Tuesday, December 8, 2009

whose/who's fault is it?

i don't know which whose/who's to use. i think it is whose but sean says "since it's possessive" or something smart like that i dunno i wasn't listening really, that it should be who's. anyway, here is the scoop.

we came home from work today and i was feeling super stressed. it was one of those work days where i was so irritated by every outside noise. like if you breathed funny i wanted to punch you in the face. okay it wasn't that bad, but there was so much "noise" going on from everywhere!

i work in a room with 3 other people. we used to not have a door on our office. then one day they put one on because they were re-modeling and it was kind of loud. i actually screamed one day because i thought someone fired a gun when i walked out of the room but it was just a staple gun or something. anyway, we LOVED the door. seriously it was like a million times better than double-ply toilet paper. i cannot tell you how much we loved it. everyone else had doors. so we felt like this was totally fair.

well one day we came to work, and our door was gone. it was awful. today i really wanted that door. i sit right by the no-door. i call it that because there is not a door there. anyway, i can hear everyone in their offices that have doors, talking as loud as they can, without shutting their doors. it frustrates me. they have no idea how lucky they are. and they totally take their doors for granted.

anyway, today they had a meeting going on in the break room that is right next to our department. we had no door, so had to hear everything. then, the phones would not stop ringing and we had to answer them because the receptionist was gone and i think i hung up on like 6 people and also we got over 20 calls from a spanish telemarketer. sigh. i was stressed and this weird noise was coming from the vent every 30 minutes.

okay, it really wasn't like that bad. but i think it was just one of those irritable days. so we came home and sean decided that he was going to be all productive and crap and go christmas shopping. i decided to take a nap. well that didn't happen because my neighbor decided it would "be fun to turn the snow blower into a fun game for the kids even though it is super loud and people might be taking a nap because it is 5:30 pm afterall" finally after the windows started vibrating i opened the door and he saw me and then probably realized that the sound was incredibly unpleasant and stopped the machine.

i sighed a sigh of relief. then his kid decided to cry for 20 minutes outside in the cold snow. probably because his dad stopped all the fun cuz i looked annoyed. great. now i am a fun ruiner for kids. i sat in our front room and listened to him cry for 15 minutes. then i opened the front door. all of the neighbors looked at me. probably thinking that i am a really annoying neighbor that is sensitive to sound or something. i normally am not but it's just been one of those days.

so the boy kept crying and i sat on the couch. then my neighbors in the duplex we share (not the ones with the snow blower) decided to play a mix of Dance Dance Revolution and World of Warcraft all at the same time. it was like disco techno music and guns firing had a baby and created this awful noise.

so i then wished i would have gone shopping like sean.

and then i saw a light at the end of the tunnel.
but it wasn't really a light.
it was a candle.
no, it really was a candle.
and it was burning.

hmmm...i thought. sean must have lit that before he went shopping. then he came home, and surprised me with the cutest Lady and The Tramp ornament for our baby tree. this has a lot of meaning to me because when my little sister passed away, this was the show we were watching.

anyway, after that sweet moment, i asked sean why he lit the candle and left while i was sleeping, or trying to sleep. that is like leaving it on while a child is home alone. not a good idea.

he said he didn't light it.


our candle has been on for over 24 hours. i say on like it is an electronic device but i mean on as in like burning.

i am in shock and feel like an idiot. how could we let this happen? how lucky are we that nothing happened??

we are still trying to figure out whose fault it is though.

i lit the candle yesterday when i got home from work.
it sits in our front room.
it is green and pine scented.
we bought it 2 weeks ago at Target.
sean was the last person to go to bed.
although i wasn't really asleep. i just left the room and went to the bedroom.

i'm not sure if i should take the blame for this one. it is kind of our routine to blow out the candles, turn off the christmas lights, and lock the doors. so in a way i could really push this on sean. however, i lit the candle. man, i dunno.

i can't be trusted with that kind of "adult/responsible" stuff. too much pressure. sigh.

anyway, whose fault should it be?

now we are watching The Biggest Loser and "apparently" our duplex is leaking and that is why our water pressure has been low and our water hasn't been as warm as it should be. sean blamed it on me and my long showers but he can't use that excuse all the time because i don't shower as much as i should and also, sometimes i don't shower in the mornings because i want sean to have a warm shower. (and also because i woke up 5 minutes before i am supposed to be at work but that is besides the point) because that is how much i love him. marriage means sacrifice.

so now all this loud banging is going on under the house so the pipes can get fixed and sean is singing "Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra...Ra Ra Ra Ra" that is from The Christmas Story.. and i freaking want to blow some shi-- up.

------- hold on, the door just rang.

oh great, i was just told that "the water pipes broke and will be off for the rest of the night."

guess i can't shower in the morning. or brush my teeth. or drink water and not die. oh well. mostly i just mean that i probably can't pee. cuz i probably won't do the other stuff. this reminds me of this story.

sean says "we get one flush in the potty, and to make it count." this should be fun.

and, does anyone else think that Rebecca on The Biggest Loser looks like a totally different person? i mean hair, body, face, everything?! i really think she hired someone to pretend to be her so she could win and they would split the winnings. i smell a conspiracy. anyone else?


The Boob Nazi said...

Who's is "WHO IS" only.
I also have difficulty. Now I'm going to read your blog haha

The Boob Nazi said...

I've also done the same with a candle. I say it's no one's fault!

Maddie said...

did you say "for granite"? hehe.
oh man, 24 hours of candle burning? scary! you are lucky nothing happened. good luck with the toilet.
sorry, i've been out of commission the past few days, but at least this way, maybe i prevented you and lee from getting sick? hopefully. i will be there tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

i love how everyone helps me with my spelling errors :) i don't know what i said granite. maybe i meant it. i dunno. i fixed it. and also, i am so happy i had whose right. yes. also, i just went pee and sean totally judged me because we can't flush to toilet and now he doesn't want to go pee in there.

mart and lu said...

haHAhaHA!!!!! you have the funniest stories! sucks not to have water though.

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

Ohhhmyyeff chloe you ALWAYs make me laugh. This is hilarious. I would say, you ARE lucky nothing happened that is scary.

our dumb apartment has the water turned off tomorrow... this is NOT good news.. No no no. good thing its only from 8am-12pm... therefore I will be still asleepp.... ooooo yes!

pee ess: if it make you feel better, I did NOT notice your spelling errors, haha. i fail at life? or just being the error police. :)

Sam said...

i'm bad with things like candles too. i always forget i light candles, turn lights on, have my car running...

Elizabeth Marie said...

HA you are adorable. It's not your fault I say! haha

Ok so now I'm watching the biggest loser and DUDE she totally does. Like DIFFERENT PERSON ENTIRELY.


my name is lauren. said...

i sometimes have days like that too where every little noise bothers me. except it's worse because my classroom at work is connected with two other classes and we all share an open bathroom (the kids are 2-4 so there still young enough to use potties w/o doors) so the noise it sometimes creates is unbelievable. kids are seriously loud and you can't tell them to shut up because:

1. "that's not an ok word to use children. we don't say shut-up."


2. if i told them to shut-up they might cry and make even MORE noise!

ugh. this is why i sleep with ear plugs. seriously. craig thinks i'm nuts, but i'm just very noise sensitive.

ALSO...i'm glad you linked to the post about peeing your pants. what a horrible experience, but kind of hillarious in retrospect. the one time i tried to pee not in a toilet was on a hike with craig when we were engaged and i totally had to pee and there was no way i was going to make it back so i made him turn around and i tried to pee behind a tree and totally peed down my leg! i had an hour hike back with pee pants. so embarassing/uncomfortable.

i think i need to set aside some time one of these days to go back and read all your posts i never got to read. i've read some, but i think i may have to start totally from the beginning. good idea? i vote yes.

Allison said...

Haha- I can't take a side on this one. BUT- I can say (just like the boob nazi) that it's whose. You were right. :D (It's like the diff between it's and its)

♥ Katinka said...

I would say that it's noodys fault. I would just be happy that nothing happened :)

P.S. sorry you had a bad day !!

olivia rae said...

chloe, when are you going to write your book? seriously, you are amazing!!

rebecca totally did look SO different, i had no idea who she was. i mean she def looked gorgeous just completely unreconizable! and also i am sitting next to a pine-scented candle and thanks to this post i will definitely remember to blow it out!

Jenni said...

Oh your door dear!!! I am soooo glad the candle didn't get out of hand! EEK! My luck would be that the dogs would knock it over and the house would just burst into flames!!!
I hope you get to shower soon!

kayla & tyler said...

Haha, i totally hate those days, where everyone you talk to is super annoying but usually it's just cause I am irritable. haha and everything bugs you?? yah, I have those days too, don't worry! and YES on rebecca, she looks so weird. I hate her blonde nasty hair and her face looks shriveled (spelling?) and way too thin and her eyes look sucken in. I didn't like it. but i'm so glad for who won!! yay, he is so nice!

Tara Bishop said...

Our basement flooded... it left us 2 days with out water... I will let your imagine picture what happened with the toilet. Luckily we have 2.

And the biggest loser was insane last night. Not only does Julio get MAJOR botox (couldn't make a face to save his life) I also agree that Rebecca did not look anything like Rebecca. I liked her better when I saw her on Leno. But hey, I am just glad that Rudy didn't win the big money. I don't like him.

and thanks for your comment. :) You rock.

Tara Bishop said...

So, me being as bored as can be decided I wanted to see more of your engagements because the one on the side of you blog is so cute. Well I came across the "great opportunity" blog and I had no clue you guys worked at first colony mortgage! That's who took care of us when we bought our house. We were invited to the parties but haven't gone to any. Maybe we will go next time. :)

knz said...

LOL, My imagination goes a little overboard sometimes. I was thinking, an ANGEL lit the candle because she was sad. Then you said you left it on and I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't the angel. (Don't judge, i've been watching too many happy-miracle christmas movies)

Jes said...

Oh this post had me laughing!
First, whoever goes to bed last has the responsiblity to turn everything off. That means it is never me. :)

Two, I am the annoying sensitive to noise neighbor so I feel your pain.

Third, Yes she totally hired someone to play her part. Seriously though, could anyone change anymore! I love that show.


Jenn said...

I have a "no door' office too. it sucks big time. I was totally feeling the frustration the other day too.

The Huffakers said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with anger management issues who wants to punch people in the face all the time. Sorry about your rough day. Also sorry about your sister... holidays are the hardest aren't they?

missy. said...

i have done the same thing with the candle. so glad your place didn't burn to the ground.

sorry to hear about the door. totally can relate with my office.. so annoying.

sean seems like a sweetheart. that l&t ornament sounds sooo darling, especially with the meaning behind it.

samnhal said...

You should get the potty because you are a girl and he is a boy and he can go outside, so he shouldn't judge you for going pee, and taking that one flush.

Also, perhaps no ones fault, as it was an accident? But if you have to blame someone, blame whomever turned off the Christmas tree lights and locked the doors, 'cause ultimately, they failed.

P.S. I think that is a good first Christmas ornament, assuming you guys get an ornament every year like we do, we got an empire state building last year because we got stuck there on our honeymoon on our way out of the country and it ended up being the best part of our vacation.

Randi Lee said...

haha, Sean's fault of course! Not that I'm partial or anything. :-)

The Socialite said...

Oh the joys of everyday life huh?! Yesterday should be called "Worst Day Ever, Day"...I started a new job at a school AND a parent hit my parked car. Oh yes and to top it off? She denied hitting my car...I was seating inside my car when this happened and she parked right next to me. *sigh* I hope I get another new job. lol

I also hope your water gets turned on promptly and you're not to blame for the candle, but at least you caught it! So right then and there you win. House rules!

Michael & Mindy said...

Ditto on Rebecca. I have been the MOST irritable person ever lately. So I feel ya. And I'm not trying to one-up you. I'm just agreeing with annoying sounds and people. I stopped eating in the faculty room because I was so annoyed by someone. Then tonight? I got stuck at her table at the work Christmas party. Just her and her husband and me and Michael. Then another girl showed up to buffer. But it was still bad. And I paid money to go to that. What?

And tell Sean to stop being a know-it-all. Because it's "whose". And tell him I'm an English teacher and I know. And he needs to stop tooting his horn and take some responsibility and blow out the candle.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I just found your blog and I love it! That's scary about the candle. It would have freaked me out. Also I can't handle it when kids are doing their screaming fits! Ekk!

grant + brittany said...

i miss you too! i don't think that rebecca hired someone to be her though. that was totally her. and that stupid little dance she always does. nobody could do it like her. anyway so are we still on for lights this weekend? what is the dealio? i decided to have a little flower power party and i really hope you come. also i got a job at shade. just holiday help but anyway, thought i'd let you know. whatever happens, lets just see each other soon.

Jennifer said...

ahhhh the candle controversy!
we have this issue quite often as well. I'm pretty sure that everyone does at this point. lol

I never stress about the candle unless it's near something (like a curtain, etc) that can easy catch on fire. I might be too nonchalant about it.

love your blogg!

Elise Halladay said...

I LOVE the biggest loser. And I am SO happy with the outcome and you are totally right- Rebecca looks like a completely different person. So weird. I have never blogged about my motorcycle accident, but I have had a few people ask me about it- so I will post a blog with pics soon. You are so cute Chloe. Seriously.

Kjrsten said...

ok- just last month I left a candle burning on the counter wich is really a large sink basin in the bathroom- because you know how big boys can really stink that place up... Anyway, I got up in the middle of the night and notcied a flicker and what do you know the candle was still going, I blew it out after 6-ish hours. then went back to bed. the next day I found that my wall was black and the mirror above the candle had turned black and looked like burnt drift wood. who puts a candle under a thick mirror with 3 inch molding? I do apparently. My girls were telling everyone how I had almost burnt the house down- so I painted the wall and bought a new mirror to silence the little rascal tattlers. Now I ask you- who is the one at falt here? I say my husband for stinking it up in the first place!? eh?

Anonymous said...

i was picking up chase when the biggest loser was on and only got to see the end. when i was driving i was on the phone with my mom asking how everyone was looking. she was like, rebecca looks like a hooker.

thought youd enjoy that :)

Suzanne said...

wow, your day at work sounds like my worst nightmare! i used to share an office with 3 people and we had no door either and i was seriously thinking i was going INSANE from listening to everyone talk, the phone ringing, etc, etc, etc. now i have an office with a glass door that doesn't quite fit properly, so it's a bit better but i can still hear people, just not as much. hope you get your door back!