Tuesday, December 8, 2009


i came up with a jingle for my new business.. (see end of below post if you are confused)

"The best part of waaaking up.....(pause with some violins in the background..
is hot cho in a truuuUuuck..." this part will kind of drag on.
i can't decide if i want it to be acapella or not.

(sung to the tune of the folgers jingle. except it's a little different. so i don't get sued.)

you don't think i will get sued will you? probably. if i do it's just cuz they are jealous that they didn't think of this first. unless they did. which if they did, then they are awesome. but i don't think they did because i have yet to see a Startruck. and if there are such things then they need a new marketing manager because they aren't doing a very good job. and by some crazy chance that they read this? i am joking. i think.

i also have come up with brilliant invention that will never be
invented by me because i am too lazy to do anything about it.

you ready?

pants. with. a water proof / heating material on the bottom inside of the legs.

because i freaking hate walking in the rain or snow and getting my pants wet and it taking
67 hours to dry.

i guess i could just wear boots.
but i am too stupid and incoherent to think of things like that so early
in the morning. and at any other time of the day.
and my yarney knock-off uggs are made with yarnish cloth that soaks
in water like a sponge. oh, they look warm, but are so deceiving.

i feel like if i had these pants, and a Startrucks truck, then
i would be so much more pleasant in the morning.
then Sean would be happier, and i would be more productive at work
and probably get a raise and people wouldn't be scared of me and
my pants would always be warm and my tummy would always be full of
vanilla chai and my face would clear up because
i would never be stressed about anything.
then i would probably win the lottery and
this whole world would just be a better place.

(yes, i know i am nuts)

*patent pending on all of the above crap.


CupcakeSniper said...

You're not nuts!! You're inventive, creative and I love it!!!!

Pursue all of your dreams! if you don't..someone else will..
my mom along time ago, told my dad..."I(mom) should invent wings with pad" my dad laughed it off..years later...pads with wings! same with pull ups..my dads listening to her ideas now..lol

they might sound crazy at first...but everyone will follow along with the craziness and see how it's the best INVENTION EVER!!BUGHHAHAHA (mad scientist voice) okay..I'll um settle down now. lol

love that pic of you and your husband! so dreamy!

samnhal said...

Pure genius! Pants with heaters would be amazing. You can add more sweatshirts, but you can't add more pants, your legs can only fit so much. You can wear boots, but that wouldn't help your thighs when they get wet from the snow. There is a definite need for this.

Kristin said...

Please let me know if you drive your startrucks past my house! I could use a latte. Thanks! Ah ha ha

Lee S. said...

you know i'm first in line to buy those pants!!!!

@cupcakesniper...love the name! :)

Allie Garcia said...

we should start a business. i invented a tv, just a regular old tv, with a button on the side that pages the remote. and then it lights up! and beeps! and you never lose your remote again. i want to sell it to sony so they start making tvs like that, but then the extra remote companies would be out of business and they probably have families with like 6 childen so that would suck.

anyway, i would wear your pants. even though we live in a desert and it doesnt snow or rain.

♥ Katinka said...

You are hilarious and SO creative! I love it. I'm gonna buy some of your hot stuff in the morning!!!! are you gonna offer a nationwide service?

Jenni said...

hahaha oh you brighten my day Ms. Chloe! I think its a GENIOUS idea, and the pants heater is AWESOME! Especially in a pair of black dresspants because I don't know about where you work, but at my work it's not acceptable to wear boots EVERY day, and in Missouri it snows ALOT.
Invent these pants and I am going to buy them in every color!

Stacey said...

I love the pants idea! I would buy those!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh Chloe...those pants and Startrucks could change the world! At least my world hahaha...you are amazing. I am girl crushing!

Rasha @ and this is what she said... said...

haha loveeeee it. I want the pants heater.. that is the most ANNOYING thing EVER. I agree.

Michael & Mindy said...

I will be the first to buy the pant-warmer.

At least you have knock-off uggs that suck up water. I don't have any boots. At all. Zero. So I just wear flats and my feet suck up water.

I don't even know what chai is.

olivia rae said...

loveee it!! will you share when you make your billions?

Allison said...

Ooh- I like both of them. PLEASE drive your Startrucks over to my house in the morning, and I'd totes love a pair of those heated pants! (can mine be footsie pants?)

Caroline said...

I love new blog buddies too and thanks so much for stopping by Coeur de La.... I love love your blog!! It literally has made me laugh out loud and annoy my husband haha because I am sitting at the computer cracking up in hysterics and he has no idea what I am laughing at!!! So happy I found your blog and that you found mine.. YAy to new blog buddies!! And, I must agree I hate it when my jeans take two days to dry...eewf!! Have a wonderful night!!! xo

kelly ann said...

this is the best thing i have ever heard in all my days. i'm pretty sure i would function 937948574 times better during the day if i could walk out every morning to a startruck waiting at my door with a venti-venti-venti monster-sized deluxe coffee or chai. miracles can happen, i have faith this startruck could be for reals.

i love your blog more and more each day. amen.

The Socialite said...

hmm...I like your thinking! Why not? Boots are kind of a pain to out on and take off...guess I'm just lazy, but either way, I support you. ha

my name is lauren. said...

when you are a big famous inventor, please don't forget all of us little people, ok?

and seriously...get the patent for those pants asap because they're going to catch on like wildfire!

Michelle said...

I would buy 10 pairs of those pants. I'm a little sad they don't exist.