Monday, November 2, 2009

cutest thing i've ever seen.

no, it's not a pair of vintage shoes.
or a cute etsy dress.
it's not a pack of baby pandas.
would you call that a pack?
i don't know.
it's not a love note.
or a picture of an elderly man pushing
his wife in a wheelchair.
 it's the cutest toddler in the world.
no, not one in a tutu with striped leg warmers,
or in a fairy costume.
not one that is wearing a big huge bow,
or sitting in a basket in a field.
not one that is laying in a bowl,
with cute little mittens on.
not one that is naked, hanging
from a cocoon blanket in a tree..
it is so much better than that.
check this out!
i follow Rainn Wilson on twitter.
you know, Dwight Schrute?
he posted this link the other day.
i think this is in my hometown, according to my
sister who has seen this stencil before.
i am so dressing my future kids
as people from the office.
this little girl is the cutest thing ever.


Rachel Leigh said...

That is freaking awesome! I love it! I also love the lady that is getting mad at the mom of this child for dressing them up like Dwight... Seriously, who does that? Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

haha i know Rachel! i saw's like really? do kids ever have a choice as to what they dress up as? Not when they are that age. if they were my parents i would be so proud of them when i was older. they have great taste!

grant + brittany said...

oh my gosh, cutest thing i'm ever seen. and we live right by that stencil!

Tolman Family said...

I'm pretty sure that's on Orem Blvd. Skyler was really excited the first time he saw it.

Elise Halladay said...

That is the coolest thing ever. Ha ha ha. Love it. Thanks for sharing

Shannon Ashley said...

This is SOOOO adorable! Awww! I looove the office

samnhal said...

I concur, that is absolutely fan-freaking-tastic!

Maddie said...

"funnyspice!!" haha jk, you're probably the only one that would get that. and how lame it is.
but the post? AWESOME! you're hilarious, sis! :) love ya!

olivia rae said...

chloe... you just made my life. seriously! that's the cutest most hilarious thing i have ever seen OMG. and i can't wait to follow rainn wilson on twitter!

Michael & Mindy said...


Live From Fleet Street said...

This was wonderful.
Your posts are always making me smile!

Julia said...


Pete Stott said...

It's funny how things can go full circle like this...

- I sent a tweet to Rainn Wilson telling him about my little girl dressed up as Dwight

- He re-tweeted that message and I got about 90,000 hits on Flickr over the weekend from people looking at her photos.

- You obviously saw that tweet from him and wrote about it on your blog

- I just got an email from a friend who must know you who told me that she saw the post on your blog


By the way, that stencil is on Orem Blvd. and 400 South.

...and thank you, we think our little Cora is pretty cute too :)