Friday, April 16, 2010

my dad. and some other stuff.

my dad is awesome. he had neck surgery 2 weeks ago and has temporarily lost his voice.  *hopefully it is temporary* he has a HUGE gash on his neck. it looks like he got in a bar fight or something. he tried to downplay the severity of his surgery, but it turns out it was a little more serious than my mom was expecting. needless to say she has been taking great care of him.

last week he said i only mentioned one thing about it on the blog, and he was feeling a little left out. he was teasing of course, but i told him that i would make it up to him. probably more than he would want me to....

this was he status update on facebook a few days ago:

 "The surgery went well, I am now fused from T1 through C5 (3 levels). The surgery that was supposed to be 1-2 hours took 5 1/2 hours. I have metal plates and screws in my neck. I won't be able to pass through ariport security anymore ;) The pain isn't too bad, I got the stitches removed yesterday."

i love my dad. he is the man. he has the best sense of humor and i love it.
i have never seen him cry until my wedding day. oh, and whenever one of our dogs died.

aren't him and my mom adorable?

my dad always said that "all boys are scum. even me and your brother. and if you think they aren't? than they are liars. and scum." my mom always said to marry someone like my dad. a nice guy. i am glad i took her advice. my dad is amazing. he is the funniest guy that i know. he is the friendliest guy in the world. i have a couple of my favorite memories of him. here are a few...

one day when i was about 12 my dad and i headed over to the the fantastic sam's by our house to get our hair cut. i had to wait a little bit longer than him because the place was so busy. i went out to the car to grab something, and when i cam back in, he was sitting in the chair getting his hair cut. with about 5 little kids playing
around him. and even some adults. he was the life of the party. i think even one kid was sitting in his lap. it was great. he didn't even know these people. but he was so open, and friendly and i love that about him. he can strike up a conversation with anyone. even babies. he is going to the best grandpa someday. all the girls at the salon thought he was steve martin. it was pretty funny.

another memory i have of him was not too long before sean and i started dating. me, my mom, and my dad were in Colorado for my little brother's football game. we decided to go see Step Brothers one night. yes. Step Brothers. my parents are pretty awesome like that. anyway, after the movie got out, we were walking to the car and we heard someone say,

"excuse me? can you please help us?"

we looked over and there was a middle aged woman with 2 little girls hiding behind her. she was shaking to death. you could tell she was scared out of her mind. she said to us,

" my car ran out of gas, my husband won't help and we desperately need to get home and i have no money. can you please help us?"

my dad didn't even hesitate. he pulled out $20 and said, "will this be enough to get you home?"

the woman started crying and said that she was so scared to ask anyone for help because it is hard to trust people and she was so grateful for us. me seeing my dad's awesome example, decided to ask the little girls if they were hungry. if he could give up $20 i could give up something as well.  i had some left over texas road house rolls in a to-go box. my very favorite. i gave them to them and my peanut butter m&m's and gummy bears. that is not an easy task for me. but my dad didn't even hesitate so it was the least i could do. that whole night as i laid in bed i couldn't help but think how awesome my dad was. and how proud i am to have him as my dad. my mom sure picked a good one. and i am always going to be thankful for that. he has taught me a lot. and i just want him to know that! i love you dad!

yesterday i went on a walk to the grocery store. and decided it was a very
bad idea. i was trying to excercise but i ended up spending like a million dollars
that i don't have on stupid make-up and hair stuff. i decided i probably shouldn't
ever try to work out again because stuff like this happens. i think i am safest
at home on my couch. don't you think? 

and this little cutie. do you remember him? he was the 11lb 2 oz baby that my cousin's wife had in January.
here is is now... is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen???

anyway, i hope you are all doing fantastic! thank you so much for all the sweet feedback on the last post! you guys are way too nice to me. i don't deserve it. i have been a horrible commenter/or? on blogs for the past little while. life just seems to go so fast sometimes and it's hard to keep up! anyway, i hope you all have a lovely weekend! we have a softball game tonight. we are playing "Chicks & Sticks" oh yeah. wish us luck! let's hope that this doesn't happen again. oh and be aware, all the pictures are gone in this post because i lostthem in the blogging disaster. but rest assured, they were embarrassing. and i lost most of them...but then i found two. the only two i could find. and they are not great quality....but that is okay.
i love him.(p.s. sorry this post is way long..)


Chloë said...

While perusing blog world, your blog caught my eye because I too am a Chloe. :) Don't meet Chloe's everyday!

Your Dad sounds like an amazing person. Hope he's 100% soon!

Happy Friday!

Sarah Ann said...

Dads are wonderful... I hope your dad gets all completely healed. Loved those wedding pictures!

Sarah Ann said...

Dads are wonderful... I hope your dad gets all completely healed. Loved those wedding pictures!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my gosh your dad sounds awesome! And those pics of him are just great, especially the wedding ones! I hope he heals fast!

And you just HAD to put baby pics on here, didn't you? As if my baby fever wasn't bad enough!

David and Shalynna said...

Don't you ever say sorry for a way long post! Your blog is the best.

So reading about your dad brought tears to my eyes and I don't even know him. I just loved reading how much you love him and what an awesome guy he is.

Adorable baby boy. 11 lbs is huge as a newborn!

I want to live in those apartments too.

And that photo of Sean? One of the funniest things I have ever seen. You guys seem to have such a fun relationship. I would love to be a fly on the wall to observe your hilarious conversations. Does that sound stalker-ish? Kind of, but basically what I am saying is you two could have your own reality TV show for newlyweds or something and it would be a hit.

whimsy said...

oh my i love! this made me so happy! what a great man, hopefully he is feeling better soon!

kelly ann said...

i love this post. your dad sounds like such a rad guy! i wish him a speedy recovery. and oh man, that baby! what a cutie pie!

Michael & Mindy said...
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Michelle said...

Hope is recovering well! He sounds like an awesome guy!

Thanks for sharing such wonderful stories! I love when posts lift up my spirit!

Rasha said...

Love this. Hope he feels better

kaysi fox said...

oh i hope your dad recovers soon, that is scary to think about not having your voice!!! ill keep him in your prayers!!! you have a beautiful family, you look so much like your mom!!! oh and that is the cutest onezie that that baby has on!!

anna said...

even though it looks as though that baby has lost like 100 pounds, he is still delicious!

sweet post about your dad. i love the "dance" photo from your wedding...very tender!

ps. sean looks good in blue satin.

crissy said...

I hope your dad is back in tip top shape soon. He sounds a lot like my dad. Our stake conferences were held in of the buildings on Temple Square (I feel like such a dope because I can't think of the name...but I'm tired and pregnant, so forgive me.) Oh, I think it's the assembly hall. Yeah, that sounds right..
Anyway, we would be downtown, and we would always pass a pan-handler or two. I remember my dad would always give them something. (I know pan-handlers have the whole rep where they're dishonest and such, but it was great to see my dad willing to help these people out, and not passing judgement on them or their possible motives for pan-handling.)

Dads are awesome. ;)

And that chunky baby is simply adorable!

Ams said...

I hope your dad feels better soon!! He sounds like an amazing man :)
I love the "men are scum" conversation...
AND OH MY GOODNESS that baby is freaking adorable!!!!!!!!! (And Sean too... especially as an house wife... gorgeous! ;) )

Maddie said...

aw, i love dad!!! this was a beautiful post chlo.

Chloë said...

So as my new blog buddy slash fellow Chloe, you've been awarded on my blog :)

Jen said...

Oh how I love posts about fathers! They never seem to get the credit they deserve ;-) But no, it sounds like you have a terffic father... you're one lucky duck!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, this was such a sweet post! Your dad sounds awesome. I hope he gets his voice back soon!

missy. said...

your dad sounds fantastic.

i love that last picture of sean. fantastic.

{The Huffakers} said...

Your dad sounds awesome. I had to hold back the tears on this post. Btw, this may be the nurse in me, but do you mind me asking why he had to have surgery?

steph anne said...

Aww, your dad is such a good man!! Reminds me of my dad who always think of others first before himself. Too bad it's not Father's Day yet! :) I hope he feels better soon!

my name is lauren. said...

your dad seems like such a great guy. he actually sounds a lot like my dad is always the life of the party and he's hillarious and also super generous. i think i blogged about it once, but when i was little he was taking us to mcdonald's and he saw a homeless man and offered to buy him lunch. i wanted the man to come live with us because i realized he didn't have a home - i don't think my dad is quite that generous, but he always does stuff like that for other people. i think our dad's would get along well :).

oh...and i'm thinking of you and sean right now because we're watching the jazz/nuggets game right now - we dvr'd it last night. i hope your team wins....except maybe not if the blazers would have to play them. apparently that would be a really difficult match-up for us. hmmmm.....

hope you're having a good sunday love! i miss you mucho!

p.s. sean totally rocks the dress. it made me laugh the first time around and still does now :).

Jessica said...

Beautiful wedding pictures, hope that all is well with your dad & that he recovers soon!!! :)

Iva said...

your dad sounds like a superhero daddy ;)

Caroline said...

I was just thinking that I have not left a comment for you in way too long, and I found this sweet post of yours. I say this every time Chloe but I love the honesty and warmth in your writing and that I always laugh when I read your posts. Your dad sounds wonderful and a lot like you. And, that picture of sean is too great. I hope your dad gets better soon and I am sending you a hug, love and laughter. XO

samnhal said...

That is so sweet that you would do a post like that for your dad. I bet he just loved it! How did your game with them go? I totally remember that post. haha.

Selma said...

girl. ya know i've been mia. missed reading your blog. so sorry i haven't been around. however i'm catching up and trying to comment on as many posts so people know i'm still alive. hehe.
your dad's an amazing person. not sure if i could have done the same so easily. why don't we all act like this more often?! nope. instead we're stuck in our little world trying to pretend everything's fine and no one needs our help. then again, wouldn't we love to be helped one day too when we are in need?! your dad's gesture meant a lot to me and it got me thinking. :)

thanks for sharing.