you are freezing your buns off.

you don't mind that i still sleep with my baby blanket.

and didn't mind that i took it on our cruise.

you let me post pictures of you in a moomoo on the internet.

and you forgave me when someone at work emailed it out to everyone.

if that is not love? then i don't know what is.

thank you for loving me. and all that comes along with it.

cuz heaven knows that it must take a special man, to love a woman like me.

you are the best thing in my life.

you are my best friend.

you are the best thing about me.

i love you so much. 

love your chlo-bo.

p.s. i love how you refused to take off the friendship bracelet we got while dating for our wedding. 
it was in every picture.
it's another reason that i knew without a doubt you were the one.


Anonymous said...

Aw aw aw aw aw!!! :)

PS: What is a muddy buddy? :)


Lindsey said...

So sweet!!!! Marriage is not easy, but it's a journey and it is a great one when it's with your best friend!! Congrats and Happy Anniversary!!

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

:) Awwwwww..... Happy Anniversary! :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Happy anniversary to you both!!

@manda said...

You two are amazing! Love you both so much! Happy Anniversary!

stuartandbrittney said...

Happy Anniversary! I've loved your wedding/dating posts. Congrats on the two years.

Nicole Marie said...

happy anniversary!! that picture is gorgeous!!

Annie said...

happy anniversary!!
love your wedding photos! you were such a gorgeous bride!

kaysi van dyke fox said...

i love your colors!!! so pretty & you look gorgeous as well!!!!

Bret and Ashlee said...

2 years has gone by so fast! I can't believe it. I'm so happy you still sleep with your baby blanket-I do too! Happy Anniversary!