Sunday, January 24, 2010

the weekend and babies.

it has been a pretty good weekend. too short, as always, but oh well! what can ya do right? it snowed a lot here in provo, so i tried to stay in as much as possible. i hate driving in the snow. like HATE. anyway, maybe it was good thing. i had to finish up the headbands for the giveaway winners, and i ended up making a few other things. i was sad because i wasn't able to watch much TV, or catch up on blogs, but oh well! i will admit, i am not a very good multi-tasker.

anyway, i had all of this extra tutu fabric laying around. i don't know how to spell tulle, or toule, or tool. so tutu fabric is what i will go with. anyway, i ended up making these little flowers out of them. can't decide if i love them or not, but i think they are kinda cute?

after i made these, sean went to the Jazz game with a buddy. i would have gone with but i had a baby shower last night. we played the "guess what candy bar is in the diaper that really looks like poop" game and i didn't win. i was pissed. i mean i am a pro, and i really thought i had this one in the bag. but i didn't. boo! oh well, some of the candy bars were kinds that i don't eat, so i can't be that mad at myself.

the rest of the weekend has been pretty low key. we made "ashby burritos" tonight for dinner and they were yummy. i watched "Pregnancy Pact" on lifetime and laughed my butt off at the awesome acting in it. my favorite part? when the 15 year old girl and 16 year old guy are laying naked in bed, and the guys dad pulls up in the driveway. the boy goes, "ha, of course my dad would come home now...hahaha." and the girl goes, "teeheehee."

i would have been like
"WTEFFING FUH (sean coined this phrase this weekend), my dad is home!
oh crap! get your pants on! there is no time for laughing. NO TIME!"

but the children just laughed. like,
"oh, haha, how sweet, we just lost our virginity and then
dad pulled up. we are having the typical first time moment. how cute!"

anyway, i thought it was interesting. i even watched it again right after, just so i could see that scene again. it was awesome.

i am going to find it. then i plan to do a post on pregnancy. and how it freaking
scares the crap out of me. having a doc look down at my hoo-ha. having to push something out of a tiny hole. possibly going to the bathroom during labor? man. SIGN ME UP!

maybe i am just scared because my cousin's wife had a 11 lb 2 oz baby boy this weekend.
22 and a 1/2 inches. 40 CENTIMETER HEAD.
sooo big. but so cute! i stole this pic off facebook.
hope that is okay.

the one on the left was born the week before! he was only 7lbs. they are cousins. so cute huh!!
anyway, don't get me wrong! i really love babies and can't wait to have them someday.
okay, yes. i can wait. but i know it will be incredibly amazing when it happens.
but yes, still a little scary!

also, i really want to see this movie.
check it out here

anyway, hope you all had a lovely weekend!
sean is not feeling good and i can hear him grunting because he is trying to sleep
and he can hear me typing. guess that is my cue. goodnight!


my name is lauren. said...

glad you got so much done this weekend. those tulle headbands turned out super cute!

i can't believe you didn't win the candy bar game. i was sure you would with your sweet tooth, but i'm kinda glad you didn't, just cause that game is pretty creepy.

birth is scary sounding, but that movie looks awesome. i'm pretty much bound to love it because it's made by "focus features" and i pretty much love everything they put out. i love the end of the trailer where the goat drinks out of the baby's bathtub. so cute! awwww....babies! just hope i don't have an 11(+) lb. one or i'll freak out!

love you girly. talk to you soon!

my name is lauren. said...

p.s. i dvr'd the pregnancy pact to watch on tuesday (my day off), cause it just looked intriguing... to strange to not watch :).

Anna said...

hahahaha "no time for laughing. NO TIME!" i love that--hahaha.

i love the sweet tutu flowers!

i REALLLLY want to see that movie, too!!! looks so interesting!! & who doesn't love babies?! i mean really, who?

p.s. 40cm?! that makes my hoo-ha hurt!

Selma said...

love the love love it. :D

the movie sounds interesting. and yes, birth is scary but also an absolutely amazing thing. don't know that yet. my friend does. she's got three little ones. and her first one kinda looked like your cousin's baby...extremely big and so not like a newborn. my friend shared the room at the hospital with another lady...and her baby was half the size of my friend's boy. crazy. i then asked her what it felt like to have pushed such a giant thing out of her and she just said "don't get me started...i tore things down there...and they had to "fix" it." oh no!!! not with me. i'm telling ya...if i know that my baby's gonna be bigger than big i'm so not going to have it naturally. no freakin' way. :(
other than that, i think it's quite i mean. :)

anyways...glad to know you had a great weekend. :D

happy least from my side of the world. :D

Michelle said...

oh my goodness those two babies are ADORABLE. I'm going to have to get myself one of those one day.

And I really like the headbands! Very girly and delicate looking.

Caitlin said...

The headbands are super cute! I am taking ballet this semester as a result I am on a total "anything ballerina" kick. I watched the Pregnancy Pact too. Now that you mention that scene I totally would have reacted the same way. I would even expect the boy to be like.." Time to gooo!!!!". I don't blame you about getting knocked up. I especially understand your fear after having contact with someone who had to shove out an 11 pound baby! That is insane. I suppose thats why women schedule C sections now a day. But where is the fun in that?! Hahah!

JMay said...

an 11 pound baby!? Ahhh, she's a trooper for sure.

Those headbands are great, good job! I especially like the last one!


I am Stacey... said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is SO FREAKIN' TERRIFIED at the thought of having a baby! Seriously, if I think about it too much, I hyperventilate, and then I end up begging Josh to get a vasectomy, which is stupid, because we may want kids someday.

Although all the women in his family have ridiculously big babies, like the 11 pound one you mentioned, so I'm kind of afraid that if I have a baby, it's going to be ginormous.

The Boob Nazi said...

I am too wasted off Nyquil right now to know how to spell tulle.
adsjfalksd jfkl jioo woooooooooo

Kassi said...

the headbands are great - way to get crafty, chloe!!!

and i absolutely love that you eat waffles the same way i do! ;-)

heather said...

hahahaha, this made me laugh out loud! i love your sarcasm!

i saw previews for that movie. it looked so ridiculous & sounds like it definitely was haha. um, & that baby is HUGE! i hope she got a c-section?! i guess i haven't thought that much about the actually prooocess of having the baby - not quite there yet. but now that you mention it, um yeah, no. i would like to be knocked out please & thank you very much.

hope you have a wonderful week! :)

ps. love the flowers.

pps. the "babies" movie looks adorable!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I love the tutu fabric headbands!! So cute!

DUDE! I want to see the Pregnancy Pact sooo disturbing!!!

UMMMM cutest babies ever! But ouch labor scares me too!

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Haha, you Crack me up. First, because i MEANT to watch the pregnancy pact and forgot....BOOO. now I mUST SEE IT. and second, those are my exact feelings of pregnancy haha SIlly. If I took a poo on the labor table....Id DIE. DIE. ahaha, sorry TMI. but you know we were all thinking it! and also, it is 2 minutes until 2am here, and im typing, huge screen, bright light, right in my hubs face while hes sleeping..such a nice wifey. better get off too! haha SOO cute headbands, LOVE. LOVE them! your so talented!!

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Haha, you Crack me up. First, because i MEANT to watch the pregnancy pact and forgot....BOOO. now I mUST SEE IT. and second, those are my exact feelings of pregnancy haha SIlly. If I took a poo on the labor table....Id DIE. DIE. ahaha, sorry TMI. but you know we were all thinking it! and also, it is 2 minutes until 2am here, and im typing, huge screen, bright light, right in my hubs face while hes sleeping..such a nice wifey. better get off too! haha SOO cute headbands, LOVE. LOVE them! your so talented!!

olivia rae said...

the headbands are adorable! and being pregnant scares me sooooooo bad too. seriously, it gives me a borderline panic attack just thinking about it. terrifying. hope sean feels better! tyler's been sick too! hope you have a wonderrrful monday! xoxo

xoxoKrysten said...

Love love love that pretty little headband. So cute!

Michele said...

Totally cute headbands! Your cousin's baby is HUGH! I hope she had him c-section. Having a baby isn't that scary anymore thanks to epidurals! Go for the drugs:)

Rasha said...

Those headbands are cute!! and awwww those babies are cute.

What the Hale's?! said...

I totally know how you feel.

What the Hale's?! said...

I totally know how you feel.

Randi Lee said...

The headband is super cute, the baby is HUGE, and pregnancy SHOULD frighten you.

Alex asked me last night when we were going to start trying for a boy. HA, let's see how this goes first, pal. I'm tired of being prego... I think that's what's supposed to happen though. The last 10 weeks are so exhausting and hard on your body that you don't even think of the pain of actual labor, you're just ready for it to be out... no matter what it takes!

Annndd, sorry for the tangent. :-)

Britt- said...

Thanks Chickie for your support. and thanks for pimpin my blog, I LOVE it! You are sooo sweet glad we got to hang out this weekend. Lets do it again soon:)

♥ Katinka said...

Chloe.... you are so cute :)

kayla & tyler said...

Those headbands are way cute!! haha and I'm with you on the whole pregnancy thing, SOO scary. But I know it will all be worth it. "having to push something out of a tiny hole!"
haha chloe you crack me up! this post was way funny. I like sean's new word. and 11 pound baby!!!??? NO THANK YOU. HE is way way cute though!

Kristen said...

I watched The Pregnancy Pact this weekend too, I totally agree about the acting - and those girls were NUTS I think they thought babies were live dolls to dress up. ~ I too am scared of pregnancy. Can't wait for your post!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

And this post was great! I feel the same way when it comes to babies and having them! Ekk!!!

The Huffakers said...

Your flowers are so cute!!!
Girl, you got skills. I hear ya on the baby thing. Why would I want to push something the size of a football out my hoo-ha that's probably not much bigger than a toilet paper roll? I'm so with you on the waiting thing. My sister in law was in labor for like 18 hours on her first!!! She didn't have an epidural for most of the time either. She waited till she got to 8 1/2... why? I don't know maybe she thought it was fun but I was there and pretty sure it wasn't. Cute babies though!

Jenni said...

Guess the poo game? Isn't that typically at baby showers and not bridal showers? haha
I went to a baby shower this weekend too! No games for us. Just cake and presents. and girl I am with you on being scared of having babies! My sisters son was 10.2 lbs and 21.75" long! EEK! Emergency cesarian...too big and got sounds horrifying...and the whole pooping on the table while giving birth. ick.

Anonymous said...

yeah i meant baby shower, not bridal, but i changed it this morning! i guess to me, they are all the same. haha.

JoJo and Ralph said...

Oh man... Sooooo funny. I sortof wanted to watch that show to see what it was all about... but my husband was NOT havin' it. So we watched Man Vs. Wild instead and the dude had to give himself a pukey poo infested water enima. (Is that how you spell it?) SOOOO much better.

Anyway my thoughts and prayers are with your cousin who must be in monumental pain right now. Darling baby, but I seriously wish her the best when it's time to poop. That is going to KILL HER for sure. Have a good day

Jeff & Kayci said...

What a cute baby! I can't believe how BIG he is!! I couldn't ever give birth to a baby that big. Did she have a c-section?? Anyway, glad you had a fun weekend! Love reading your updates!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute baby! Thanks for finding me! I love your blog, and I think it's pretty rad that you and your husband have the same names as me and my boyfriend! <3

Caroline said...

What a cute baby!!! As usual... I love love your posts!! You seem to say what I want to say... PREGNANCY scares me toooooo!!! AHHHH... !!! Hope you have a lovely week gorgeous lady!! Sending you much, much love!!

Jennifer said...

okay, you have no idea. my BIGGEST fear is going to the bathroom when I'm giving birth. Like, when I think about having a baby, that's the thing that I dread the most. A little ridiculous, but it's the truth.

Amy said...

Cute headband! If I knew there even was a possiblity that I could have an 11lb baby I'd be on the phone scheduling a c-section asap! (That way you avoid the going to the bathroom, tearing, hoo-ha part)!!

Allison said...

Haha- that Pregnancy Pact show sounds hilarious. I always love making fun of bad acting... :D And dude. Those headbands are BEAUTIFUL!! :D

Michael & Mindy said...

11 lbs? Are you trying to scare this baby right out of me?? FREAK, woman!

40 centimeter head? I don't believe it. That is what I call absolutely out of control. Pretty sure my babies head was 9 centimeters at the doc the other day. How could it be 9 centimeters though? That is like...a few inches? Or something? So my measurement eyes must have read something wrong. But 40 centimeters? That seems beyond what one could push out her vag. Are you going to approve this comment with teh word vag in it? And is it weird that I'm actually not even scared to do that? I mean...I'm sure it will hurt and whatever, but the result is pretty cool. Plus I have some mad child-bearing hips. I know there's still the whole tiny hole thing, but whatever. And when you DO have a baby, you should go to my doctor. He's looking at you down there and shootin' the breeze like it's normal. Which you'd think would be awkward, but totally isn't. Anyway..let me know when you're reading to have a baby and I'll hook you up with him. Which really just means give you his number. If you want it. And if you're into the whole girl OB/GYN thing?'re weird.

samnhal said...

Holy crap that baby is huge! Pregnancy scares me so bad. I can't even imagine pushing something that big out of me. I hope your cousin is ok... P.S. Those headbands are amazing. Amazing.

Stephanie said...

sometimes i read and i forget to comment.

anyway, that huge baby makes me hurt down there. holy freaking crap. AND, when i read this the first time, i had just watched the mad men where the wife gives birth (idk if you watch mad men, but i'm telling you anyway,) and i started freaking out about childbirth for no reason. classic child bride.

i like the tulle flowers.

the end.

this comment needs ritalin.

The Socialite said...

So cute! You're one talented lady! :)

Ok, so now you have me curious to see that movie! haha and YES, that's EXACTLY what I'm scared to have a baby too and what about the weird alien feeling you're going to have when they're in there moving around! :/ and yowzzza look at that baby! :)

Shane and Chelsea Elton said...

I really like how your headbands turned out! So crafty!:)

Eleven pounds? Ouch! He sure is a sweet baby though. And you are totally normal to be freaked out by pregnancy. There are definitely uncomfortable moments (btw, I laughed so hard when I read "hoo-ha!!). I remember my aunt saying that nature is perfect in that you get so miserable at the end of your pregnancy that you no longer care about anything but getting that baby out! Someday, you'll know exactly what I mean!:)

Lisa said...

I looooove the little flowers you made! So incredibly cute. Awww! Babies!! Who doesn't love babies?? BUT I totally feel you, I would love to have some one day but I am sooo fine with waiting. Haha, It kinda freaks me out, too! :)

crissy said...

Love the tulle flowers! (It's tulle. No worries.)
That show sounds weird. Sometimes it is frustrating to hear about TV things, since I don't have any channels.

Those babies are so cute. Even the 11lb-er. Chunky, although, I hope I never have one that big. But those babies! Makes me so excited to know that I'll have another one of those soon!
And, I just want to say, pregnancy and birth is not as bad as some people make it sound. And you can take my word for it, since I'm already on my 3rd in 3 years! (Wow.) And I had Ellie all natural. And I plan to have this new one at home. I wouldn't do that if birth was horrifying. (But, yes. It does hurt. And it's not that big of a deal if you make while you're in labor. Really. It happens. No biggie.)
As for baby size, you can get an idea of what to expect in that department by knowing how big you and the papa were at birth. You'll probably have a baby in the same size range.
It really is awesome. I promise.

Tara Long said...

That head band is way cute. If I was more crafty I'd try making some.

And having a baby wasn't really scary to me. But I might be crazy, ha ha. I am going to have an all natural water birth this next time. They say the second time is often faster and easier.
( oh, this may be TMI but that tiny hole really isn't that tiny) Its crazy how your body adjusts to get the baby out!

missy. said...

holy heavens above.. 11 lbs?! i think i would have died!

Amanda said...

Oh my heck, t hat's a huge baby!!! Mercy! Poor woman! I never wanted to have a baby at all until just recently. People keep telling me that when you're ready, you'll know! it's amazing that you're just all of a sudden.."you know? a baby wouldn't be that bad!"

J & K-Tom said...

yay for babies!!

Kjrsten said...

oh my that is a ginormous baby but OH so cute... i love chubby babies so much more than skinny ones. why is chubby good when you are little and then bad when you are big?

dude, dont worry about having babies, just get the epi and it;s all good. its like licence to legally break the word or wisdom and its awesome.